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  1. Hello hello! I am now a Vegas bride! We were going to have our wedding in Cabo and then the swine flu happened and we had to cancel two weeks before we were supposed to leave. We lost tons of money and are now planning a small wedding at the Bellagio with dinner to follow at Sensi. We will have about 50 people attending. Planning a Vegas wedding has been SO much easier! I wish we went this route in the first place. I noticed no one is getting married at the Bellagio! Is there something I don't know about it?!?
  2. Thank you ladies. Just after I wrote this I got an email from my wedding coordinator confirming that she has canceled everything. I am at work and had a melt down. I can't stop crying and shaking. Thank you so much for your support ladies, I can't tell you how much it means to me right now. I think we are going to plan something for Vegas (something I was so against before) and then jump on a two week mediterranean cruise. Not sure yet though. I don't want to plan another wedding, that's for dang sure.
  3. I am devastated. I can't begin to tell you how horrible all of this is. We began the process yesterday of canceling everything. I feel like I am in some sort of nightmare or something. With the amount of guests that were canceling, it didn’t make sense to have it anymore. My mother is recovering from breast cancer and can’t afford to get sick, so she wouldn’t have been there. My FI’s parents canceled, my sister canceled. Ugh. We had 41 people planning on attending our wedding that is less than two weeks away. I know we could have just gone and had it been who ever showed up, but we couldn’t. FI also didn’t want to risk anything. I know all is fine in Cabo, but we were worried about the travel there and back. I am sure we all would have been fine, but why take any chances? It would have been a constant worry the entire time we were there and then when we got home. I was told by my bosses not to come back to work for awhile to make sure all was ok if I did end up going. To me, that isn’t what all this is about. I stopped crying about it now and am just numb now. I feel like crawling under a rock and staying there. Thanks for letting me vent ladies. I need some pick me ups right now. I can’t stop thinking about the amount of time, money, tears and sweat that I put into this wedding and fear all would have been just fine had we gone. I hate the swine flu.
  4. I want to trust her too, but she knows just as much as we all do. In reality the airlines that most of my guests are using is Mexicana. A mexican airlines that has flown to Mexico City. I know this is taking it a step further, but those flight attendants could have came in contact with the virus. I am thinking worse case senario here. We are going to give it a few days. We are working on Plan B, and can only sit and wait. It's just so crazy.
  5. I don't know what to do. We haven't had anyone cancel yet, but I feel like its just a matter of time. I have everyone freaking out about it. I don't blame them though. I talked to my wedding coordinator who is there and really isn't that worried about it. I really don't know what to do. My FI wants to cancel...go to Aruba and only have a few of us. We have 41 people booked and all I can think about is all the planning I have put into everything to make this the wedding of our dreams. It almost figures that something would ruin it. =(
  6. Blkatz, I am so sorry. I am crying right there with you. A year of planning -- and then this happens. It isn't fair.
  7. We are working on that now. That is the plan now. We have so much to worry about though. We booked 23 flights...hotel rooms...all on us. We didn't go through a travel agent. All flights are non-refundable. I know, that was stupid. I need to not freak out too much. It will all work out. Just so much to think about. I am stuck to the news and am drinking a beer at noon. HA!
  8. Sorry Ann for not doing a search before posting on the Cabo thread. I was having a break down. Didn't even think about searching to be honest. We leave in 2 weeks. Can't get in touch with our wedding coordinator. Have tons of guests telling me they are freaking out asking what I am going to do. I have no idea. I am numb.
  9. I didn't see anything on the Cabo thread. That is what I was worried about. But thank you.
  10. AHHH! Anyone know more about this? We leave in 2 weeks. Do we need to cancel?
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by lolkitteh Last time I was in Rome, the picture hawkers that were carrying instant cameras around Trevi Fountain weren't carrying Polaroids - they were carrying Fuji Instax cameras. As you may know, Polaroid has or will soon stop making instant film! The Instax cameras are cheaper than the Polaroids. I found this one on amazon for around $50. Amazon.com: Fuji Instax 200 Instant Film Camera: Electronics Hope that helps! Do you think that the film for the Instax is the same size as the Polaroid film? I tried to search it, but can't seem to find anything on it. This is the guest book I want to get, but am worried the film won't fit! Personalized Instant Photo Guest Book
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by kgeen Well I’m now VERY STRESSED!!! I have to say reading this thread up to now I have felt for you some that where having problems with different issues and people with issues. I have had a really easy ride. Until now!! My MOH is separating from her husband, two of the girls dresses don’t fit, and two other couples that were traveling with us are now splitting up too!! My one BM that her dress doesn’t fit I haven’t talked or heard from her in 2 months…after calling and messaging her. I’m about ready to have a break down!! Man I honestly can’t believe this. My bridal shower is next week-end and it needs to be moved and I still have a crap load of things to get ready for the wedding but I feel horrible asking my MOH to help me because of her situation. How can I be happy about my next step when her world is crumbling?? Help…and thanks for listening/reading!! I am so sorry you are going through all that before your wedding!! Try not to let it all stress you out (I know, I know...easier said than done). This is about YOU. Remember that it will all work out in the end. I have been freaking about everything too and a good friend told me that it doesn't help anything. We have to be able to enjoy this time in our life.
  13. Thanks for the camera information!! I will have to check that out.
  14. P.S. I am FREAKING the F out because I haven't heard from my wedding coordinator in almost a month and we have yet to finalize food, drinks, flowers, centerpieces. AHHHHHHHH!
  15. Ladies!! I have been missing. Damn work has been keeping me away from wedding planning and the forum! I can't believe we leave for Cabo in a little over a month (1 month, 4 days and 19 hours to be exact!) ha. I still have so much to do. My main focus right now is getting the stuff for our guest book. I am trying to find a decent priced polaroid camera. Fun times. I did order our favors today and also scheduled my last fitting for my dress for this Friday! Ya! Now I need to go back and read all the posts that I have missed. I'm a little behind!
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