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  1. Dang it Morgan! You got me coming straight home, turning on my computer and bringing up the puppies.... before I do anything else. AND i'm nagging my girlfriends to watch them. What have you done? LOL
  2. they are tearing the house down!!!! the bed, mats EVERYTHING. LOL, all 6.
  3. Oh, he put a big black cat in to play with the puppeis. All the puppies want to play (ALL 6) but the cat is trying to get the heck out of there. No puppies are barking tho! I cant believe i'm sitting here watching this. I'm scard to go to the bathroom cause I might miss something. LOL
  4. 2 are playing and 1 is tearing up the white fluffy part of the bed!!!! while the others sleep in it! HOW CUTE!
  5. i dont have tmobile anymore, but thats really cool!
  6. DLyteful


    Welcome to the forum! Yeah, you have to have a certain amount of posts to change your title... or you can buy a new title, but that takes points. and the only way to get points is to post, LOL. It looks like your title has already changed just from your 2 posts. I dont really know where to get any suites have you tried kohls? Happy planning and congrats!
  7. I voted Obama! I agree with him on abortion, taxes, healthcare, the war, economy, education to name a few. PLUS I just love him as a person. He is very relatable and can identify with many Americans. He's not just black guys. He's mixed. His mother was white, father black and he was raised by his mothers parents. He worked his way through collage, paid off all the student loans he gained along the way, and worked him self to the position he is in now. He was a regular kid with dreams to be a basketball player, who went to college instead and gained an amazing education. AND he has an amazing gift of being able to inspire. He's an amazing man. And we will be truly lucky if we gain him as a president. He has run a respectable campaign and has stood by his integrity through this whole process. The truly sad part, is that many people will not vote for him ONLY because of his skin color and they will not recognize or acknowledge how truly amazing he is.
  8. What a sweet heart! Go ahead and talk all about your new little one. We love to hear, be the proud mommy that you are! Congrats !!!!!
  9. WOW, Really should we be surprised? Its not often these couples stay together anyway.
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