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  1. gkashmira

    Westins Pics & Marquis Pics

    Here are some pics of the lobby of the Marquis Los Cabos - which seems like a gorgeous property. Then sopme pics of the Westin which is HUGE but just didn't like the feel of it for some reason. It's very contemporary styling which I just don't like...
  2. gkashmira


    This place is really beautiful. The onyl reason I liked the Hilton better was because you can swim in the water there. The property here is actually more lovely - feels a lot more private. The prices aren't low though...
  3. gkashmira

    Presidente Intercontinental

    We just showed up and askedd to walk around and see the place. They were actually setting up what might have been a wedding. This is a nice hotel - especially since it's AI.
  4. gkashmira

    Marbella En La Playa

    This is cute and inexpensive hotel. It isn't luxurious like the rest of the resort on this area but the rooms/food/open bar are cheaper. A nice option for a more budeget concious reception.
  5. gkashmira

    Scout Trip-

    I fell in love with the Hilton.. explains why we're getting married here!
  6. gkashmira

    Kash's Scout Trip Pics

    Erika Razo, who was very nice but also quiet busy met and showed us around (you can see her in one pic). They were actually setting up 3 different events while we there so there's some pics of it.
  7. gkashmira

    Casa Natalia

    If you go to their website you can see pictures of the rooms too and they are really gorgeous. I adore this hotel. The onyl downfall is it's not on the beach - so if you want to have a beahc wedding you'll need to have your coordinator sert-up another...
  8. you know you're addicted to BDW... ...when you haven't been on in 7 months and it's been almost two years since your wedding and you come running back!
  9. Well first let me say that it is totally normal that you are freaking BUT that the dress can be fixed and everything is going to be great! I like the corset-back idea - is that a possibility? Is there room in the dress to let out the bust? Don't worry too much about the dress - no matter what it can be made to work. As for the pregnant thing don't freak until you hear back one way or another. Just sending you a BIG HUG!
  10. What is a bio-fit? Anyway I hook mine closed and then toss them in the washer. I hang them to dry (I feel like maybe the dryer ruins the elastic?). I guess that's what my mom always did so that's what I do! Ha!
  11. I am glad everything went well! My one tiny bit of advice is to make sure you follow all your "after" instructions from your doctor. I know one girl who did not listen (started exercising too soon I think) and ended up with an infection. I guess in that regard it's like any other surgery right? Congrats - they look great!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan She was talking about the shower invites to technically it's fine, but I think if you are on the fence about if it's OK, the website is the safest place. I think nicely worded & with your non-traditional group you can pull it off. I wish things didn't have to be so tricky, but you'd hate to offend. Ooops! Sorry I missed the "Shower" part...
  13. I say skip the servers and just have it be buffet! $500 is a lot for something your guests are probably not going to think about one way or another.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Alyssa Jenny - you need to switch - that is totaly bullshit! why don't you PM TammyHost or one of the TA's on here? My thoughts exactly! I mean what TA "doesn't want people bothering her" when "bothering" actually means "conducting my business?" She sounds like a weirdo who wants you to do all the work and for her to collect all the commission!
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