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  1. Thanks! Hopefully someone will take it. It is beautiful for a gown, not only a TTD.
  2. http://www.davidsbridal.com/webapp/w...=1000167&sort= I was a 2 dress girl, and never wore this. I have been outta the loop for a while, but for financial reasons need to get proactive on selling this dress. I paid $400, but will take $250 + shipping. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Darcy
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by loua4 The party flops idea is amazing, I think I am going to steal that one. Is it that much more to get them for the men? If it is, I like the flashlights. So the men can scavange in the dark. you know they want to. Also the frisbees is a great idea. you could make a sticker with your monogram or the date on them. Well good luck! i cant wait to see what others add on here as ideas. The men's are $1 more, 5.95 and 6.95. We had our Date and punta cana, DR on them. We figured if we left off our names it would be a good "vacation" souvinier for the guests. Plu
  4. we did the party flops for men and women in our wedding colors. Brown for the guys and blue for the ladies. Worked out great!
  5. Has this happened to anyone else and what did you do? One item was purchased before my shower back in July. I called BBB eventually to make sure it wasn't stolen from the mail but they said someone came in the store and bought it. I just think it's strange, maybe they decided to return it? It was something I really wanted too. Also, a few other things I have never received.
  6. I ended up wearing the heels because our wedding was at a beach gazebo. I took them off and switched to ballet flats for the recption. It worked out perfectly.
  7. I would directly ask your WC. When we started planning it was just a day pass, and night pass if they weren't staying the night. So it wasn't an issue, however they are charging $1000 copyright fee now. So you better ask.
  8. We were married there in October. I posted a review awhile back under "wedding reviews". Maybe you will find that helpful. As for the private reception, it all depends on how many people you are having. It also costs a lot more. We had 45 people and had the private reception. It was like a traditional reception, DJ, dancing, etc. Totally worth it to us. You can look at some pics under "destination wedding" on our photographers website. GUY KITCHENS Photojournalist Enjoy your planning!!
  9. Congratulations Erin! You're pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! Don't you just love it there I wish I could go back and do it all over again.
  10. Brand new with tags. Paid $400 but I am willing to take an offer. David's Bridal - Halter side-draped georgette slim gown with brooch detail. I have sold other items after our wedding and can give references.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by jennierin I was married at the Melia a few weeks ago. Please believe me when I tell you that you have NOTHING to worry about. The resort is gorgeous! Every venue they provide for your ceremony and reception went beyond our expectations. The WC's there are amazing and did everything to make our wedding day extra special! They even made sure that the rest of our time there went flawlessly. I haven't had time to write a complete review yet (I'm waiting for my professional pictures to come in first!) but will be writing an extensive review. kloc12 - I was in
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by ashley1316 i love your star fish touches as wel! how is the meila? i have been to bahia in punta cana, thats it. was the food good? We LOVED the Melia! I poosted a full review in the review section. We have been to 4 all inclusive resorts total and Melia had the best food (this was our 2nd time there). I though ALL the food was delicious!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by babiexoxo i was there in march and i did the doon buggie excursion. it was long but lots of fun. i paid about 65 dollars and set it up with my resort. we drove the doon buggy all over to a beach and to a cave and got dirty and muddy. it was lots of fun We just did that excursion as well, but neither of us like it that much. It was fun, but we got so muddy that it sort of ruined it for us. So if you don't like getting dirty then this may not be a good option for you. We also did a catamaran snorkeling with sharks and stingrays. That was fun! I would def
  14. We went on a catamaran with VIP travel service. I enjoyed working with this company. We were even able to book our trip online before we left. We also did a trip called "boogies" which were go carts you drive all around. This we didn't like so much since we were full of mud head to toe the entire time. We LOVED the ctamanran though it is called "carribean festival". Congratulations!
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