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  1. Hi! I actually got the tin candles at the Dollar Store (around this time last year). I just adapted my template I made from my address labels (the link is in my planning thread). Hope this helps!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by jennster_04 DUmb question i downloaded the shells and stuff for the cancun airport template but have no idea how to get them on the template?? I think I have them set up as the "background" so you may be able to change the background to being blank, or just delete the two pictures... hope this helps!
  3. Okay so I need to rant a little bit! I've decided that I want to work after baby... and everyone seems to have an opinion on it and it's really annoying! I have an ongoing NIH grant that doesn't finish until 2012 and I feel obligated to finish it out... and with just 1 baby I feel like I can go back to work (maybe?). I've seriously had one mom tell me "I'll miss everything" if I work (this is from a fellow MD's wife who doesn't work and has a NANNY)... and my neighbor (a male - who should have no opinions on the subject in my opinion ) told me that if you have to have a nanny you shouldn't have children... WHAT?!?
  4. YAY pics!! Aw Sloan what cuties! I love their names - you are going to make everyone happy with the middle names... haha.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Sloan Jo! Your u/s pic is too cute! I love the thumb sucking pics! Aw thanks! I want to see some twin ones!! I need to take some bump pictures too... I've gotten behind because I usually can't imagine taking a picture of myself like this haha. I did buy some bump stickers (with the weeks on them) and I bought the "Watch Me Grow" stickers so I can take monthly pictures of the little man. Shop - Share pictures with milestone clothing stickers. Picky Sticky Official Web Store. Speaking of little man- have you come up with names yet?? My husband doesn't get that I need a name!! I really like Jackson, Miller, and Hayden so far... who knows!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by pineapplebride Thanks so much for this planning thread! I'm also getting married at DT! I love your hair!! Was it done by Trinidad at the spa? (it seems she does everyones!) I honestly have no clue who did my hair... 3 of us got our hair done at the same time, and I think everyone's turned out great - sorry I don't have a name for you! I would suggest bringing in some pictures though... that helped a lot I think =)
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by msWesCarr hi there - so great of you to start this thread! i'm looking at charleston venues online (i'm in california) and there's SO much competition - i could really use a local's input! what are your thoughts on magnolia plantation vs. the thomas bennett house vs. legare-waring? thanks! alysson Hey Alysson! I don't know much about the last two - Magnolia Plantation is absolutely beautiful... if you want something in actual downtown Charleston, I would look at Wyckliffe House The Wickliffe House There has been some amazing looking weddings there... Sorry I can't help much on the other locations!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by LowcountryGirl Where did you buy your envelopes? I am looking for ones like yours but in fuchsia. The best price for how many I needed was at this place: Paper Store, Specialty Paper, Card Stock, Envelopes, Stationery Supplies | The Paper Mill Store
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by MysTea I will def. be trying this out...Did you get the hole puncher @ staples also? The hole punch was found at Michael's.... it's the 1.5" or 2" I believe...
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by eholt Would you happen to have a template for the STD's? I love this design. I'm not sure I still have the template (it was on an old computer) - but honestly it was the easiest thing I did for my wedding - it was really just 3 pictures and some text... http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...st-33-a-38223/
  11. CONGRATS Mrs. Martin!! How exciting! I should send you some of the cutest little girl clothes I mistakenly bought... oops! Haha... On a side note, I belong to a bunch of great web sites for kid and mom stuff that I didn't know if you guys knew about: http://www.zulily.com/index.php/?t=1276090162 Flash Sales for Moms | Totsy Gilt Groupe I must say that the Carter's store and web site is amazing (especially when they add in their 40% off coupons! I went last weekend and got at over 20 pieces of clothing for around $35... and they actually have cute boy stuff which I have really been struggling to find!! How much nursery planning have you all done? I had it all figured out for a girl but I am back to the drawing board for my little guy... I'm thinking blue/green with whales, octopus, etc. but I'm not totally decided. This is my fav blog for nurseries though: Project Nursery - Inspiring Baby Rooms, Nursery Design Ideas and Children's Room Decor
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by SouthernSweetie I love these! I'm PM'ing you for the template. What font is used for your names? Thanks! The font used for our names is "Scriptina" and you can download it for free at dafont.com - good luck!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by chong Oh wow... can I just say this is the most helpful wedding planning thread I have read so far! I cannot believe I missed this thread all this time. My wedding is coming up so soon and I was so stressed out about saving money and trying to do things myself. I love love your DIY stuff. Thank you so much for posting wonderful templates and links. I will be using all of them shamelessly. Thanks again for the wonderful information and I am hoping I can pull it through without having a major breakdown. Thanks again!!! Chong I'm so glad you were able to use some things from my wedding - that's what all of this is for! I would have never been able to be so organized and have such a wonderful wedding without everyone's help here on the forum =)
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by taranyc Hi Jo. I check back on your planning thread off and on...it's one of the best on the site. You did such a great job! I just noticed that you're pregnant...congratulations!!! Best wishes, Tara Thanks Tara!! That is very sweet!! Btw your STD's are one of MY favorite! They have the best colors!!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by jenr We loved all the details you included in your review, it helped us with our own planning! Did you have a symbolic/religious ceremony or a legal ceremony? Hey Jen! Our ceremony was a symbolic one...
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