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  1. Does anybody know if you can pack matchbooks? I wanted to order personalized ones but didn't want to spend the money and have them get taken away at customs
  2. I paid for my bridesmaid dresses, shoes, and jewelry. I also bought them a "gift" which was a monogram necklace with their initials which was around $75 each. Dress was around $175, shoes $90, and jewelry $60. I felt I should since they had to pay for travel and were paying for my bridal shower. Everything came to about $400 a girl. Yikes I hadn't added it up until now lol. So $1,600 total spent on them.
  3. Ladies I am getting so frustrated with Marvin. I know he has great reviews and everything but his communication with me has been terrible. Sometimes it takes him 20 days to get back to me:( I don't know what to do I'm nervous about sending him a deposit and him not showing up or something to my wedding. Has anyone else had this problem? I don't understand why he isn't answering me in a timely manner. I feel like a week is a fair amount of time but 3 weeks to answer an email is terrible. Grrrrrrrrr
  4. Went to pioneer group yesterday. They had a million pashmina colors to pick from. Good quality for the price...12 for $30:)
  5. I don't have pics but I was going thru the same dilemma as you for almost a month lol. I ended up with the mediums and they are perfect. Not to small and not to large. Go with the mediums you won't be disappointed in my opinion. Also they will take up less room when packing
  6. Cherry Blossom actually just sent me a follow up email this morning because I haven't responded to them. Email them again. I sent around 4 email before they got back to me. I decided I was going to go with Marvin. And of course last week I was having trouble getting in touch with Marvin but he finally responded. It's so frustrating lol
  7. Jill thank you so much for explaining! You def eased my mind with the flowers. And your right they looked exactly like the pic you sent! Couple more questions;) Did you get you hair/makeup done at the spa? Were you happy with the ending result? If so who did your hair/makeup? Also do you have a timeline of your wedding day meaning when did you start getting you bridesmaids/moms hair done? Sorry for all the questions but your such a good explainer lol Also any other words of wisdom about planning my wedding their?
  8. I am sooooo nervous! I'm not getting married until November but I already am starting to get nervous. And I'm not nervous about getting married, I'm actually nervous to have to walk up the aisle in front of everyone and say my vows. Is that normal?!? I HATE speaking in front of people or being the center of attention and the thought makes me want to vomit lol. Anyone else feel this way? And anyone who was married did your nerves get the best of you? I keep telling myself it will be fine but to be honest when I am in my friends bridal parties I was super nervous just to walk down the aisle for their wedding loll
  9. Ok next question for my ladies that have been married here already. As you know in the packages certain flower arrangements/bouquets are included. After emailing Gloria they don't seem to substitute arrangements for what you need/want. For example, the package comes with a "centerpiece for the dinner table" but instead I wanted a centerpiece for the ceremony table but Gloria said they can not do this. Did anyone else experience this problem? Also the flowers in their catalogue show arrangements in particular colors. Did you just ask her for a specific arrangement but in your wedding colors? And if so how did they come out? Just so hard to not have a visual of the product they will give me. Thanks in advance! And btw thank goodness I've found this website for questions like these
  10. Thanks ladies. I was thinking of sending a pre travel packet to my guests and will include a part about shoes being optional since the ceremony is taking place on the beach;)
  11. I've been trying to get in touch with Marvin for over a month and I have used both his email addresses. Ladies have you been having this problem?
  12. Here's a question for the ladies that have been married here before. We are getting married on the beach. What did your guests do about their shoes? Did you let them know ahead of time that they don't have to wear shoes, did they wear shoes, did you put out a basket out for their shoes when they came on the beach? My guests are starting to ask questions about shoes and not sure what I should tell them. Thanks in advance ladies!
  13. Tropical climates always forecast rain! Please try not to let this get to you. Every vacation I have ever went to in Riviera Maya forecasted for rain and it was always beautiful! It rained super early for 15 minutes and that was it.
  14. Ok so I have been in contact with Marvin but I am having some trouble with his color choices. I have sent samples and explained I want shades of pink but a lot of the samples he sends have purples and corals in them. I'm starting to think I'm never going to get the colors I want:( Also was quoted a lot higher then expected. Tall centerpieces were $165
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