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  1. I am finally selling my wedding flowers.. (even tho I dont want to I am tired of hearing my hubby complain about "what are you going to do with them!") there is only bridal which is made of calla lillies and purples, whites, & creams hydranias that looks similiar to the rest of the bridesmaids only bigger and the calla lillies have jewels coming out of them and the stems are wrapped in cream with purple criss cross ribbon.. a maid of honor made of the same flowers only smaller amount and the stems are wrapped in purple with cream criss cross ribbon w jewels coming out of the calla lillies.. and 4 bridesmaids bouquets made of the same flowers only with purple ribbon wrapped around the stems... the flowers are still in great condition.. i can send you updated pictures if you want by request so you can see what the current conditions are but they are same as shown in the picture... i included one picture of all the girls minus me with there flowers.. if you want to see the pictures of my wedding with the flowers feel free to request me on facebook with wedding flowers in the message and i will add you.. they looked ABSOLUTELY gorgoues in pictures!! i would prefer to sell all together!! pickup from long island new york is available or i will ship to you but you will have to pay the shipping fee... i am asking $250 please send me an email @ chrissytina924@yahoo.com bc i dont always see i have a message on here..
  2. Girls.. i am one step away from jumping on a plane and going back to the resort and throwing a temper tantrum.. i wanna cry!!!! I was married at the melia caribe tropical in punta cana dr on June 26th, 2010 i was promised viz email and once i got there that i would have my marriage certificate sent to me in 3 months... well when sepetmeber 26th rolled around (the 3 months) i emailed the hotel and they told me that due to government changes that they dont have my marriage certificate and have no idea when they will have it.... since then i have been sending an email every month and no luck.. now this month which will make 6 months they have stopped responding to my emails... I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO I JUST WANT TO CRY! in sepetmber they accidenatlly sent me someone elses marriage certificate of someone who had the same last name as me but it wasnt mine.. now that couple was married in april and they were getting their certificate 5 months after they were married so i assumed i would be getting mine in the same time frame.. but november rolled around and left and nothing.. now we are approaching the 6th month mark and they wont even reply to me. The worst part is is that i am now pregnant (thats not the bad part.. my husband and i are so excited to be expecting a baby boy may 13th!!!!) and i have no medical coverage bc my husands insurance wont add me bc they need proof of the marriage. and once we get it they wont back date all the bills that we have they will just cover me from the date we show them the marriage certificate and i cant get any medical help from the state bc im legally married.. its like being in between and rock and a hard place... this ridiculous stress is not good for the baby and i dont know what to do does anyone else have this problem? does anyone know who i cant contact? does anyone know what i should do... I would appreciate ANY help anyone can give me more then anyone would even know... please answer me here or send me an email chrissytina924@yahoo.com thanks a bunch girls!!!
  3. thanks to you both... and yes Janine.. i will def be on here posting pics and a review!! and i will absolutely through you in my suitcase!! I have six so im sure we can make room for you in one of them!! hahaa
  4. So im gonna use the same opening line as all the other girls who posted they are leaving in x amount of days..... OMG I cant believe that it is finally here!!!!! hahaaa.. everyone says that but it is sOOoo true.. i feel like it was just yesterday that we started planning and i came across this site with all you wonderful girls who have amazing ideas... without this site i would not have thought of hal the creative things i came up with for our wedding!! I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all you girls that have helped me along the way!!!! and im trying to figure out what i am going to do with all of my time when we get back bc i feel like all my time was dedictaed to this wedding and being on this site!! hahaaa
  5. thats awesome.. wish i would have known that.. would have made my planning easier.. to late cause i leave in 2 days and we are getting married this saturday!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoPT Carly- that makes me feel better. Im glad you love your new ring! If mine doesnt turn up by monday the VP said she will do everything she can to get me a bigger and better ring. She said that we can do the same setting that we had but Im not sure thats what I want now. After working with it since October I would change a few things. Hmmmm.... See things are looking up for you already!!! Good Luck!!
  7. so our wedding is June 26th, 2010 and i am starting to get nervous bc I am hearing that it could take up to 3 months for the hotel to send us our marriage certificate back and then we have to send it out to be translated back to english.. i was hoping some of you already married women or some of you still not married but eductaed on the topic ladies can walk me through how everything works.. i know that the marriage is recognized as legal but when are you able to change your name over to your married name and add each other on to your health insurance.. bc dont you need a marriage certificate for all that Sorry if i sound dumb but im so confused!!
