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  1. Someone had posted a beautiful pic of their mother, who had passed; that was placed in the background of her wedding pic. She was looking through the door at her. I can't find it now. I was hoping to show it to my photogr to give him a idea. I wanted to do something for my husband who lost his mom a few months before we were married. I can't find it now, has anyone seen it Thanks
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan You can add any music you want to your own slideshow. It's personal use. The photographer would need to use royalty free music. Triple scoop music is a good place to buy it. thnaks, I can't add anything cause it's a link i use to view slideshow. I can't do anything to it. I miss I couild- for personal use- just us and family- but i can't
  3. Hi, Due to copyright laws photogr are moving towards not being able to include music on slideshows unless it's royalty free- which as you know are not the popular songs we have seen used. Does anyone know of any good ones
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan Did you ask why you didn't get music? was it on your contract that the slideshow would be set to music? Photographers need to use royalty free music, but a lot don't. People are getting more serious about the music laws and a lot of photographers have stopped adding music to slideshows or their website. They can purchase royalty free music, though. it just won't be a song you alredy know. Any time you hear popular music on a website or slideshow, it's likely not legal. In some cases they were able to get a license from the artist. Typically th
  5. I agree the missing shots are the key. I haven't received my cd, just slideshow- but adv is 350-400 from what i have seen, but for each event. I am to get that many for each (wedding and TTD). I am sorry you are disappointed. I must say I was disappointed my photogr stopped adding music which I think makes A BIG DIFFERENCE. I have been trying to put that in perspective myself. Did you ask about the shots you are missing?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by NorthernGirl We are getting married at the Paraiso Del Mar ~ We ordered our invitations from Apryl's Designs and they turned out great!! They include your invitation on the front and pictures/info on the Iberostar resort on the reverse. If anyone wants to see them just email me at derekandkyla@hotmail.com and I'd be happy to share them. For our Monograms we went thru IDoOriginals - super inexpensive. We created a wedding website on Weddingwindow.com and its so good to include travel information for guests as we found we were responding to the same questions ov
  7. We were together 3 yrs when we got married. I'll be forty next month and was married before and thought I would never do it again let alone so soon after meeting someone. But, I feel like I've known him all my life. We actually met in Mexico when we were on vacation with friends only to find out he lived 50 minuted from me. He truely is my soul mate!!
  8. Welcome, you will find so much info here. Good Luck!
  9. Tanks guys. I can't wait to get them all. He took over 400 at the wedding. Matt did a TTD shoot, he should be sending slideshow of that too.
  10. Gail


    Wecome to the forum. Happy Planning!!!
  11. This thread is a great addition to BDWF. Congrads to all of you!!!!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by LDeeken Gail your pictures are so pretty!! Thank you so much for posting them! Thank you so much, I just wish I knew how to attach music even a seperate file to add to e mail and people can just clink on that link first?
  13. Oh.... Does anyone know how i can attach a file for musichelp!!!!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by JessicaM Gail your pictures are gorgeous!! Everything looked beautiful!! Congratulations again! Everything looked FAB, THANKS TO YOU!!!!!! We had so many compliments on fans, escort cards, table numbers etc... The WC said they were among the nicest she has seen and so many guests went on and on regarding the pretravel brochure. So many thanks to you for everything and doing the itinerary- the NIGHT BEFORE WE LEFT on minutes notice so I could print them. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!
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