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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by briscoecrown DITTO!!!!! I'm dying with anticipation. LOL...sorry girls, I promise I will post it by tomorrow night...
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by BBtoB Also, if you have bars you recommend to meet at I would greatly appreciate the info! Sorry - missed this part. We usually met in the lobby bar at the Lindo. There's also an open area with seating just across from the lobby bar that we would sit at as well. But that was the general meeting point.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by BBtoB I wasn't sure it was worth it. But I am definitely open to suggestion. If you highly recommend it I still might reconsider. I was wasn't sure about messing with the iPod and paying the xtra $$$. But again, depending on how much it would be and if the iPOd thing works, maybe we will do it. Thanks! I really apprecite that! I can't wait to read your review! Also, if you have bars you recommend to meet at I would greatly appreciate the info! I really am working on a review, but being the idiot that I am, I decided to get married, move to a new town and start a new job all in the same month, so it's been really busy for me the last few days... The Vitrales room was perfect. It gave us privacy, we did speaches, cut the cake there etc. The Ipod connections were all there, we actually plugged into a laptop and used itunes, but all the connections were there. They had a speaker and a microphone...which had great sound. It just really felt like a real reception as opposed to just hanging out in one of the bars. We had the room from 8 - 10:30 and then we all headed over to the disco. I'm hoping to get my review out by the end of the week.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by BBtoB That is was I was thinking too. We are doing the blessing...not legal. It is so much cheaper to get married in Colorado. Like $10. And I know a rev. that will make it leagal for us and she will charge $50, so for $60 it will be legal. 4:00pm Ceremony 6:30pm Dinner Steakhouse I had thought about doing the Los Vitrales Room, but not sure about that anymore. May just do drinks at the Bar and then go to the Disco. Still deciding about those details. Hello! Can I ask why you're thinking of not doing Los Vitrales? I'm still working on getting my review done, but I'll just tell you that it was so great to have that room. The bars are good, but with the Vitrales room, it was like having an actual reception, all of my guests loved it. We did the $6/pp so the bar was right there in the room with us & honestly, I wouldn't have changed a thing. Just thought I'd let you know.
  5. Hey girls! Just got back today...I will work on a review, but just wanted to say that everything went perfect. The WC's do such an amazing job. You girls really have nothing to worry about, they take care of everything. It was a beautiful day.
  6. Thanks everyone for the good wishes, I'm getting very excited. I will definitely post a review and pics when I get back. BBtoB... We have 33 coming, 30 of us are on the same flight so it should be a fun trip down We chose the Steakhouse, which one are you thinking of going with? Carollyn... YGM! briscoecrown... I haven't even begun to pack, I am a terrible procrastinator!! We are doing the Vitrales room, I thought about the lounge set-up, but it seemed like a lot of $$ for just a couple of hours so I decided to skip it. It's so nice though!! Are you thinking of using it?
  7. Thanks everyone for the good wishes, I'. I will definitely post a review and pics when I get back.
  8. Hey girls. It seems like most of the brides on here right now are Beach/Del Mar & I'm at the Lindo. I don't have any questions or comments on wedding related stuff, I'm pretty much done with my planning, but I just wanted to say hi. I leave in 2 weeks & I cannot believe that my time is almost here!!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by paraisobeachbride2009 Whew! I'm back girls! I had a blast and you all will love the Iberostar, I will post more as soon as I get a few more zzzzs! Love you guys!! Hey! I just wanted to say congratulations and I'm glad everything went so well. You're pictures are great!! I know I'm a bit late, but I haven't been on here in awhile - just kinda needed a break from everything wedding..!! LOL Congrats again!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by trevess Hey gals! I have not posted much here but I am always reading! (I spend most of my time on the Knot DW board). We are getting married 4.14 at the Lindo- it's coming up so fast! I'm getting nervous that I have so much to do but don't really know what. I sent the WCs my 'last details' sheet and spa reservations, but I'm so scared that things won't work out like they are supposed to. Our ceremony is at 4 on the beach. Coctail hour 5-6 at Las Olas bar (not private) near Lindo pool. Then, dinner at the Stakehouse in the Maya. I'm wondering if there is a better place to hold the coctail hour that will be closer to the Stakehouse in the Maya. Any suggestions? Also, will they come pick guests up with the trams to get there? Does anyone know with the 'blessing' ceremony- can I tweak the ceremony wording at the Lindo? They said they would put me in touch with the officiant but I have yet to hear from them. YIKES! Any advice is appreciated!!! Hey Carollyn, I'm not sure about the cocktail hour, but I know that Michelle told us previously that you can tweak the ceremony. We discussed it early on in this thread if you want to look for it. I was told that they'd put me in touch with the officiant as well, but have yet to hear. I'm leaving Mexico on the 13th (wedding on the 9th). I can't believe how fast time as flown!!
  11. Michelle - did you have a final checklist at all? I thought I had everything under control, but I keep feeling like I'm going to forget to do something important!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by paraisobeachbride2009 Whew! I'm back girls! I had a blast and you all will love the Iberostar, I will post more as soon as I get a few more zzzzs! Love you guys!! Welcome back & congratulations!! Can't wait to hear all about it!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by beachbride08 It changed once we got down to the resort. Our dinner was supposed to be at 6:30, but over winter they have the dinners at 6:00 so all the timelines I printed before we left we wrong since I didn't know about the change. Our ceremony started at 4:00 and was done in about 20 minutes. Our cocktail hour had to get pushed up 30 minutes due to the dinner time change so that started at 5:00 and we held the cocktail hour in the lobby bar at the Maya, but champagne was passed out to all the guests immediately following the ceremony. Our reception in the private room started at 8:00. We had it until 10:30 but we actually stayed in there longer. I think we got back to our room around 11:30/11:45 or so. You will want to check with the WC about the dinner time as I'm not sure when their "winter" season ends and the dinners go back to 6:30 (I know there is also a later option, but can't remember what it was). Our photographer arrived a little before 2:00 and we did all the bridal party pics and some pics of just Mike and I before the ceremony and I'm really glad we did that. We didn't have a lot of time after the ceremony to take pics and in November it got dark really early. I'm just curious cause this is the response I got from Tony regarding they cocktail party: It is not possible to do from 5 to 6 due the bar for all the guest closes at 6.00p.m so it can not be private at 5.00p.m One option is to put the Mariachi on the beach, by the time you are taking photos. So, I'm not sure what to say back to that one...any ideas?
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by beachbride08 Yes, we still attended the cocktail hour, then we all had dinner in the steakhouse and then when we headed over to the Los Vitrales room is when we were introduced. I know here usually the bride and groom are introduced at the reception before dinner, but since we were going to different places it made the most sense to do it at the start of the reception. Plus, that was the only place we had a microphone. We also did all the speeches then too instead of before dinner. This was our "reception" breakdown: Introduction of bride and groom (we did not introduce the rest of the bridal party, and my bridesmaid was the one that introduced us) Cut the cake MOH & Bridesmaid speeches Best Man Speech First Dance Father/daughter Mother/Son dance Hey Michelle - I'm sure you've posted this somewhere already. But, what was your timeline? Where was your cocktail hour?
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by beachbride08 No problem. You must be getting so excited, your big day is almost here! It's getting so close. Our legal ceremony is here in Canada on March 28th, so it's only a month from Saturday. I can't believe how fast time flies! And I've been really lazy lately so I don't have any of my stuff done. Procrastination gets me everytime
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