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  1. Hi Ladies, I have a brand new maggie for sale if anyone is interested in taking a peek! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...o-dress-57316/
  2. I just wanted to add in that the dress I am selling is BRAND NEW...the dress in the pictures is the exact same dress but not the one you will received. I had 2 identical dresses.
  3. Hi Brides to be! I have a brand new Maggie Sottero Dress for sale. Due to an issue with the sizing on my original dress (they told me it could be let out...and it couldn't once it arrived) my amazing mom and sister bought a second dress in my size so that I could wear my dream dress on my wedding day. Once the Swine Flu hit my wedding was pushed back 2 months and I was able to fit into my original dress! What a lucky bride...2 dresses! So here are a few shots of the dress. My mom paid $1200.00 for it off the rack, we are asking $875CAD plus shipping or pick up. I am located in Newc
  4. ETA: Sale is pending..thank you all for your interest!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by aerazo Maybride- your wedding pictures were beautiful! congrats again! Did you happen to have a symbolic ceremony? If so, did they say the normal ceremony stuff and the repeating of the vows? Just curious as to what is said during the symbolic ceremonies. Thanks! Adriana Hi Adriana, I had the civil ceremony in the morning at the gazebo and the "non denominational" ceremony on the beach in the evening. The Civil was mostly vows and the jp speaking of marriage and the ND was a few readings and vows and then our own vows, it was very nice. I
  6. The do several weddings a day. However if you are lucky like we were you will meet the other couples at tradewinds for a night of tequila! I even had pics taken of the other bride and I who finished our ceremony at the same time and happened to meet up at the pool! There were only 4 other weddings that week and 3 of them were on the same day as us...but I loved meeting the other brides!
  7. I wore this dress for my TTD session and LOVED it so much! It is perfect for your TTD or even ceremony. The dress is a size 14, but I found it fit more like a 12. I was a 14 at the time of the wedding and it was snug...but looked great (in my humble opinion The dress is organza with little embroidered flowers on the bodice and hem and has a little train in the back with a button up faux corset in the back...it zips. I did wear the dress in the ocean, but you can't tell...it's clean! I am asking $40 for the dress plus actual shipping from Ontario Canada. The Dress des
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Stephanie~ Thanks for your perspective! I appreciate it! During your tour did you see other designated beach reception locations? If so, what would you say is the best? Hi Stephanie, I was married right in front of the pool. I picked that spot because they were supposed to set up by the pier for my reception (it rained and I had to have it in the ballroom) It was a beautiful spot, but there were people around...however the pier area is fairly busy as well since it is by the street and there are a lot of people coming and going from there. Honestly I ba
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by super19 Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm considering the Royal and it looks like a great selection. The Royal was incredible. Absolutely Perfect for us and all of our guests. Best week of my life
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Butterflyf369 Really great pics. You guys look like such a fun couple from these shots. He really captured you. As well, I loved your veil. Congrats, really great shots. Thanks so much. The veil was AWESOME...I just loved it. I wore it most of the night because I couldn't bear to take it off. We really had a lot of fun with our photography...we are pretty carefree and I think he captured it really well...it was a blast
  11. ha ha, I really was so happy! Things really didn't go smoothly, but I didn't care...I was having too much fun!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by AprilandRyan anyone have any prices for photography "life images" particularly the ttd session. Thanks Hi April/Ryan. I don't have prices for life images, but they shot my wedding at the royal and were amazing. It would be best to contact them. They LOVED the royal and mexico and would be thrilled to go back!
  13. Chris and I were married on the beach on July 8th 2009 at The Royal in Playa Del Carmen. It was an amazing day and TTD session the next day. We just got our slideshow from our photographers lifeimages.ca and I couldn't be happier!! They are amazing..I have watched the show at least 30 times and just can't get enough! Everyone says "it's the best day of your life" and it really was..actually the best week of my life! michelle & chris
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