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  1. Here is a link to some pictures taken by his sister. Picasa Web Albums - Tami and Jason - Tami & Jason ...
  2. Embarkation day wedding on RCCL Monarch of the Seas April 17, 2009 Port Canaveral Brent Allen Salon I canceled my appointment due to the service I received during my trial run. When I called to cancel the person that answered was very apologetic and said that she did not understand why someone else would not do my makeup. She said she might have the owner call me but she never did. I am glad that I did my own hair and makeup. I did not have to stress about running late. F Radisson at the Port (Hotel prior to cruise) Welcome Dinner We arranged a ‘Welcome Dinner’ the night before the cruise. We choose to have two menu options; Jumbo Shrimp stuffed with island crab and Filet Mignon with Bordelaise sauce. I did not think about how everyone like their steak cooked. But I picked Medium Rare (my preference). Everything worked out great! The food was great service was great! No complaints. Well organized. A+ General Stay The hotel was very nice. I was worried about the ‘Welcome Diner’ because we ate at the restaurant in the hotel the night before and it was not that great. My FIL and I ordered grouper and it was very bland. The hotel has very nice grounds. The pool area was nice. We sat by the pool each night. The hotel rooms were clean. A+ RCCL Details about package: Duet Wedding package Lunch Buffet with 2nd hour of open bar service 12” Wedding Cake DJ for two hours Review of wedding: Perfect! I was worried about hearing so much because of all the Royal Romance horror stories. But everything was perfect! I really don’t remember much since it went by so FAST. I have heard other brides say this but really I can’t wait to watch the video. We got to the cruise terminal and we meet our two coordinators. One went over the last minute details with me of what we booked (cake, DJ, 2 hour lunch buffet, etc.). The other one went over my music with me. I brought my own very unique music selections. I was very worried that they would mess up the music but she did it perfect! I was going with the flow and everything thing worked out great! The two coordinators determine the order of things and it work out perfect. They also had all of our guests in the same area and made sure everyone knew when and where to be. One coordinator took me (carried my dress for me) to our cabin to get changed. I had to stay in the cabin by myself since she wanted everyone at rehearsal at 12:30. The wedding coordinator, my MOH (sister), and photographer came and picked me up around 12:45. We took a few pictures in the cabin then headed off to the ceremony site. The wedding was just what we wanted. It was very short 12 minutes. I really don’t remember much of it. Since I did not get to rehearse it was a little awkward at times. But the officiant just whispered what we should do. I think it went well. I don’t think anyone noticed. We did the sand ceremony and that went smoothly. Our reception was held at the same place as the wedding so it was a little awkward to leave then come back in but it worked. Once we came back in we took a few pictures. I was not planning on buying the onboard photos because of the price. My two stepbrothers did the video and photography. My stepbrother’s camera was bigger and nicer than the shipboard photographer. I have not seen the pictures, I hope they turned out. I know a lot of people took pictures so I am hoping that we have at least a few good pictures. My one regret is I wish I would have had a list of pictures to take. I also wanted to take some pictures on the deck but I got sick during the muster drill and never made it out for the rest of the day. We then we did the first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance. Since FI and MIL was so worried about dancing they coordinator suggested at the half way point to welcome everyone else to the dance floor. This relieved some of their stress. After that we ate. Once it looked like everyone was done eating we did the cake cutting. The cake was very good. They were suppose to deliver it to our room but they never did. After that is was booty shaking time. The DJ did a good job. He did a crowd participation thing where he asked who “wore the pants in the family” (not his exact words). So he had all the men and all the women in line with me leading all the women to do kicks and DH leading the men. It was fun and funny watching everyone. Although he said Jason won! Then since we were all in a line we made a “Love Tunnel” and everyone went through it. Overall it was great. I just went with the flow. The two coordinators did a good job of keeping it organized. I know I have heard every bride say it went by so fast. IT REALLY DOES! DH and I