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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by aliceo Needs a little adjusting over the hips, but I love it! You look STUNNING! Congrats on finding THE dress!!
  2. Thanks surprise - you won't regret the Melia. It was amazing and I'm sure we'll be back. Yes my dress is from David's - it was so comfortable and travelled really well!
  3. jess-I'd be happy to help you in anyway I can! I loved everything about our wedding and would love to share my tips, so ask away! Darcy - yes I wish I was there right now!!! I dream about it all the time! Can't wait to go back again (we def. will!)
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by ebredhawk erinleigh, thank you so much for your review! we had some stuff change at our resort and decided to change to having our reception on la barcaza! you're right, flori is amazingly responsive and has been a huge help so far! this may have been answered before (because i think i remember reading it somewhere) but do the "open bar" menus include more than beer and rum? i asked flori about this and she said anything like wine or vodka drinks will cost extra, but i get the impression that this isn't always the case? does anyone know? thanks! Thanks
  5. Congratulations! I can't believe how AT treated you - we flew with them from Toronto and didnt have any problems. You should def write tons of letters! It's just not right to be treated that way. Your photos are beautiful, it looks like it was a wonderful day!
  6. What a wonderful review!! Every detail seems amazing and you looked beautiful and happy! Congratulations Mrs.!
  7. It will still be great - they have lights, and I brought electric flickering tealights for the tables, and they looked great! Believe me, it will be awesome!
  8. What I WOULD Do: - Have a destination wedding! It was amazing, and truly beyond all my expectations. If anyone is doubting the decision – don’t! Every single one of our guests said that if they could do it over, it would be this way. - Have our reception on the La Barcaza Yacht. It totally MADE our wedding. Our wedding was reception was the best party I’ve ever been too! He he, and it was my wedding! It made the day so much more extra special to leave the resort and do something so spectacular as a sunset dinner cruise for our reception. - Stay for 2 weeks – one week with
  9. Welcome Back!! Look forward to your review (and pics of course)!
  10. Fantastic review - so much detail! It looks like you had a wonderful wedding! Congratulations!
  11. Yes you can bring on any decorations you like. You will meet with Flori a couple of days before your wedding and can give her everything then and she will set it up for you. Or, you can just bring it on with you when you get on. They are very, very accomodating!
  12. Hi again Shanelle! We had the mixed grill option (55pp) which was grilled chicken and pork and veggies with a really yummy salsa and fried plantain. It was delicious!! I don't know about live entertainment, I hadnt heard that before. We brought our ipod so that we could have our first dances to the music we chose and then we partied! It was so awesome. You will have a fantastic time!! We were on the boat from 4-8. We had originally booked for four hours and then we ended up extending for another hour when we were on the boat because we were just having soooo much fun!!! So we were on the b
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