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    Pops in your head

    no DH here :: haircut (as in he's out getting one right now)
  2. azhuskergirl

    Howard Stern Chat Thread

    Andrea! OMG, are there many of the ladies still sticking around from the 2008/2009 days? Probably Artie that he's praying for. I really want to know what's going on with Artie. Poor guy! I've really been missing him with them replaying the "gayest" episodes this week. That Queer Eye makeover was comedy gold!
  3. Any of my Y&R gals still on the boards? Good stuff happening & I'm bursting at teh seams to discuss....my husband doesn't care to hear about it.
  4. azhuskergirl

    Howard Stern Chat Thread

    (bump) Are any of my Howard Girls still on the boards????? I've been MIA for over a year & see that the gossip section has slowed to a halt. Where are my girls at?
  5. azhuskergirl

    Wedding Pix

  6. azhuskergirl

    Photographer List

    we used A Paradies Dream Wedding (a.k.a. Gordon Nash Photography) and could not have been more pleased. The photographers (Erik & Arien) were fantastic!!!!!! Highly recommend them!!!!
  7. azhuskergirl

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - anyone else watch?

    I was actually a little disappointed with the opener. It was ok, but not fabulous. I am dying to see the episode with the "kitten mittens". My husband & I laugh hysterically at that every time we see the commercial.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by KAMAY11 I am a huge fan of this show, but I haven't been able to really catch up for awhile. If someone has a chance, would you mind giving me an update?? Here's what I know: -Sharon's baby is really Nick's (Does he know?) Jack thinks he is the father? -Ashley has been getting tormented by Adam (is she still pregnant? Did she actually run over Nikki? Has Adam been caught yet?) -Mary Jane/Patti kidnapped Colleen (that's all i saw and i don't know why). I don't really know the story here... -Lily has cancer....are her and Cane still married? -Update on Victoria and JT? I know the "gist" of the stories, but not the full details! ok, Nick knows, but hasn't told Phylis yet. Ashley is having a "hysterical pregnancy" whatever that means. She doesn't know that she's lost the baby, yet. I have no idea if she hit Nikki. Nikki's ok (it seems) and in Colorado, I think. Adam has not been caught. I am so over him. Colleen was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Pattie had no beef with Colleen. Lily & Cane are still together, but it's strained. Victoria admitted to JT that she cheated on him with that crossover dude from B&B. JT's still reeling over the Colleen scenario, so they haven't really talked about the infidelity. I haven't seen yesterday's episode or today's, so there my be something that I don't know yet.
  9. ok, has anyone seen today's episode?? 3 gunshots & mary jane seemingly escapes. Did she shoot both Jack & Victor? I'm dying for Monday's episode already!
  10. azhuskergirl

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - anyone else watch?

    we have the season premier on the dvr & can't wait to watch it tonight!!!
  11. azhuskergirl

    Weather Nightmare

    depending on which side of the island you're getting married on, it can typically rain every day. It rained during our luau the night we were married, but we justlaughed & enjoyed it.
  12. azhuskergirl

    Howard Stern Chat Thread

    did anyone else catch Artie on the Late Show last week. He's looking alot better. He said he's lost 50 lbs!!! And his girlfriend is adorable!!!!!!!!
  13. no offense taken. We all have our favorites. Did anyone else catch this: .....The Fuck? | Dlisted the actress who plays Mary Jane/Patty brought this little accessory to an awards show.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by YoursTruly I am dayum tired of Adam already!! OMG, I am soooooo with you. How long can this go on. Please tell me that Rafe starts figuring it out!
  15. RIP Zapato. Poor dog had to become a victim on a soap opera. Hopefully he is enjoying his "retirement" from show biz.