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  1. We leave fri afternoon to make the drive to our departure city!! And get legally married tomorrow night...it's coming up so fast, the next two days I'm off and they are going to be hectic. Happy weddings to everyone!!
  2. We are leaving in a week to go down, we have a large party (73 people) and the majority are all in our 20s. I will let you know on the rowdiness or lack of it when Im back at the end of April. We chose this resort because it was a smaller resort, not as many weddings and the wedding planner is AMAZING!!!! There was nothing but great things said about Maria (who is no longer there) and Lupita which made me really comfortable with all the planning. And the pictures I have seen of the beach set up is beautiful, I fell in love lol You can do a private reception, I cant remember the pr
  3. Question for past brides, I'm wanting to give all our guests a welcome letter with a timeline of our wedding day, I'm trying to decide what would be easier, having them be put in their check in booklets or if they can be put in everyones room. Has anyone done either of these?? Second question, is it necessary to have the microphone and speakers in the Italian restaurant or could you go without? Just curious. Any info would be great!!! Thanks
  4. Thank you!! The pictures make me want to be there right now, they are beautiful
  5. This is the best thread!!! Thank you for all the ideas. I will post mine once we get it finalized, I still have a month to go
  6. We leave in a month!! I'm sooo excited I cant wait to read your review Jessamaka, and happy to hear everything went so well!
  7. Soo exciting!!! Can't wait to hear about it, have a wonderful time
  8. Emma, That's awesome that you will be there then! We also arrive on the 15th. I'm getting really excited. The planning has been pretty stress free and easy! We just have a few more things to get ready and everything will be done. How about you?? Almost all of our guests are booked now, just a few stragglers that probably won't book till close to the wedding.
  9. We had the same thing, no one was booking, then in the last week soo many have booked. We now have 65 booked!!! I'm just starting to look at songs, I have no ideas, stressing me out a little.
  10. Great review! I cant wait for next April. I love Maria already, she is fantastic.
  11. J-me, we are hoping most book with our save the date too, but i have a feeling many will wait for the invites. Close family so far are the ones who have booked!! Good luck with all your planning Yay for everyone that has booked guests!!!
  12. It feels more real now, we have 13 guests booked!!
  13. We avoided that week as well as prices are higher. Sending out invites July/august and not sure when our deadline will be.
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