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  1. Hi Engaged 1230, We got married at PPC almost a year ago (whoa!) and it was amazing! Here is my review from TripAdvisor: “Perfect Wedding & Honeymoon†Reviewed May 25, 2012 1 person found this review helpful My husband and I traveled to the PPC April 18-26 for our wedding and honeymoon and it could not have been more perfect! First off, we traveled with 54 other guests, and everyone who is on here complaining must be extremely hard to please. We all had a amazing, relaxing time and we blown away by the beauty of the resort, the quality of service and how accommodating everyone was. We stayed at the Royal Service and check in took awhile but was easy. We had a ocean front room with a jacuzzi looking over the gazebo. If you are getting married, building 30 is perfect for you wedding day. Our room looked exactly like the pictures online and was cleaned every day. The AC could have been a little colder, but other than that, it was perfect. The food was okay. We ate at the buffet for breakfast every day, Qi, Gabi Club for our rehearsal dinner, Luna, Rodizo, Vita and Fuego. Our favorite was Fuego, which is an extra charge followed by Vita. My husband is 100% Italian and was impressed by the food at Vita. We also had dinner on the beach, which had excellent food but be weary of sand fleas. A month later I still have remnants of the 10s of bites we had. The beach was amazing! There are plenty of chairs and beds, and you never had to get up early to reserve your spot. The beds are amazingly comfortable and I think my husband fell asleep on one every day. The Royal Service and main pool were both great. The Royal service pool being a little cold. Drink came freely and everyone remembered us from our wedding, getting 2 drinks at a time. The wedding: perfect cannot even describe how incredible the wedding was! Looking at pictures, it doesn't even look real. Miguelina and Jennifer are absolutely amazing and will go above and beyond and of your expectations. We chose the Aqua package and had 54 guests. They say "no problem" and they actually mean it and things get done. We had our wedding at sunset on the beach followed by the reception at the pool. The setup was beautiful, elegant and the incorporated their decorations with what I brought perfectly. We chose the grill buffet and the food was excellent and the cake... OMG best cake I ever had in my life! The DJ was fun and kept the party going all night. Even the girls at the spa made me and my bridesmaids look our absolute best. They matched the flowers to our colors perfectly and designed a bouquet that looked exactly like the picture I sent to them. I never heard of a wedding going off without a hitch, and ours did. It was a perfect day put together by a great staff, and I would recommend anyone to get married at the PPC. We had a great experience at PPC and we definitely be going back for an anniversary!
  2. My friend cannot see the check boxes to place her vote, please help!
  3. Hi PPC Brides, Please vote for our wedding! Cortney & Michael -- I appreciate your help! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/83815/vote-for-your-favorite-bdw-real-wedding-2012 thanks, Cortney
  4. I had the same question when we got married and we found that apparently tipping an officiant is against ettiqutte, we did pay him directly though, in cash. We tipped our wedding coordinator, hair/makeup girls, and the bartender. Looking back we probably should have tipped the DJ and cooks along the buffett, but we did not. They do say that gratituity is included in your cost, which makes me feel a little better. As far as photographer goes, etiquette says says you don't have to, but a referral is their best tip.
  5. They do have irons in the closet. My husband carried on his linen suit/shirt and hung it right away. It stayed pretty neat, but I also had the dry cleaners press everything before we left. If you do iron, put a damp white towel over the iron, in case the iron is dirty.
  6. Hi Jenna, They do have hair dryers in the room, but they are pretty weak, I was glad I brought my own. No converter needed for outlets, everything works fine, I charged I think every electronic device I own down there. I believe it's free, you just need to sign up . I am not 100% positive cause all we did was lay on the beach. Hope this helps! Cortney
  7. I used him, he gives a great ceremony! He leaves right after the ceremony. I booked him outside the office as well. He gets there about 30 mins before start and leaves immediately after.
  8. If you follow Romance by Paradisus on Facebook they have a pic of the chairs outside the Gazebo at the PPC. They put them up yesterday and looked great! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152069184910578&set=a.10152069184330578.900568.448351975577&type=1&theater
  9. I don't know about you girls, but I was so excited/nervous/anxious/happy I barely touched food that whole day. My then fiance at the time had breakfast together in the morning, neither of us ate much more than a slice of fruit. I had like 2 bites to eat while getting ready, and really didn't eat much at the reception. My girls appreciated the food and champagne though!
