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  1. oh my. Im so sad for you. I don't know what i would do if my dog got lost. She almost died in December and it nearly killed me. Its the not knowing which must be so painful for you and your parents. I hope that he has found his way to some family that is trying to find you rather than something more tragic. There have been dogs that have been found months later, so try not to lose hope. praying for his safe return...hugs.
  2. Are you talking about the Majestic? If so, they will allow outside photogs from DR if you pay a $300 fee. If its not the MC than maybe they will just have a supplement you have to pay. This sounds like it will still be cheaper. If you have facebook, and its the MC, then check out the Facebook Majestic colonial brides group. There is a thread about this. Good luck!
  3. congratulations! Thanks for your review. We are getting married at the jellyfish may 3rd and I am SO excited!! Mayte has been amazing, and i get more and more excited every day. It is such a beautiful place, great choice!! We are staying at the majestic colonial, which is kind of funny. I totally relate! congrats again!
  4. hey caligirl, what happened with your biopsy? I just got diagnosed today after a biopsy last week for basel cell carcinoma. i am waiting to find out about an apt for moh's surgery to remove it. My wedding is in may so i am currently at a standstill with all my wedding planning...arrrh. what happened for you? did it come back cancerous and did you have surgery? hope you're doing well!!
  5. Thanks for all your replies. I guess it's different in every country! Thanks again.
  6. I have a friend who wants to get married on a sunday at a DW. Has anyone had any experience or knows of any resorts that offer this? I think she wants a civil with judge, which i have a hard time believing they would do a civil on a sunday b/c of church and all. Suggestions if its symbolic only are welcome as well! Thanks girls!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by nicoleswrld Has anyone ever been upgraded with a child?? The only room category we can stay in other than the standard is a 1 bedroom suite and I was just wondering how possible this might be :-) Also, how is it going to an all inclusive with a 20 month old?? lol THANKS LADIES!!! -Nicole- LOL, i fell your pain! We are traveling with our 2b 18 mnth old in May too. Too bad we'll miss eachother by a week, they could play! I have heard of brides getting upgraded to a 1 bedroom anyway, but maybe more likely with a babe? We're hoping the same thing
  8. Everything looks amazing!!! I'm not very creative on the computer. How do all you girls make your lipgloss, cards, all those templates? Do you just choose the colour on your computer and then get it printed somewhere else or can all that be printed on your computer at home?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by ewok I lost so much weight in the last year, going back to my thin college figure, and the first thing I did is go down in bra size! The hips were much harder to thin down... sad! I'm getting something with an halter top, I'm not that much in love with strapless anyway, and a deep-v halter is SO sexy, even with small breasts! It's a Maggie Destination replica that I'm having custom made from China: SD5238 - by Maggie Sottero oooh, that's hot. I LOVE the back. So sexy!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by ewok I checked them out as well, I thought the chiffon with sweetheart neckline at 89$ was nice, but my bust is so small that I have trouble with strapless dresses! That's funny, i was just looking at the cataolgue too. My BM said they have nice fuschia dresses that we might use as BM dresses. I saw those for $89 too and im going to order one. My bust has the same problem with strapless....i thought it was just me!!!! What did you do for your wedding dress? Mine seems like it will stay up, but I guess will find out at fitting next month! Did you get a st
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by surprise4us Hi Everyone The information and pictures you have all provided are amazing and I am set on getting married and have a reception here! I am still trying to figure out what resorts are close by. I know the melia caribe and paradisus palma real any other that you may know of? Also, if I do this how do I arrange for flowers and a cake, does Mayte do that? I have emailed her and she responded very quickly. I just thought I would ask here first. Thanks so much I'm sure youve been on the website, but if you go to http://www.jellyfishrestauran
  12. holy hell, this made my night! more please. i rarely actually "LOL" at a post. Awesome. i too feel the same way. what is with the "W" word where vendors think they charge such a ridiculous price for sh!t. ah well....you will sucumb to the madness, i assure you. it will all be worth it in the end
  13. Does anyone have any tricks for puffiness? I have had puffiness under my eyes for years and can't seem to get rid of them. I don't have any known allergies, maybe its not enough water? who knows? i also try not to eat salty food and drink water late at night. It looks like i've had a good cry the night before, every morning. I hate it! It seems like MAC is popular and Benefit was mentioned. Any other concealer or eye cream that is a miracle worker?? I've tried tonnes of different eye creams but none tend to make much difference. Any other suggestions would be great!
  14. I definitley love number 2 the best on you. It is a beautiful dress and looks amazing. The first one is also pretty but i'm partial to the second. Good luck!
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