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  2. ugh, ALWAYS the first place we lose it, right? and the last to gain. but that's huge that you can tell your clothes fit differently, that's always how i tell if its working ... more so than the scale!
  3. good call, kate. we need some "after" shots of all of you. afterall EVERYONE (at least those that stayed with the competition) lost weight, that's awesome!
  4. Please PM me and let me know how you'd like your winning $$$ !! (PayPal, gift card, donate, etc)
  5. FINAL RESULTS sheryllj520 (Sheryll) -9.321% !!! sheryllj520's FI (Rich) -9.119% -Kate- -7.851% Jenny2014 -7.031% mishmyangel (Heather) -6.500% carly -5.822% dazeydawl (Ali) -4.644% Reign14 -4.405% Cherina -3.846% Abbie -1.515% <nothing received the last week, DQ> Resplendent (Bahiya) -1.500% <nothing received the last week, DQ> jamielynn55 (Jamie) -0.269% <nothing received the last week, DQ>
  6. WEEK 9 RESULTS Cherina -0.990% !!! sheryllj520's FI (Rich) -0.930% -Kate- -0.831% carly -0.722% sheryllj520 (Sheryll) -0.633% mishmyangel (Heather) -0.213% dazeydawl (Ali) 0.000% Jenny2014 0.000% Reign14 1.006% Resplendent (Bahiya) 1.129% Abbie <didn't receive anything> jamielynn55 (Jamie) <didn't receive anything> kisha311 <didn't receive anything, 2nd week, DQ>
  7. crap, did i ever post week 9 results?