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  1. Aw, Rue La La looks like it is available to US only. Anymore out there? LOL. Half hour to go before hautelook and beyond the rack start the new sale. Woo hoo!
  2. I'm checking out Rue la la. It's terrible... I login almost every day at the sites on the dot... regardless where I am. lol
  3. I signed up to online private sales to top brand name and designers... worse thing for me now. LOL. I think I buy at least one new thing every day on one of the sites. But some of them are great deals. Got a Juicy purse for 90 regular 378, Fendi sunglasses for 79 regular 420, some clothing about 75% off. Most of the items can be last year's stock, overstock, etc. But still... My favs are hautelook, beyond the rack, and gilt. Note the links are referrals, so if you sign up through the links, I can get $10 credit. You get a referral link if people join through you. There are othe
  4. Here is the Lindo/Maya wedding package with extras (not sure if this 2010 pricing though) Religious Ceremony * (Not Legal) US$1,900 (incl. tax & service charge) Minister Fees Wedding organization and personalization of our wedding coordinator Decoration of the wedding venue Bride’s bouquet Groom’s boutonniere Natural floral centerpiece for the head wedding table Traditional white frosting Wedding Cake decorated with fresh flowers Champagne toast after ceremony CD Music for the ceremony A bottle of sparkling wine in your room on your weddin
  5. With the wedding package the bouquet for bride and botoninere for groom is included. I didn't pay extra for orchids. Other flowers they offered were stargazers, lilies, gerbera daisy, Casablanca, delphiniums, roses, etc. Here was my bouquet (stargazers, white calla lilies, orange lilies, green orchids... no extra fees, it was all incuded in the package) My DH has an orchid was well as his botoniere. I had to pay for extra botonieres (for BM, his dad, my dad), corsages (his mom, my mom), a bouquet for MOH, and flower for my hair since they were not included in the pa
  6. Woo hoo! Congrats on accomplishment!!
  7. I sent out a pre-time line out with our pre-travel gifts to everyone... Pre-timeline guide It was just a guideline for everyone.
  8. Also you can still put the time in the letter, and can mention it as "tentative rehearsal dinner time" if you prefer.
  9. Though I told them what restraunt I wanted in the paper work, the finalization at the resort is when she confirmed the time. You can call the guest and leave a message, just call front desk to ask them to forward your call to such and such's room. I saw eveyone all the time since most times we would meet for supper, and I also meet evryone when they arrived. So I was able to mention it a couple of times to people.
  11. I don't think that matters I do believe, someone correct me if I am wrong.
  12. For me the rehearsal, was only a dinner which I thought was weird, but whatever. The booking of restraunts happened on the 2 day we were there... they will go over everything on the first or second day even though I filled out the paperwork they sent the month before the wedding... this is actual confirmation and finalization. Our guests were not next to each other but in the same building and not that far from each other, so it wasn't that bad.
  13. Yes, you have to be there 4 business days if you are having a legal wedding (plus your 4 witnesses), but not required if you are having a blessing wedding. And more info... REQUIREMENTS FOR A CIVIL WEDDING For the wedding ceremony or the renewal of the vows you need the following documents: Passports translated into Spanish by an official translator with an “Apostille attached”. (An official translator can be found in the yellow pages of your city). If you are a US Citizen, you need an "Apostille", which is a form of international certification. The "Aposti
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