  10. Hi LoriOlivia, I will answer what I can. I got the bridal suite and thought it was great. We all got our hair and makeup done in the room, the food was good and it was a great room for pics. I had 6 girls, including myself, so we needed the space. If you have a smaller group, getting everything done in the spa shouldn't be a problem. There are 3 girls who do hair and makeup at the spa who will come to the suite if book it. As long as there aren't any other weddings at the same time, you should be able to decide when you want your cocktail hour and reception to start. I brought a huge duffel bag of extras down and the wedding coordinator down there set everything up for me. I just handed it to her and it was done perfectly when I walked into my reception. The girls down there are great and will do everything they can to make your day lok perfect. I handed my welcome bags out myself. It was a pain because my husband and I carried around bags every night trying to find everyone. I didn't trust the front desk to do it, the people there spoke broken english and trying to get them to match the lists of guests I thought it was more likely that everyone got them from us. If you have a welcome dinner/drinks I would just bring them there and hand them out. Sand fleas are a year round problem. If you stay off the beach at night you shouldn't have a problem.
  11. Hi ElegantChic, The old wedding planner at PPC is the one who told me about sand fleas and they are brutal! I am so glad I didn't have my reception there. A couple nights after our wedding my husband and I had dinner on the beach at sunset. It was beautiful but dinner finished after dark and we had hundreds of bites between the two of us. My husbands went away in about a week but mine lasted 3 weeks! Teresa advised us to have our cocktail hour/reception at the pool and although there were mosquitoes, I'm glad my guests were spared from the sand fleas. You also don't need to rent a dance floor at the pool, which was a big cost saver. Hope this helps! Cortney
  12. Hey Ladies, I wanted to put my two cents in since I have seen all 3 types of weddings at my stay at the PPC. GAZEBO: It's small. For a small wedding they squeeze chairs inside and it looks cramped. For a larger wedding they have them on the grass leading to the gazebo which is tiny as well. As far as crowds go, this is a quieter area of the resort, as most of the activities are on the middle or other end of the beach. Building 30 is right there, which is where I stayed, and there is very little foot traffic as the restaurants, activities, and Royal Service are on the other end. You also get the breeze from the ocean. BEACH: I would recommend getting married on the beach in a heartbeat. I walked through the gazebo down the beach to the ceremony. There are 2 other locations to get married on the beach, but they are closer to all the action, push for a wedding by the gazebo. I had a big puffy dress and just got sand in my train when walking, which shook off easily. My dress got the dirtiest walking around on the concrete. And it was gross by the end. Make sure when you get dress altered that you tell her that you will be barefoot and you won't get sand caught in it. I was also so sweaty by the end (gross I know) that my dress kept slipping down which caused it to drag. Because there is very little foot traffic in the area, you will only get people walking along the beach that may cut in front of your wedding. Getting married in the middle of the day it is HOT, like super gross hot. I didn't see that many people walking along the beach then. I got married at 6:30 when there were a lot of people walking. 90% of people were respectful and moved on. I did get some tourists taking pictures and the staff and photographer asked them to keep it moving. Also on the beach at noon you'll at least get a breeze which you will want because it is HOT. I would have stayed on the beach for the reception, but sand fleas come out at night GARDEN: Very pretty, I think the least private. The garden is close to the main lobby, anyone there can see what's going on you probably won't have them walking by but there will be gawkers. You have noisy, smelly golf carts driving by. There is no breeze up this way, and did I mention it is HOT? Your dress will turn black at the bottom from dragging it along the concrete and grass. My reception was a the pool and my dress was an awful mess by the end. Also there is no breeze away from the beach and everyone was a disgusting sweaty mess at my reception which was at 8p, cause it's HOT. Also, if you are going to have your ceremony there, I would just have your cocktail hour there. The trek back to the gazebo is 10-15 minutes, and with everyone dressed up, it's going to be a sweaty walk. The will provide transportation, but with a lot of guests, not everyone will fit. I had 56 guests and I wound up walking to the reception so people could get a ride who needed it. Here is a pic from the Gazebo looking onto the beach, where we had our wedding.
  13. Hi Mariel, I booked my wedding in 2011 and therefore was grandfathered into the old policy where you only pay $120 for an outside photographer. Unfortunately they seem to be pretty set on charging this fee for using someone outside Arriciffe. People who have used them said their pictures came out well, but I know they are expensive. I hope you booked last year so you can get around the fee!
  14. Thank you!! It really was such a perfect day, I wish I could relive it 10 time over
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