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  1. We had 46 people spread out over 6 tables on one side of the terrace and there was plenty of room. I'm trying to figure out whether we could have fit twice as many tables in the space... I think there would be enough room because ours was not squishy in any way, shape or form. Besides, our tables only had either 6-8 people. Maybe they can fit 10 people per table, you never know. I was married at the little bamboo gazebo in front of the steakhouse and I loved it! It was windy though which might be the only downside. My hair was very 'fresh', as I like to call it. Haha.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Sparkles8300 Beautiful wedding!! I love the hanging lanterns, they really made the whole look pop! I will def be bringing those with me as well now! So was your dinner a sit down dinner or buffet? I am getting married at the Grand and I think the only choice was buffet...but I really want a sit down. If it was a sit down, what did you have for your course choices...maybe I can see if they will let me do that same dinner. Congrats again and everything looked beautiful and I am glad you had such a great experience! Our dinner was a sit-down dinner, with a war
  3. Hi Myen, Congratulations and thank-you for posting your review! It sounds like we both have wonderful memories of our wedding day at IRHS. I'm glad everything worked out for you and that the rain didn't dampen your day. I was in the pool all day on Thursday and I was watching the IRHS staff as they attempted to decorate the pool gazebo in the wind as the storm clouds were blowing in. I'm so happy to hear that the change in ceremony venue worked out. Some of my guests commented to me that they saw your ceremony set-up at the base of the grand staircase and thought it was really beautiful.
  4. Ok, I created a photobucket account (first time user) and I think I've managed to find a few non-professional pictures to highlight a bit about the resort and our wedding. There's only 23 pics for now, but it's a start! I'll update this thread whenever I add more. Now let's see if I can properly add the link to my photobucket page... Pictures by sarahgracedavis - Photobucket Please let me know if the link isn't functional!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by GregsBride Hi Sarah, Just saw your review and it got me all excited!! I have waiting for you and Myen to return with good news and pics of your weddings... Did you see happen to run into her while you were there?? I have a couple questions about your wedding, and I hope that I won't become a nuisance Did you have to pay extra for the music to be played during your ceremony or was that included in the package? How was the dinner service, did guests have to wait long to be served or was it pretty standard service for a large party? I also
  6. My friends and family members have just given me a bunch of pictures so as soon as I pick my way through them all and find ones that show off the resort and wedding details, I'll be sure to post them for you all to see. I won't receive my pro pics for probably a week, so it might take a little while longer for those, but I'll be sure to post them quickly!
  7. Hi girls, I just posted my wedding review in the Wedding Review section. If you have any specific questions, please let me know and I'd be happy to answer them. Rest assured that you made the right choice by selecting Iberostar RoseHall. It's so incredibly beautiful - you will love it I promise! Sarah
  8. Hello everyone! We’ve just returned from our fabulous week (and wedding!) at the Iberostar RoseHall Suites (IRHS) near Montego Bay, Jamaica. Some of you may know that we were originally supposed to be married at Dreams Tulum in the Mayan Riviera on May 7th, but due to the worldwide swine flu epidemic (sigh), we were forced to cancel our wedding in Mexico 4 days beforehand, switch the wedding to Jamaica for June 2nd, and re-plan everything in a rather short period of time. I was very lucky that my travel agent was on the ball and managed to move most of our guests (46 of 55) over to the I
  9. Hi ladies! I just returned from my PERFECT wedding (June 2nd) at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites. Our wedding day was the day of our dreams... everything was spectacular. I'll be writing my review sometime this week and posting it as soon as I'm finished, but if you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask me. The Suites resort is out of this world! We couldn't find a single thing to complain about. All of my guests were over-the-moon happy with their whole experience and loved our wedding so very much. Please be assured that Loreto and the rest of the wedding staff are so organiz
  10. Hi Beth!!! Welcome back! I swear I have been thinking about you all week. I'm so glad that everything worked out in the end. Congratulations! I can't wait to see your pictures. I'm sure they will be amazing! (And yes, I'm still creeping on this thread even though I'm no longer at DT bride. Sad, I know. Today I was checking out prices to see whether Mike and I could go to DT for New Year's or something... haha).
  11. Hi Myen! Wow - I'm sorry to hear you also had to change resorts. That darned swine flu! What craziness, eh? I'm still in a bit of shock. I'm glad to hear you have a new date and resort picked out. I think we'll both be very happy with IRHS. The vast majority of reviews that I've read on Trip Advisor are overwhelmingly positive. You must have booked your wedding right after me because I was offered only 2 possible wedding dates for the week I'm in Jamaica - the 2nd or the 4th. Yes, it's totally crazy that we have to plan our weddings in a matter of weeks. I'm off to Europe for my 'h
  12. Hi ladies, I thought I'd provide an update as I'm getting some useful information from Loreto that I thought I'd post. (As an aside, my wedding used to be scheduled for Dreams Tulum in the Mayan Riviera which has an ELABORATELY organized thread on this forum so I'm trying to give back as much as I can!) Some points of interest: 1. I am using an outside photographer from Sungold Photography and I'll have to pay a $100 day pass for him. No biggie. 2. If you're looking to have a private reception, you can use either the Mediterranean Restaurant or the Steakhouse Res
  13. Hi there, Here is my two cents: I think there is likelihood that the swine flu situation will settle down and you can salvage your wedding and all of the planning you've done. We had no choice but to move our May 7th wedding. It was very challenging to move it to the first week of June because of availability issues. You can imagine that many, many brides are having to relocate their weddings. The longer you wait to move your wedding, the more difficult it might be to do so. I contacted a popular Jamaican photographer and he said he is being inundated with requests from displ
  14. Hi ladies, First off, I'd like to say I laughed out loud when I saw the title of this thread... 'Swine Brides'. Gotta love it. The fact that I'm still capable of laughter at this point is a good sign. Second, I was forced to cancel my wedding on May 7th, 2009 because Air Canada Vacations has stopped all flights to Mexico for the month of May. Since 95% of my 55 guests booked using this tour company, we had no choice but to cancel. Sigh. Over a year's hard work down the drain. Third, the good news. We have re-scheduled our wedding! It only took 2 days, an amazing future husban
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