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  1. Does anyone know who makes the shoes that say "LOVE" on the bottom?
  2. Thank you soooo much!! Good luck with your planning!
  3. Hola Cabo Brides, I am sorry I havent been on much, I have been in the hospital for 3 months, I am getting married at Dreams Nov. 12, 2011. So now I am sooo far behind, if anyone has any suggestions about vendors or anything.. it would be appriciated. Thank you
  4. Congrats to you! I dont know if I am that far ahead, but trying to get things in order. Good luck hun!
  5. Thank you SOOOO much for your reply! I was so worried about making the right decision, you really reassured me. Did you sign up for a package when you first started at Dreams? Thanks again
  6. Hi all, I am hopefully getting married at Dream Cabo 11-12-11. I wired a down payment last week, but still have not received confirmation from Yarai. Either way, I am confused as to how it works with the packages. I have selected the Love package. My question is are the included items (cake, flowers, hair and makeup and photography) provided by Dreams resort personell, or is it outsourced. If Dreams staff provide the service, I would like to know if anyone has used them and if they were pleased. If it is outsourced I would love to get info on vendors, I am sure there are plenty of links on t
  7. OMG! How beautiful!!! Do they have a website??
  8. CynSan


    Thanks everyone! Good luck with all your weddings. Cindy 2 1/2 months means your one busy bride! Thanks for taking time to respond to me, I bet your wedding will be beautiful. Cant wait to see your review and pics, good to know that the WC at Dreams is easy to work with.
  9. I feel the same way! My family will definately want to celebrate past 2am. How is the Music Lounge?
  10. CynSan


    Hi everyone! What a great site! I have chosen Dreams in Cabo for my wedding 11-12-11 and I have TONS of questions!! Last week I sent an email to the coordinator and have not heard back. Is this the normal wait time for Dreams, if not what is, and should I send another email. I dont want to seem like I am harassing anyone. Thanks for any advice!!! Cindy
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