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  1. Hi! Don't wait buy airfare as soon as it comes out. I believe our was $600 a ticket. I think airfare comes out 9 months on advance. We flew United(Continental) out of Newark. We knew the prices weren't going to get cheaper not to mention it was right before a holiday. We got married the Saturday before Easter. Originally when we booked we thought we'd fly first class but they wanted $1,200 a ticket which was crazy. Anyway fast forward we ended up upgrading to first class at the airport because we had to much lugagge. With first class you are allowed 3 pieces each up to 70lbs. So we paid
  2. I ended up using "Your hand in Mine" by Vitamin String Quartet. It took forever to find a song I liked. =)
  3. Jana. I had mine printed I couldn't do the menu or wedding programs. Got to love etsy! I'm finishing packing today and tomorrow I pick up my dress!! So excited! It's going so quickly. Can't wait to be in the beach
  4. Almost there April Brides! It goes by so quick! We leave 4/4. Just started packing am going to carry on everything I need for the wedding everything we can get if need be. We finally picked music for the ceremony & reception. Finding a first dance was so hard but mission accomplished! Beyond excited but can not wait to be on the beach with my husband and family. This wedding planning stuff has to come to an end. I'm sure I'll miss it but the last month and half are pure chaos. No one mentions that. Been going to the gym Zumba and kickboxing will leave you sore Not normal I have 4 pairs of
  5. No one tells you that the last month is chaos! We are done with the OOt bags. I ordered the sand ceremony kit, tanks for the bridal party, wedding programs and menus and my little present to the groom a picture charm of his dad who passed 10 years ago. Gotta love etsy. Not sure if it's a solution or problem. Don't want to see my bill . Glad to hear everyone is making progress! Can't wait to be celebrating with my family and friendsin Mexico!
  6. Great review! Excited to meet with Edgar and Melissa in April =)
  7. Great packet Erica! I am behind this week on wedding stuff. My shower was last Friday a total surprise and had a week of opening gifts and writing out 70 thank you notes. Needless to say I am behind in the wedding duties. This weekend is quiet so I have a bunch of catching up to do. Need to look over our detail sheet that's due at the end of the month, get th bm's jewelry, pick out songs and type our lists. Start setting things aside don't want to leave packing till last minute. So much to do 56 days till the wedding!!
  8. I got my OOT bags from Christmas Tree store. Love them! and got 50. Figure atleast one per couple. If I have extra stuff I'll have extra. Rather have more than be short. I got most of the meds and also the personalized drink mugs. I wish the writing would have been larger but I guess at the end of the day no one will remember the writing and will just want to make sure their cup is filled =) Etsy is super addictive! I believe my shower will be coming up. It's a surprise so I have no idea still need to find a dress. Maritza
  9. We are having our welcome dinner the night before on the beach. We didnt want to have 2 events in the same location. Yes it is a small hotel so our options are limited =(. Another bride said she had a group around my size and was able to have it on the terrace. Waiting to hear back what she says. Hopefully the onsite team can help us out a bit more. Starting to make the kits for our OOT bags. =)
  10. Cute dress!! You can wear something like that to an afternoon shower. I am in a predicament I have no idea when my shower is it;s a surprise, but I feel like there's somethings you can wear to an afternoon shower that you can't wear to a night one and vice versa. Here in NY that's the new thing - night showers. I just ordered two dresses. My mom and MOH said I can be as dressed u as I want since I am the bride. Which also gives me the assumption of it being in the pm. So confusing =(
  11. Hi Krissy! You have a big group too. We have about 28 rooms booked at AB 25 booked through Lomas and I have family in Mexico so the others booked directly with the hotel. Same thing we are doing two private events and no wiggle room. We have the honeymoon suite booked for the week that we are there 4/4-4/11. My guest count has gotten very large that we are having our wedding reception in the ballroom that they just finished. I have Elizabeth as my wc and she's been great. Very excited it'll be here before we know it. Going tonight to pick up our wedding bands they're ready! How's everyone doin
  12. Thanks Matt. We're actually having our wedding at Azul Beach. Trying to see if the fireworks was something that the hotel did or something else. I want fireworks trying to see if my hotel can do it. So funny when we went on the site visit I totally thought it could be a clothing optional place. It's very quiet and secluded. I hope they tell brides that have booked there already of the change.
  13. Great review. Loved ceiba such a great hotel. We're the fireworks booked through the hotel or you? Trying to get them for our hotel. Congratulations!
  14. We used discount mugs. Ordered 98. Two mugs will be going in each OOT bag. The print is a little small but at the end of the day no one be staring at the outside of the mug they'll want to make sure their drink is full we delt with chase and they were quick and easy to deal with. I think if I did it again I'd order them plain and just tie a tag to the mug.
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