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  1. Thanks for sharing this news, I am one of the unlucky ones who has my wedding booked here, however, our wedding is in May 2010....Hopefully, the resort will be alive and well during that time!!! I'm currently just waiting around for my TA to let me know what to do next...wait? or start from scratch? ugh, they say things happen for a reason, there better be one heck of a good reason for all of this!!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by BostonBride2010 I've booked my date!! May 8, 2010 at the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites CONGRATS! I'm sure we'll have lots to share in the next coming months of planning!
  3. Toni! I just finished looking at your pics, and I love it!! The ceremony site looks picture perfect, it's exactly what I had in mind for a beach wedding. Thanks for giving us a much better idea of the wedding set up! I have lots of questions, but I need to get things organized in my head and I don't want to bombard you! Here are a couple that I do have: - Did you bring your own centerpieces? How about any other decoarations? - Was the DJ worth the money? How many hours did you have a DJ for? - Was Sandy very reliable with any request you had? - How was the reception food?
  4. Thanks so much Toni! You are a LIFESAVER!! You are the first bride that we know of that has already gotten married at this resort! I will send you a message in a short while so that you can forward pics. I can't wait to see them! So far Sandy has been good at responding. I'm looking to book at the Beach Hotel and not at the Suites - Just want it to be more affordable for our guests to come (plus there are kids coming as well). Luckily,my requested date is available!!! May 25, 2010!!! Thanks ladies for all the information so far!!!!!
  5. THANKS SO MUCH TASHA!! I've sent an email to Sandy and I finally got a response, ON THE SAME DAY! The email you gave me (weddings@iberostar.com.jm) is actually different from the email I had which was weddings.suites@iberostar.com.jm I guess this means that there are 2 different email addresses for each Iberostar resort? One for the Suites and one for the Beach Hotel (which is where I would like to get married and book my me and my guests)??. I'll check with Sandy. I thought I'd also share the following that was emailed to me: "Once staying at the Iberostar Suites y
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by BostonBride2010 Hi Guys! I was thinking about May 2010 at Rose Hall also (don't worry I'm thinking May 1st or 8th.) I emailed the WC and hadn't heard back yet and was starting get nervous. Maybe I should have a travel agent contact them instead? Congrats! I too haven't heard back yet either, It's been 2 weeks and I've followed up 3 times! I've been dealing with a WC named Loreto, but Tasha (also in this thread) has been in contact with Sandy? I've asked for her email so that I can send my request to her instead. A travel agent might be helpful. Just we
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Tashi OOh Yes they are on Island time down there so they will respond but not right away. I have a travel agent thats helping me a whole lot she got me great deals for my guest if your interested let me know. She works out of miami and she's Jamaican so she knows how to negotiate with them. Do you have Sandy's email address? I still haven't heard back from Loreto so I want to try Sandy instead. Hopefully she'll respond quicker. I want to book a date but no one is getting back to me! It's making me nervous!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by irishfrog I'm getting married there May 2009! We just decided after 10 years together to FINALLY tie the knot so I'm not wasting any time! I just notified the resort today that I wanted to have my wedding there so I'm sure I will be relying on you ladies for lots of information in the coming months! Jenn Congrats! Hopefully you'll be able to tell us all about it when you finally tie the knot! I will keep posting here when I get any interesting details from the coordinator. Sounds like you're the first in this thread to get married at this resort. A
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Tashi I will for sure keep you posted. When is your wedding? I been asking the coordinator alot of questions her name is Sandy? She is very nice. What are you doing for center pieces? because they don't supply your center pieces. talk soon We're planning for May 25 or 26th of 2010. I've been in contact with Loreto? I guess they work together? I'm a little concerned though because I've emailed more questions to the wedding coordinator over a week ago and I haven't heard back. Maybe I need to get used to island time? As for centerpieces, I think they on
  10. Thanks Tashi! It's nice to finally hear from someone planning at the same resort! I am definitely going to book here, we're just getting our paperwork together. I remember driving past it when I was on vacation last year at the Riu Ocho Rios and it's gorgeous. But the main reason why I am very interested in Iberostar Rose Hall is because they only do one wedding a day. It makes it more personal and Loreto (the wedding coordinator) will only be focused on your day Loreto has been helpful at passing over details - so far she (or he?) has sent me bouquet options, locations, menus, price li
  11. Anyone getting married at the Iberostar Rose Hall? Our wedding date is in May 2010 (still plenty of time time plan!) but I haven't come across much threads for this resort. I see lots of Riu's, etc. but not very many Iberostars I'd love to see any actual wedding pics from this resort - it's become impossible to find any! I've tried tripadvisor, googling, etc. and still no luck. The wedding coordinator has been very helpful in providing as much detail as possible, but it would be nice to get some feedback (and visual references!) from past/present/future brides from this resort! Th
  12. Team Jamaica! Name: Angel & Sy Location: Iberostar Rose Hall (tentative!) Wedding: May 2010 in JA: 05/22/2010 - 05/29/2010
  13. Thanks for posting all this info for this resort! I am still in debate mode over a which resort to choose...it all comes down to $$$! I'm leaning on Iberostar but still want to compare prices, but so far I like what I see!
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