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  1. Congrats to the recent brides, Bryteyedbride and Melissa!! Can't wait to see more pics. Is the Zavaz Terrace the one on the outside of the building? I was thinking it was another spot by the pools. I know the other bride that got married on my wedding day used that location and she had I believe, 63 guests. I walked by the set up and it looked really nice. She hasn't mentioned any negatives and her pics look great.
  2. Congrats to you too SeaPrincess!! Very happy to hear! So, here is a synopsis of how I told the hubby: I cooked a nice dinner, and we decided to eat out on the porch. I handed the hubby a little bag and told him I got him an early birthday present. (his bday is June 27th) On the top was a note, "You will need these come February." Inside was two Ravens Pacifiers, his absolute favorite team. He looked puzzled for a minute and I watched as he figured it out (noticing that he has wine and I don't). Then, he was like "Really?" And then he got excited. Within a few minutes, he w
  3. I wish I was patient enough to wait, but I don't think I am.
  4. Awe, well I was excited to post in here, but seeing all the trouble you girls are having makes me not want to say my good news. But, maybe it will be the start of good news for the rest of you as well!! I wish all of you the best in your TTC!! And so,..... I am shocked to say it, but I have two positive tests on my hands. So, I take it that means I am officially preggo?! I am excited but scared at the same time. I didn't expect it so fast. I am going to tell my hubby tonight. Any ideas for a unique way to do it?
  5. I work for a government contractor over at Dahlgren. I just took a different position with another contractor, but this one will have me interacting more with the government, and will keep me busier!
  6. Yeah, I'm still going. After the wedding, I was a bit of a slacker but now I'm getting back to my routine. I start a new job though on the 20th and I will have to work til 5 instead of 4, so that may make things a bit trickier.
  7. Thanks Brandy! From the wedding, we got probably 500, but only 20 portraits of the hubby and I, and for the family shots, we got just 1 of each. For the TTD, we got around 50. But, I love how they turned out, so I guess that makes the wedding day disappointment a little easier to bear. How are things going for you? You done with the gym now?
  8. Thanks for the compliments girls!! Justine, it wasn't in bad shape at all after the shoot. It looked worse after the actual wedding, from getting stepped on and all.
  9. Hey girls, here are a few shots from our sunrise TTD session at the Azul Sensatori. I absolutely love them!!
  10. We just got ours back, and I love them!! Here are a few of the sexier ones!
  11. Hey girls, so my TTD pics make up for the lack of wedding day photos. Here are a few:
  12. Oh my goodness Ellabaja, that's wonderful news!! Congratulations!!
  13. No, I have already seen about 1000 photos from our friends, and yes we got some great shots, but I was really excited about the professional pics. Oh well, I'm sure we have plenty to make a nice book and get some photos blown up. On a positive note, I got a new job today so that made things much better!!
  14. Wow, that's great. I got my wedding day photos from my photographer and my ceremony and reception pics are great. But I am soo sad b/c we have like no options for our portraits. There's only like 20 total pics of my husband and I, none of which are close ups, or of us just looking at the camera and smiling. I am nearly in tears thinking about dissappointed I am. You girls all got such wonderful pics and so many to choose from. The one thing I splurged on was photography and I am so sad that it's not what I had hoped for.
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