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  1. They have small rags/towels in the bathroom. Ours were nicely rolled up in a basket with the hotels shampoo, soap and lotion.
  2. Deana! It looked like you guys had a great time! So happy for you two!
  3. Had our AHR last weekend and received our photos on Tuesday oh well we had a few pictures to show our guests. Also have a slideshow if anyone wants to take a look: www.claudiaphoto.com password: danni
  4. Our photographer put a slideshow up of our pictures!! If you want to take a look: www.claudiaphoto.com Password: danni
  5. They will ask you once you meet with the wedding coordinator how many chairs you will need set up. We did have 54 guests come but of those 54 we had 8 in our bridal party so they did not need chairs for the ceremony
  6. They will not send you the 'form' to let them know what flowers, decorations, etc that you want. They will send you a detailed list of all of these. They have you wait this long due to how busy they are with current weddings. Just get an idea of what you want now and then when they send the wedding contract form you will be able to fly through it.
  7. Hi LauraAsh, I do not know who you were asking this to, but I thought I could answer. My hubs and I got married at Dreams Tulum May 16th of this year. We did the Dreams of Love package and had 50+ guests come to celebrate. Part of the package was the resort photographer. We had them for an hour (an hour at the beginning of the reception). It was nice to see some pictures prior to getting our professional photos (Claudia Rodriguez). The resort photographers did a good job but our professional one blew those photos out of the water. I highly recommend spending money on an outside ph
  8. Just enjoying married life!! I want to hear how everyone else's AHR has gone if they have had theirs already. Ours is on July 9th and as I said before have gotten good vibes from some that we are doing this and some not so nice things said (ie another day spent "about you"!) In my head I am saying well you do not have to come! JEEZ Still patiently waiting for our pictures to come back. I get so excited seeing everyone else's photos!! Any baby news yet from the May ladies?? Too soon to ask ???
  9. Has anyone ran into people making comments about "isn't your wedding over??? Why are you having another reception" I had no bad comments about having a wedding in Mexico but now that people have received our invitation to our bbq AHR they are making snid remarks. Makes me second guess having a AHR
  10. You will have so much fun seeing family. We are looking forward as well seeing family and friends who were unable to make it. Our guests who were able to come to Mexico are excited to share stories with those who were unable to come Are you doing a slideshow or how are you going to show your pictures?
  11. To simplify our AHR we have decided to do a bbq/open house style reception at my Mom's home. Much more relaxed and a hell of a lot cheaper! Our professional photographer sent us 10 pics to see to use for our Thank You cards. You could try contacting your photographer and ask for that so then it will be a sneak peek of what is to come
  12. Yay we just received an email from our photographer (Claudia Rodriguez) of some pics
  13. Sorry guys I have no idea why it posted so many times!! OOPS
  14. My now husband danced to this song with his Mother at our wedding: Once When I Was Little by James Morrison
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