are both excited to watch the video because we don’t remember much. I am glad I booked the two hour reception not just an hour like I was going to originally. I had a blast. I think I just let loose during the reception it was such a relief that it was over. I got sick during the muster drill. Me, liquor, and heat do not mix well. I don’t think I had that much to drink. But I got so hot dancing then having to go to the muster drill with a crowd of people was even hotter. I wish I would not have been sick but at least I enjoyed my wedding. A+ General Review of overall cruise: The cruise was ok. I do not think I am a Cruise person. I have heard you are either a Cruise person or not a Cruise person. As mentioned before I got sick during the muster drill. Plus that night the seas were angry my friend (quote from George on Seinfeld). I went to dinner that night but went straight back to bed. I felt bad for Jason because he was just walking around by himself. He did bump into his brother and hung out with him. But I do regret that I was so sick. We were rocking so badly that night that I wound up getting sea sick on top of already not feeling good. Plus the removal of the stress I could finally not have to worry. I pretty much was nonfunctional until Saturday afternoon (2nd day). I took two Dramamine and then we both took a nap after that I was ok. The weather was bad most of the time. Friday night was very rough. One of our waiter said that it was the worst he has seen it in awhile! My SIL had to go to the ER that night to get a shot and some pills. Saturday morning we woke up as our ship was participating in a Search and Rescue. Someone on another boat went over board and our cruise ship was required to help the Coast Guard. Since the weather was so bad we did not get to go to CocoCay Saturday (the main place I wanted to go). Being on the ship for that long was not fun. We tried to lay out at the pool but it was so windy and cold that we just decided to go inside. We did get to go to Nassau early. We got to Nassau around 4 Saturday. We got off the boat and walked around a lot. I was so happy to be on dry land! Nassau was ok. The side where cruise ships are is not that nice. The straw market was so packed we only went on two rows. If you are looking for fake purse that is the place to go. We went back to the boat for dinner. We were going to eat in Nassau but we could not find a decent restaurant. We just ate at the Windjammer. The food at the Windjammer is just as good if not better than the main dining room. Plus it was formal night and I did not want to have to dress up. Sunday was the best day. We went to the beach on the other side of the island (Paradise Island) and it is soooooo much nicer on that side. It is where Atlantis is. We were dropped off at Atlantis and walked to a beach. The waves were 10 feet so we could not swim. It was a little cold too. We sat on the beach for an hour and half. The whole time every 15 minutes someone would walk by waiting to sell you something. Pretty girl want her hair braided. It was annoying. The whole time we were in Nassau everyone was asking us to buy something. We got back to the boat a little early because I wanted to make sure that I got a good chair at the pool. I did. We were by DH’s aunts and uncle. Plus my family was a little ways down so I could go hang out with them too. It was a little rough when we first start leaving but the seas smoothed out and it was nice. Plus it was actually hot. After hanging out at the pool we went and played Bingo. It was ok. I would not play again. Disembarking was easy. We had to carry a ton of stuff off but the cruise terminal people were allowing us to use the elevator. The boat we were on was a party boat. The sexy legs contest turned into the sexy lap dance contest. Some girl showed her *ss. I need to go on an old person cruise. I am going to try a cruise one more time. It was a lot of fun having everyone on the cruise. Everyone did their own thing but could do stuff together if they wanted too. C
  3. I just sent the letter. I did not feel like paying all that postage to mail them the luggage tags. I am going to just put them in the OOT bags.
  4. I am trying to make the CD for the Ceremony and Reception. Our first dance song is an itunes exclusive but it is protected. My sister downloaded them and gave me the CD but I can't play them?!?!? There are MPEG4 files. Sorry I don't own and ipod. I have no clue about this stuff. I am such a dork!
  5. Covergirl Define A Lash is great. I just went and bought $20 masacra (Too Faced Lash Injection) and I prefer Define A Lash. Also I like Neutrogena Stress Acne foaming face wash and toner. I also like the Aveeno moisturizers (face and eye). I have really acne prone and sensitive skin and they have been working for me for many months!
