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  1. Congrats on your wedding day yay! I had Mariana back in the fall of 2010 and hands down she is the best. She is a serious pro so nothing to worry about.
  2. Wore this dress for my wedding in the fall of 2010 (for 4 hours) and loved it, but am ready to part with it. It is Platinum by Priscilla of Boston Size 8, only alteration was to sew cups in. Paid $3000. Would make a great reception dress, or perfect for an outside destination wedding! I have actual photos of me wearing it, so you can judge the sizing better if interested.
  3. Posting this for my best friend...she purchased this dress and after it was ordered and not returnable, she changed her mind based on her wedding theme. It is the Pronovias Fauna Spring 2012 Wedding Dress, Ivory, roman organza size 2, hasn't been altered or worn. Retailed for $1300 plus tax. Asking $1100 but willing to negotiate.
  4. I had custom pocketfolds invites made and they cost an effing fortune. Seriously it was like $1600 for 60 invites or something like that. They were really nice though, letterpress and multi colored. I don't recommend spending a ton on invites though that's my biggest regret. Because like 25% of the people actually used the RSVP card and pretty sure people don't pay too much attention to them.
  5. I brought them. And then I brought them home. And I am going to sell them because I don't need 50 of them obviously in my life now.
  6. I got my bm's tifanny bead bracelets. The silver ones. they seemed to LOVE them. They wore them for the rehearsal dinner but not for the wedding. I've seen them wear them a ton since then so I feel I chose wisely.
  7. I don't think there is a specific rule as to how much you should spend, that would be weird. But it's just about what you are comfortable with.
  8. Here is what I could find for the chairs we had. I used the same ones for the ceremony and they just moved them over. The lighting is weird there it was a weird time of day so they look like a funny color but they are goldish. I saw silver when I was there too and that looked really nice as well.
  9. Same thing from me. You don't really need to do a site visit. We did one but it was not a planned thing we just ended up making a last minute trip to Cabo last March. I can post a few photos from my setup I had gold chivari chairs. Let me see if I have any photos right now...
  10. I paid for my BM's dresses and ordered them and shipped them to them. They needed slight alterations so they paid for them. Originally I told them to just pick any dress in a certain color but they were struggling with it so I just went ahead and sent them!
  11. We just had the basic package. It was free. (we made a deposit though which got applied to our total wedding bill at the end). The services of the minister were included in that package which was good.
  12. I was just married at Dreams Cabo on October 10th... but I arranged the vendors I was using myself/with help from mariana so didn't use the package really. I think they have some preferred vendors that they use. The cake I believe they do in house, we had an external vendor but then after the wedding I wanted the leftover cake to be sent to our room but they way it was cut it sort of didn't work so they felt bad and sent us a whole new cake which is one of the flavours Dreams offers I believe. It was ok but to be honest I much much preferred the one we had for our wedding. You can j
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