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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by melette Your wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love the sand dollar place cards! which florist did you go through? and was it easy for you to find the Damiana bottles you used as favors? The mini Damiana bottles my Wedding Coordinator ordered those through the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach resort, and yes they were easy to get as the favors. All the guest loved the Damiana, which we used large bottles for the toasts too bc it is local and you are in Mexico! Hope that helps!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by melette Your wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love the sand dollar place cards! which florist did you go through? and was it easy for you to find the Damiana bottles you used as favors? Hi Melette I went through Cabo Flowers Francine Bradford she was very nice, speedy by emails, had good prices, and they did a wonderful job. Although, I did have my aunt, mom, mother in law, and grandmother put together the margarita glass table centerpieces, so it looked how I wanted it to look, but they did the rest of the flowers.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by marcoloscabos Dearest Ashlea and Jeff, Your wedding was absolutely beautiful! Congratulations once again. The best to you guys and your families always! Thanks Marco you were Fabulous and made us all feel at ease as if we have known you for years! Thanks for making our special day even more special! Ashlea & Jeff
  4. I forgot to add some info: If you are looking for a Rev. or an officiant Rev. Marco Arechiga, is the best! When we told Bradley Fraser who we had he said oh you are lucky he is GREAT the best!!!! He made both Jeff and I, our wedding party, parents, and all of our guests feel welcome, relaxed, and as if he had known us for years. My wedding coordinator Laura Ortiz also said he was the best!!!! So make sure you have Marco if you can, he is very busy and gets booked fast though!!! As for music we had Los Trios Mosquitos and they were fab harp, bass, and guitar to do Canon in D, Ave Maria, Bridal March, Moon River-sand ceremony, and Bridal CHorus. Here is a pic of Marco with Jeff This is a pic of my tables and the centerpieces, I had this vision at 2 am that went perfect with our theme and colors black, white, and margarita lime green. So it is a LG margarita glass with the flowers in it and a big straw coming out the top just like a margarita. Then we used plastic lime slices to hold the place cards at each guests seat, and sand dollars written in caligraphy for the escort cards. Instead of champagne for the toasts, we used Damiana which we love and is local. Then for the favor we gave mini bottles of the Incan Goddess filled with Damiana to our guests everyone loved it-plus the little bottles are super cute. These are my last pics to post. Enjoy and hope the reviews helped! Ashlea
  5. I just wanted to say thanks to those who helped and gave suggestions! I know everyone says that something will happen on your wedding day and not go as planned, but when I say EVERYTHING was PERFECT and as EXACTLY as I planned I mean it. I am a bit of a planner, organizer, and perfectionist, but I guess that comes with being a doctor. So here is my review....... Videographer: Sam Perches A++ He and his partner were very professional, got all the important shots, and very speedy to get the finished products back to my resort before I left. I Strongly recommend him. I had him for 2 hours for the ceremony and cocktail hour. Photographer: Bradley Fraser A+++ Bradley is AMAZING!!!!! He was quick to organize everyone for pictures, entire guests 51 for a group photo, our crazy and wild wedding party, the ceremony, reception area, the BM's and GM's getting dressed with us, family pics, and did a fantastic job with getting shots of me and Jeff. When I looked at the pics I did not even know he caught some of those special, exciting, and romantic moments. All of our guests liked Bradley as well, one couple who are getting married in CA even took his card. So ladies if you want an AMAZING and REASONABLE priced photographer who gives you all the pictures on a very beautiful CD with the rights to ALL the pics pick BRADLEY!!!! I had him for 4 hours and that was perfect. Flamenco Guitarist: Adan Mijaress A++ He did a fanatastic job!! Very professional and he even learned two songs for me The Cure Just like Heaven and our first dance song Somewhere over the rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo Ole's version. All the guests loved his performance. I had him for one hour and a half for cocktail hour. DJ: Francisco Davilla "DJ Paco" A++I will admit I was a little worried about a DJ in Mexico, but my sister-n-law's boyfriend is a professional DJ in AZ/CA and even he said Paco was AMAZING. He played all the music I requested, took requests or shot outs from my guests, and kept people dancing on the dance floor all night. It brought me back to one of my sorority formals/date parties. He is reasonable priced and does a great job!!! If you want a DJ that is similar to having a DJ in the US Pick DJ PACO!!! Lounge furniture: Del Cabo Sergio Farias A+ Sergio was very professional and speedy to respond by emails or phone calls. He got me the set up that was everything I wanted. Plus, his furniture did not look cheap like Fun & Motivation's. Welcome Dinner: Mi Casa La Tarreta Room A++ Mauricio and Galileo My mother and father in law organized this, and everyone loved it and had a blast. We were in a private room by ourselves with our own bar. They were even able to show two videos that our parents put together of us growing up through the years, and our relationship through the years we have been together almost 9 years before getting married! The atmosphere was fun, a party, good food and drinks, and very Mexican. Plus, there is a great gift shop in there to buy gifts and little kids hang out in front of Mi Casa where you can buy things as well. Welcome Bags: We had different color tote bags pink, purple, orange, & yellow We had koozies made that had our date January 16, 2009, the party has just begun, our names, Cabo San Lucas, and seashells around the top and bottom. Then the koozies was in lime green one of our wedding colors. It was very reasonable to get these done as well. www.kustomkoozies.com they are in NC and very speedy with our order. Also we got some stuff from www.minimus.biz.com pepto, tylenol, tums, etc. Sunscreen, antibacterial, beach disposable camera from the Knot.com We made a welcome brochure book that we designed and then got Kinkos to put together like a book that had the agenda for each day, important info, contact info, recommendations, etc. Wedding Coordinator: PB Sunset Beach Laura Ortiz A+++++ One word Laura is AMAZING and organized and orchestrated the ceremony and reception EXACTLY as I had planned! She was always so kind and helpful to us and our guests. Resort PB Sunset Beach Resort:A+++ All of our guests were AMAZED they all thought it was the most beautiful resort they have ever seen. Everyone loved their rooms as well. Suzanne Morel Spa & salon Services: A+++ Suzanne and her staff were just FABULOUS! I had Adrianna who was the BEST do my hair and make-up! I had a trial on Wed. and then on Friday I organized with the help of Suzanne a private spa day at a private villa in the Pedegral. THe house was amazing 16,000 sq feet we had a negative edge pool overlooking downtown Cabo and the Marina, hot tub, staff there to do all of our mani's, pedi's, massages, hair, and make-up. Plus, we had food, drinks, champagne, and wine. My BM's, friends, and both sides of the family came for a special day to relax and have fun. All of my girls loved it and it made the day so special and easy for me to relax. So if you are looking for a professional spa that does fantastic work as if you were in a US salon pick Suzanne Morel. I also HIGHLY recommend doing the private spa day at a villa.
  6. bride1212

