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  1. I wish I could go to take pictures.... I just hope a photographer will be there... like maybe 200 at least.
  2. thanks it was fun... sadly I was the guy from the movie Clockwork Orange no one had heard of it... made me feel old. Bryan
  3. check out these Halloween party pics and my 11 month old daughter Zoe as Dorthy from Wizard of OZ and a bloody bunny with chainsaw. Amore Studios - Our Amazing Blog Bryan
  4. Bryan Valiant

    Newbie...Looking for Cabo Destination

    this looks nice to me. plus its newer. Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rental, Cabo San Lucas Hotel Rental - Villa del Palmar, Villa la Estancia, & Villa del Arco
  5. thanks all... they are a great couple and having shot two weddings with the grooms family I really felt like I knew them and they made me feel more like family than just the hired help. Yeah it was the dad with the napkin and flower. Bryan
  6. Bryan Valiant

    Anyone use Hawaiiwedding.com Inc?

    The beaches are public so that is how they are doing the weddings on the beach... I would look them up for complaints on google best of luck.
  7. Bryan Valiant

    Hotel Wedding Coordinator Problems!

    I would would find someone else.... odds are they have another planner or even maybe the planners assistant would be better... from the sound of it they couldn't be any worse. best of luck. Bryan Valiant
  8. Just wanted to share with you an awesome wedding I got to shoot down in Cabo San Lucas Mexico at the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar which is a great venue. Rene didn't want to do a trash the dress as she was wearing it again for a reception back here which is a shame because she would have looked great, but I understand. Also, tropical storm Julio hit the day we would have done a post shoot, so I only got to shoot her for 25 minutes, with an extra half hour with just the groom Jordan . .and well that's not quite the same! We had gotten to shoot Garin, the groom's brother's wedding and hopefully we will get to shoot their sister's wedding as well. Rene & Jordan Wedding & Slideshow Enjoy! Bryan
  9. Bryan Valiant

    Attempted Kidnapping at El Squid Roe

    I shot the wedding I'll post some pics soon... I heard it the morning after. Both glad I wasn't there and wish I was so I could have helped. Bryan
  10. Bryan Valiant

    Annoyed with the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar

    Just shot there last week... you made a great choice! keep in mind that you can't get in the water at all on the beach there.... So if I were you and you want to do a trash the dress later go to town and do it on a beach there or take a water taxi to lovers beach. Bryan
  11. Bryan Valiant

    Attempted Kidnapping at El Squid Roe

    So two groomsman were drugged with Rohypnol and cocaine at Squid Roe... outside two guys tried to pull them into a van... the groom and his SISTER fought them off the groom getting a black mark near his eye and his sister bad ass that she is for a school teacher beating her knuckles raw on one of the kidnappers face. One of the kidnappers and both drugged groomsman were arrested... none of the police spoke english well enough for them to explain one of the guys kind of nerdy only had one drink... Ugh... he also was hit the worst by the drugs and was really out of it in jail... they had bodily waste thrown on them in jail repeatedly and that guy... also named Brian got it in the mouth and eyes... the grooms mom later took him to the hospital where he was tested for Hep C and HIV though I doubt he'll get either... I told him to be tested for parasites when he got back to the states... scarey scarey stuff... watch your drinks. not that race matters but both kidnappers were gringos. We have no idea if it was for ransom or ? who knows but anyway you look at it... it wouldn't have been good. Bryan
  12. Bryan Valiant

    I am a Newbie!!!

    very exciting and don't be nervous... just chill and have fun!
  13. Bryan Valiant

    scary and horrible-bride shot dead on honeymoon!

    That is just aweful I hadn't hear about it and just read the article. I sometimes hate the news. ;( Bryan
  14. Bryan Valiant

    Honeymoons Tahiti or Fiji?????

    Tangaroa is really cool as well check it out. Unless you are thinking the huts out on the water thing in Tahiti... that would kick ass. But either would just kick ass! Bryan