  6. -Beach bag (very simple in various colors) -personalized water bottles -snacks (chex mix, granola bars, dried fruit, soft peppermints) -sunscreen -tissue packs -tylenol -shout wipes I put the snacks in it because everyone is coming the day before. I am going to give them out the night before at the "Welcome Dinner" so I don't have to worry about getting them on board.
  7. I went to Brent Allen in Cocoa Beach to get a hair trial Friday. Long story short it did not go well. I am canceling my appointment for the wedding day. I am going to go it alone and hope that it works out. If anyone has any tips or hints please tell me, I am a big makeup person! Here is the long story. I had an appointment at 10:30 for hair and they told me an hour for hair and a half an hour for makeup. So I planned a meeting with the hotel to go over the details for the Welcome Dinner at 12:30. That would give me more than 30 minutes to go 5 miles. Well we show up at 10:15 my hair person was there. But my sister’s person was not there. So I got started. My sister’s person was late I think she showed up around 10:40. My sister’s hair turned out ok. Nothing fancy but her person did a good job. Well the whole time my person is saying on the wedding day I will do a better job. I mean I heard that sooooo many times! Look, it is a trial if you don’t do good now you will not be doing my hair on the wedding day. So that was the not so good part. My hair only took 30 minutes. My sister finished shortly after I did. So they told us to wait for the makeup person. So we went for a walk outside then came back inside. So we are sitting there waiting. Well they come over and say that I was booked for an hour and 45 minutes for hair. Which was not true, because another appointment came in around 11:15 for my person. So how was I scheduled for an hour and 45 when she had another appointment at 11:15?!?!?!? So I am still like ok we can wait it will be alright. Well waiting at 11:50 I said forget it! I told them that I was told an hour for my hair and half an hour for makeup so I had scheduled the meeting with the hotel at 12:30. I so did not want to have to deal with hair and makeup that day! I am so disappointed that the whole time they said I don’t know why you are down for an hour and 45 for your hair. They admitted that it was their fault. But they never really acted like they cared. They just kept telling me that the makeup person almost done! My hair was not even that good. It fell after an hour. I do have very thin, fine, straight hair. It was very disappointing! Needless to say I had a couple margaritas with lunch! But I can buy a lot of makeup for what I was going to pay them for doing it! Part of me felt like a bridezilla But I think I was reasonable (what every bridezilla tells herself)...
  8. I think they look great! Alot better than anything that I DIY'd. Don't stress over the small things. Enjoy your planning.
  9. I got my finalized bill the other day. It is not as cheap I thought it would be but ALOT of other people spend ALOT more money. The funny thing about the whole thing is I picked a cruise wedding because I thought it would be simple and cheap and it has not been either. I don't think I will regret it but just everyone has a lot of questions.
  10. We are doing the two hour lunch buffet with DJ and a 12" cake. I am bringing my own flowers so I have more say over them. My stepmother's best friend does flower arrangements and she is arranging all the flowers for us. I only spent a little over $100 for all the flowers (2 boquets, 5 boutinerres, 3 mothers). That is the cost of a boquet for me with RCCL! I am getting my hair done at a local salon. I am going next week for a trial. I really hope they do a good job. I am calling today to finalize all the enhancements. But I am really not doing that many. What enhancements are you doing?
  11. Finally a CRUISE wedding review! I don't think I have seen on on these boards yet. Thanks so much! I am glad it went so well. You look so beautiful. I am getting married on the ship embarkation day and I starting to get nervous! Thanks!
  12. I am in the same boat too! There are so many good father/daughter dance but not many for mother/son dances. I am thinking What a Wonderul World. But I just read the lyrics to In My Life and I am going to have to listen to it when I get home.
  13. I guess it is you and me! RCCL Monarch of the Seas embarkation day too. I am starting to get nervous about the timing of everything. I have search here and on other boards to see what timing is during the recepetion but no luck.
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