  8. I am getting married there June 26th, 2010 and my coordinator told me that i cant change anything in my package.. if its in the package you can say you dont want it but they wont substitute it for anything else.. hope that helps
  9. Yayy!! We are added!! June 2010 Bobbi And Tyler: June 4th 2010 Majestic Colonial Jen & Joe: June 5, 2010, Dreams Palm Beach Nikki and Stacey: June 10, 2010 Excellence Punta Cana Kate & Devon: June 12, 2010 Paradisus Punta Cana Lynette & Daniel : June 12, 2010 Dreams Punta Cana LaToya & Micah: June 18, 2010 Dreams Punta Cana Michelle & Wesley: June 19, 2010 Moon Palace Casino, Golf & Spa Resort Punta Cana, DR Emily and Steve: June 21, 2010 Excellence Punta Cana Christina Russo: June 26th, 2010 Punta Cana- Melia Caribe Tropical July 2010 Natasha & Benjamin - July 2, 2010 Dreams Punta Cana Jessica & Hudson - July 5, 2010 Dreams Punta Cana SabBrew- July 6, 2010- Ocean Blue & Sand Asheley1316- July 8, 2011- Bahia or Majestic Lynette and Darnel July 13, 2010 - Dreams Punta Cana Laura & Zach July 15, 2010 - Majestic Colonial or Grand Palladium Palace Tracy & George- July 16, 2010- Paradisus Palma Real James and Jessica- July 17, 2010 -Paradisus Punta Cana Jenn & Andrew - July 21, 2010 - Majestic Colonial, PC Liz & Miguel - July 26, 2010 - Undecided location {Santiago, Puerto Plata, or Punta Cana Tie & Mike July 30, 2010 - Occidental Grand Punta Cana August 2010 Jeanette & Julio - undecided Punta Cana, (PPC or PPR) Aug 2010 Linda & Robin: August 3, 2010 - Paradisus Punta Cana Jess & Eamon: August 7, 2010- Melia Caribe Tropical Denise & Julio: August 7, 2010- Punta Cana- Melia Caribe Tropical Michelle & Eli: August 11, 2010- Excellence Punta Cana Ashley and Eric: August 31, 2010- Paradisus Palma Real September 2010 Nadia & Serge: September3, 2010- Dreams La Romana Jennifer & Elvin: September 4, 2010- Dream Palm Beach Bianca & Cosmin: September 10, 2010 - Dreams La Romana Diana & Eddy: September 3, 2010- Majestic Colonial October 2010 Glenny & Anthony - October 9th, 2010 - Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana Kim & Anibal - October 9th, 2010 Riu Palace Punta Cana Autumn & Dominic - Oct 16th, 2010 - Dreams Punta Cana Michele & Andrew - Oct 19th, 2010 - Majestic Colonial Luciel & Emil - Oct 23th, 2010 - Catalonia Royal Bavaro Sarah & Erik - October 23rd, 2010 - Melia Caribe Tropical Angi & Tony - October 24th, 2010 - Paradisus Punta Cana Monica & Brandon - Oct 29, 2010 - Excellence Resort Punta Cana November 2010 Dana & Mike - November 16, 2010 - Grand Palladium Bavaro Tiffani & Merlin- November 21, 2010 Paradisus Palma Real Taniya& Kendell- November 1, 2010 Dreams Palm Beach Michele & Jon - November 22, 2010 Majestic Elegance December 2010 Eliana (username) and Miguel - December 1, 2010 - Dreams Punta Cana Atrott (Username) - December 6, 2010 Excellence Punta Cana Coley88 (Username) - December 11, 2010 - Paradisus Punta Cana Nicole & Keith - Dec. 11th 2010 - Majestic Elegance January 2011 Marian & Manav - January 8, 2011 - Melia Caribe Tropical Katey & Brian: January 11th 2011 Melia Caribe Tropical Punta Cana Ashlee & Daniel - January 12, 2011 - Paradisus Punta Cana Lisa & Dave - January 13, 2011 - Majestic Colonial - Punta Cana Laura & Dustin - January14, 2011 - Melia Caribe Tropical - Punta Cana Pam & Cem - January 27, 2011 - Majestic Colonial - Punta Cana Kasia & Rob - January 29, 2011 - Majestic Colonial - Punta Cana Shannon and Chris - January 2011 - Punta Cana, undecided - Iberostar, Excellence or Dreams February 2011 Renée & Paul - February 3, 2011 - Majestic Colonial, Punta Cana Sherri & Ryan - February 21, 2011 - Dreams Punta Cana Jenn & Kraig - February 25, 2011 - Majestic Elegance Amanda & Jason - February 26, 2011 - Riu Palace Punta Cana March 2011 Sonya & Serge - March 14, 2011 - Dreams Palm Beach, Punta Cana April 2011 Isabel & Francis April 5, 2011 - Grand Palladium Palace Pierre & Shannon - April 12, 2011 - Grand Palladium Bavaro, Punta Cana Cindy & Chole April 14, 2011- Dream Punta Cana Paul & Lindsay - April 28, 2011 - Grand Palladium Bavaro May 2011 Vanessa & Noel - May 6, 2011 - Paradisus Palma Real Naeemah-Anne & Claudy -May 6th 2011 -Paradisus Punta Cana Jodi & Darryl - May 11, 2011 - Dreams Palm Beach Michaela & Stew - May 21, 2011 - Gran Bahia Punta Cana Theresa & Johan - May 22, 2011 - Paradisus Palma Real June 2011 Shannon & John- June 16, 2011- Iberostar Bavaro Qubi & Rukiya - June 18, 2011 - Dreams Palm Beach, Punta Cana Jim & Laura - June 21, 2011 - Dreams Punta Cana, Punta Cana Eric & Anna - June 25, 2011 - Paradisus Palma Real, Punta Cana July 2011 Ashley1316- July 8, 2011- Bahia or Majestic July 2011/ 2012 Yvonne and Andrew- last week of july 2011/ 2012 (money dependant), dreams la romana
  10. i would maybe send a follow up email to the address' you have and give it alittle more time.. alot of these resorts especially this time of year are so packed with weddings that the turn around time for them to reply to emails can be frustrating.. i look at it like im hoping it takes so long bc they pay attention to every detail of the wedding they are handling and cant always resond quickly to upcoming wedding questions, so i hope when mine comes they will do the same. thats just my opinion tho!
  11. i would say your best bet is if you think the bride actually did ship it and you feel bad bc she is without also.. offer to split the cost with her so she would refund half your money and u both take a little hit.
  12. hey Girls So we leave in less then a week and i am tryingto figure out how much money to bring with us for tipping? I was wondering who did you/ or plan to tip for the wedding and how much?? Thanks
  13. chris klien: here on earth!! love that movie!!
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