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  1. Any Truebies still around? Thoughts on last night's Season 4 premiere?
  2. You could also use the candle or florist mounting putty. I don't know the real name, but they are the white sticks that look like clay and you can stick thinks to the wall or whatever and it peel off? Have any idea what I am talking about? lol
  3. Folic Acid is a vitamin supplement. You can either take prenatal vitamins or just folic acid. The RDA for pregnant and nursing women is 800 mg. Most multi vitamins only have 400. I take the gummy prenatals and they rock! They're like a bite of candy every morning! The reason doctors will tell you to use condoms after going off the pill isn't to protect you from hormones, it's to reduce the risk of miscarriages. Depending on the BC method you use, the uterine lining can be too thin to support a pregnancy to full term. If you are TTC you should stop smoking, watch your drinking, and
  4. I had every intention of getting the book for Feb but so far haven't had time! I'll keep trying but I my have to catch back up in March! Happy Reading!
  5. The next book is The Kite Runner
  6. So happy I found this thread! What a great way to get back into BDW! I'm an old-timer and still a little confused by the new format, lol. I didn't realize that they were making a movie (series)! I was happy to read that Suzanne Collins would be co-writing the screenplay! I first found this series recommended by Stephenie Meyer somewhere. They really are consuming and don't feel YA. Of the three, I think I liked the first book best. I felt the most connection to the characters though it may be because this was the introduction to the series and Ms. Collins did such a great job of laying the fou
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