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  1. I'd say it really all depends on how much you want to pay. Obviously making your own playlist is much more cost efficient (what we did). We didn't have a private reception so there was no dancing. After the wedding and pictures we all just went to the buffet and had dinner together. There was entertainment so if you wanted to dance, you could. But nothing was private. I THINK the cost of a private reception/dinner started at $40-50 a person. Good luck planning!
  2. Shoes and guestbook pages are gone!! Â All DIY things remain as well as the postcards. Thanks for looking!
  3. Yay! So glad you got them!! Â I'm sorry, they were one of the first things to go!
  4. Oh I'm so glad it got there and you liked it. You're very welcome!
  5. Guest book pages, shoes, post cards, envelopes, paper cutter all still available!
  6. chair sashes/table runner sold! Remaining: shoes guestbook pages postcards all DIY things except the small pink corner rounder
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by deannamarie85 How many of the postcards do you have? Oops! Guess I forgot to put that in there! I have 25 of them.
  8. small corner cutter and bracelet sold! Thanks Luciel!
  9. Favor bags are gone! Sashes, runners, corner punch and bracelet spoken for.... will update when sold or if they become available. Thanks for looking!
  10. I wore flip flops. I didn't care because people weren't going to see my shoes a lot and I wanted to be comfortable while running around the resort (cause you certainly get around for pictures!) But I got some Reefs that were white and super glittery. They're much more sparkly than this picture lets on... Ultimately it's whatever YOU want!
  11. For the DIY'ers out there... 3 packages (25 per pack) of #9 bottom open envelopes - $6 I think these are white. Be sure to note the size they fit because I bought them and they ended up being too small. Paper cutter - $12 Comes with one blade and one perforation wheel (used to create our STD boarding passes with perforated ends). Small corner rounder - $1.50 Ideally bought with the paper cutter since it's pretty cheap. This is the "small" version and you can see the corner it makes in the picture. Tends to get stuck every now and then but works ok.
  12. Post cards - $4 The back is blank with the exception of a small image along the top left. Text: From a wedding in Jamaica! bottom right corner: The weather is here, wish you were beautiful - J Buffet. 34 unique Guest book pages - $15 Our guests ended up filling these out per couple/family instead of per person. I bought them from Welcome to the Guestbook Store! Guestbooks for Every Occasion! I do NOT know if these will fit into a regular 3 ring album. I haven't tried but took a picture with a ruler in case you want to check before purchasing. These are their "casual pre
  13. I tried to make sure everything I bought was going to be kept or used up/given away. With that said, I have a few extra things laying around and would rather them help another bride than get tossed. All prices INCLUDE shipping because I don't want to bother with figuring out the additional cost. I only take paypal and will consider offers. Satin chair sashes: 8x108 40 in "Clover" - $25 40 in "Bubble gum" - $25 Or $45 for all in both colors Satin table runners: 13.5x108 5 in "clover" - $7 5 in "bubble gum" - $7 Or $12 for all in both colors
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