    Ideas for Vendors for Lounge Furniture?

    sstotz-You can find Fun and Motivation by emailing:Alejandra Vazquez <alejandrafnm@tihloscabos.com>; or <alejandra@funandmotivation.com> she is very speedy at email. I went with Del Cabo and the contact for that is Sergio Farias: sergiof@delcaboeventdesign.com> because I liked the way the lounge furniture looked from this company better than F & M. Also, they gave me a better deal for the amount of lounge furniture, lighted tables, heaters, sofas, etc. I ordered.
  7. Hey Ladies Not sure if you have started to send out your wedding invitations yet, but just wanted to help or give some advice with a situation we are dealing with now. You may want to give each invitee a number for example Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1) and write 1 on their RSVP card, in case they for some reason do not know what M_____________ means and they forget to put their names on there then you as the bride know who the RSVP is from ! We had this just happen to us, they checked 2 will be attending and their food options, but no NAMES YIKES! So we are having to do a process of elimination by the zip code it was sent from. Happy planning!
  8. bride1212

    Attempted Kidnapping at El Squid Roe

    OMG that is crazy me and my fiance go to Squid Roe everytime we go to Cabo and are even reserving some tables for our after party there following the welcome dinner. YIKES! This is nothing new though you always have to be careful with your surroundings especially at bars whether you are in the US or not.
  9. Maura everything looked FAB and great photos with Bradley I am excited to see how mine will turn out with him too!
  10. bride1212

    Honeymoons Tahiti or Fiji?????

    My FI and I are trying to decide between both Tahiti and Fiji for our honeymoon or going to both. Has anyone ever been to either one of the above or have suggestions about places to stay, things to do etc.? They both just look beautiful and from what I have read they stated that Tahiti is like having your honeymoon in HD!
  11. bride1212

    Sam Perches~ Videographer

    I am using Sam Perches and his rates for 2008/2009 is 300.00 USD a hr. i have him booked for two hours. He is very professional and speedy by email. he even emailed me a contract so that I would feel more comfortable. Plus, I have heard he's a cutie to give my single friends some eye candy ha!
  12. bride1212

    Neysa OR Mex Sun???

    Quote: Originally Posted by KAMAY11 HELP HELP!!! I am currently trying to decide who i should use...Neysa or Mex Sun? Kelli at Mex has been excellent with responding to my emails and giving me prices...Neysa hasn't gotten back to me yet with what she charges! I would realllly like to make a decision soon! Does anyone know Neysa's price range? Should I just go ahead and book with Mex Sun?? HELP! ANYONE who has any insight, please share your thoughts! Hi I haven't heard of Neysa, but I know when I went for my wedding site visit in June I went to visit Kelli at MexSun and was not too impressed at all. She was a little toooooooo laid back for me and a super small salon (two rooms). I chose to go with Suzanne Morel which is more expensive, but it is closer to the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort and she is able to coordinate a private spa party for me and my girls. As well as Suzanne has been so prompt and professional through this whole process.
  13. bride1212

    Booked Hair and Make Up!

    Congrats! She is great to work with and very organized which I love. She is taking care of organizing my entire private spa party! I am also having them do my hair & make up. I love MAC makeup and that is what they primarily use.
  14. bride1212

    Who was in a sorority?

    I was a Phi Mu from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro! My signature colors was pink and white and still is today!!! I loved it:) it was so much fun and great memories today!!! My FI and I first official date was my Spring Formal because he was a baseball player and always traveling. Plus, my Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor, and one of my bridesmaids are all my Phi Mu sisters with one of my guests also being a Phi Mu!
  15. bride1212

    My PB Sunset Beach Wedding Site Review

    Thanks WSUgal! Hilton Head is a beautiful choice too, my FI loves that place for the golf. You will LOVE PB Sunset Beach I think it is the BEST resort Cabo has to offer. Yes do check out those rest. they are FAB!