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  1. Oh. Now looks like I can post. I am so confused! Did I receive a message in error?
  2. Tammy, you sent me a PM indicating I was banned for two weeks for my comment? I thank you for clarifying regarding the reviews but was that actually neccessary? I did not make an attack on the forum just stated my observation...
  3. Yeah, you're supposed to post it under that Resort in the Resorts & Villas tab. Unfortunately, it seems like the number of reviews seriously dwindled now that they're not just another sub-forum...: ( Too bad.
  4. Hi mushra2011, glad to have you join us on this forum! You're only a month or so after my wedding! I have not posted anything further because the rep I'm dealing with (Teresa Calcos) is on vacation until mid-November because her son is actually getting married at the PPC! Once she's back, she offered to have a call with me to plan the wedding even though it's more than 6 mths away. The reason is....I am expecting about 30-35 guests. 27 are already booked. The new packages are for 24 guests and additional $70-100 every guest after that. According to her, it may be cheaper to go with the
  5. MrsLamb, so excited to hear that you're at the resort right now and are loving it! Makes me feel so much better! It also calms me down to hear that you were able to get everything within budget. YAY! Please take tons and tons of photos and share with us! Hope you're having a wonderful time!
  6. I have to say, Teresa is LIGHTENING FAST! Hi Lindsay, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I just stepped in and saw your email and thought I would send you a quick response to your question. Allow me to give you "a few examples" of the differences between Top Shelf and National/Local Brands Top shelf Brand Examples (please understand that Ocassionally some are not available due to imported supply) Included will be all selections ( and more) from below + the national brands (and more) Vodka may be - Grey Goose or Absolute or Smirnoff Gin may be- Beefeater or
  7. ^ Do a search for "LED Throwies". I would rather be able to hook up the lanterns that's too much money. LED Throwies are 'wireless' lights easily made with a small battery and small LED bulb. I'm going to bring rope and a bunch of those. I can't seem them saying no since these are self-powered and not a fire hazard but worse case scenario, I'll budget for the extra cost if they won't back down. For the other buffet menus the coordinator sent you, is there an extra cost? Also, do you mind telling me where you got your sashes? I've seen many cheap stores online but the US shipping to
  8. ^ I didn't really like the photos of the buffet food in the PPC photo album. Everything looks coated in batter and deep fried or just simple ingredients assembled on a line. But I'm sure it doesn't taste as bad (IMO)as it looks! Lol. We are deciding between Aqua and Chill out but we're leaning more towards Chill Out. I understand there are some differences in the quality of the decor....I understand they bought some new chairs, etc....but it seems the two KEY differences are 1) Food - Chill Out is buffet style and 3 hor d'heurves during cocktail hour whereas Aqua is plated courses and 5
  9. ARGH! Hate that you can't edit posts. Anyway, I was going to say the new Aqua package is $5000 plus $100 for every extra guest over 24
  10. Sounds like Aqua will be the highest package available now instead of Chillout. Here is her response: Hi Lindsay, I am thrilled to help you plan your dream wedding. Allow me to explain the differences between 2010 Aqua and 2011 Aqua. For 2011 Aqua We have added diamond white padded tiffany chairs to the reception seating, and removed the covered banquet chairs. We have increased the number of guests to 24 for the basic package. We have added full premium open bar to the cocktail We have added full premium open bar to the reception We have given you the choice of the tr
  11. YAYYYY!! I am so so happy I touched base with Teresa. I emailed her at 8:30 last night and already got a response back. And it sounds like she will really work with your budget rather than the other way around. And I like that she gives a reason as to why something is the way it is rather than just saying...it's $XX dollars. It's actually good business sense. Makes me feel a lot better about spending money if I know it's not just a pure cash grab... 1) $25 charge for table clothes. Can you clarify if I am only changing the COLOR of the table clothes, is it still $25 per table?
  12. ^ all the trip booking is done with our local traven agent who does weddings exclusively. all wedding day related things are done directly with the resort and their wedding coordinator. so that includes the ceremony, reception, booking a welcome dinner (if we decide to do it), etc.
  13. ^ Have fun!!! I wanted to do it in the fall but I think it may be dead of winter or spring before we leave. I'm just so not physically prepared. Lol.
  14. ^ Congrats on 1 year....it's gets more and more exciting with each milestone!!! I received an answer from Jennifer. What a coincidence I just posted about it here. Lol! Ceremony -Chillout is brown and Aqua is blue and ivory. If I choose Chillout and change to another color, is there an extra cost? Yes, it will have an extra cost. The price per table cloth is US$25. Flowers -Package includes 12 ivory roses and matching boutonierre. Are there any other option with NO extra upgrade cost? We are sending you the address of our Picasa album, on the basic bouquet folders you w
  15. Can't help you with that exact request but when I checked locally in Toronto, they were like $500-1000 and way out of our budget. I'm planning to bring props such as background drapes, boas, silly glasses, etc. and some polaroid/film cameras so guests can have the photobooth experience.
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