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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by annakoonce Also, I recently booked Samuel Luna for our photography. He's gotten great reviews, but I was curious if any of the Dreams Tulum girls have used him recently? If so, what did you think? I don't think any of the past brides have used this photographer before. Quote: Originally Posted by erinrachel I am getting so excited! My wedding is June 21st at 6pm. It looks like there will be close to 20 of us. More would be fun, but I'm kind of looking forward to having a smaller group. Has anybody else been married or getting married soon
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by OceanWonderland I'm going to be doing the 'free wedding package' and was wondering if we will still get a champagne toast after the ceremony? We are NOT having a cocktail hour, wayyy to much extra costs for no reason, but I would still love to have a celebratory glass of champagne right after saying 'I Do'. Do they serve champagne at the bars upon request, and is that free? Yeah the champagne is usually served on the beach right after the ceremony if there is no cocktail hour, for the cake, some people do it right after and others do it after dinner.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by mimi73 Can anyone tell me how the quality of the bouquets is from the resort? I am wondering if the one's supplied in the packages are very nice. Is there a flower store in Tulum that may be a more cost effective option? Thanks girls! check out page 260 of this thread where I posted pictures of past brides' bouquets. Also on page 1 there is a list of the flowers (and colors) that are available as part of the regular package.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by absonnek Sorry girls, this is gonna get lengthy! I just returned last week from my wedding (the Dreams of Love mid priced package, 25 guests), and we were really disappointed in how much they "nickel and dimed" us too. The previous brides who got to bargain or exchange services were lucky. A summary of our "bumps in the road": We paid $150 for the sound system for the ceremony (which lasted 7 minutes by the way) and with the wind and ocean, our guests couldn't hear it any way. Anabel had us pay the day before the ceremony for our "extras" which included 2 ki
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by MnM2Mexico thx for posting this! I'm a month away, and realized this morning I didn't know how many songs to pick for before during and just after the ceremony. and i love your non-traditional picks. So cool. I only picked 3: walking in, signing the certificate, walking out
  6. Great job! I'm glad you ended up with a product you are happy with considering all the turmoil you went through. And I second Fotofusion (I also ordered it after hearing reading Morgan's thread about it). I'm using it for my photobook (which yes, still isn't done TWO YEARS LATER!) and it's really easy to do. It's great for perfectionists (like me!) who want to be able to control every single detail of their page layouts. Although in the meantime, since I started this project a year and a half ago, Blurb (who I am planning to order my book from) now allows you to customize layouts (i.e. m
  7. I checked and the attachment downloaded fine. If you have enough points, then my guess is that it must be your computer settings. When I click on it, right away I get the small little pop up window that asks me where I want to save the document (the same type of pop up window I get anytime I save anything on my computer, not a window that is particular to this forum). Here is what the attachment says (the ceremony text for legal ceremony) Ladies and gentlemen, according to the laws of this country we are gathered here to join the bonds of Matrimony which is an honorable st
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Cheri I have a music question. Are you girls counting on your wedding coordinator to handle the music for your ceremony? I am going to rent the speakers as that was the advice from past brides, but am not too sure how the music part plays out. I am thinking of having 6 songs total; one when everyone is being seated, one for my flower girl, one for my ring bearers, one for me walking down the isle, one as background music during the vows and one as we're exiting. How in the world is that going to work? Do I need to bring shortened versions of the songs or will
  9. Here is the thread I was thinking of, I guess it wasn't started by playaweddings (paul shrank) but he did respond and there is tons of good info: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...eremony-24483/
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by barbiegirl_27 Hi Ladies, I just was wondering if anyone knows if Dreams will do cupcakes instead of a cake? I've read through the thread and didn't see anything mentioned. Just thought I'd ask before attempting to email Natalia! Thanks! I've never heard anyone ask that before on this thread (and as you know I've been around forever). It's a great question, make sure to let us know what they say and I'll add it to the info on page 1. Quote: Originally Posted by oasisgirl Does anyone ever have any problem to extending their outdoor reception to
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by northernflasher So I'm going down there in 2 days and I'd just like to say thank you to sunbride and all of you DT brides for your help, hard work and inspiration. I'm going there for 3 weeks and then the week we get back we are shooting 4 weddings back to back so it's gonna be about a month before I can get my review out but I promise it will come. Let me know if there's any info I can gather for you or help you with while I'm down there. Good luck with all your plans. See you in a month! Good luck and enjoy! Can't believe you are going for 3 weeks, you're
  12. Only just now got around to reading this, great review and awesome pictures!
  13. Okay ladies, I have finally gotten around to updating page 1, most of the changes are on the bride list and a few minor changes to the guide (no bonfires anymore and added the menu for the mexican buffet) For the detailed bride info, I am only going to be posting this for brides after their wedding when they post a review. That was the original purpose of this anways, was to help people find reviews and pictures that had the info they were looking for (i.e. review of reception at a particular location, review of photographers, photos of a particular photographer, etc). Sadly, probably on
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by taranyc Hi. When we did our site tour in December, there was a wedding setup that had a sand-colored runner. I am not sure if Dreams provided it, but I really like the look it created up to the "alter." I hope these photos come out, I had to resize them 15 times in order to make them small enough to upload. I'm trying to research how to add photos....I'm going to need to know this for my planning thread. I highly recommend using photobucket for images, I posted instructions on page 1, right before the bride list.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by mandymert Sun Bride, Everytime... I read this, I find more great info. Anyone.... If anyone wopuld like to donate some points my way.. I would be one GREATFUL bride!! Thanks ladies Hi Just to let you know, members can get banned for requesting points donations and for donating points! You have to participate to get points to be able to download the documents. So start chatting on the forums, there are a ton of threads with really useful topics. Tell people about your plans and ideas, share your photos of stuff you've made / bought, etc. The points w
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