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    Riviera Maya, Mexico - Iberostar Del Mar - May 1, 2010
  2. Ladies...our sand was not going to make it, as we had other things to put in our carry-ons. So we bagged it separately, wrapped the glass and packed it up. When we got home we re-created it for display...shhhh, our little secret. =) Â
  3. Â I totally agree...somethings up with holly...I said that to my husband last night...it's just too convenient. Â Russell's outburst was classic... Â And what about Sam...and the previews for next week looked weird, we watched it twice. lol
  4. I actually used Claudia Rodriguez for Photo and her husband Mike Cantarell did the video. It was perfect!!!! We have watched it already with friends and family, they did a really great job.
  5. Absolutely, ask away =) I also have the contact for our invitations...
  6. My girls were in tiffany blue...very re-wearable dresses from Bill Levkoff.
  7. I sent you a private message, let me know if you need anything =)
  8. Hi ladies...just popping in to hopefully answer some questions: 1) if you are both single there is NO TRANSLATION needed on the birth certifactes for US citizens (don't know about CA or other countires) 2) only if there is a windower/divorcee, then a translation IS NEEDED for again US citizens 3) you will get charged $300 pentalty fee for NOT using the hotel's photographer if you use them as a videographer and NOT photographer, you still will pay the $300 ( i tired that) but it didn't work 4) I agree to pay the extra $120 for those extra 'fake' guests that aren't there, a private reception is the way to go, if you have that many people. You don't want random people at the restaraunt while speeches and stuff are going on...Just my opinion. Anything else I can help with...just let me know !!! ~Shannon
  9. Karen - Great shots...I love you both in the hammock...it's awesome. I'm so jealous the boys had gerber daisies button-holes...my WC made me change it to a white rose instead...but yours came out great!! Love the colors for the girls, their necklaces and hair pieces =)
  10. Amy - YEAHHHHH Congrats on becoming a Mrs. And Kudos for getting all of your paperwork done =) I'm glad everything went smooth, I look forward to your review and pictures =) I am glad the hotel photog was to your standards, I know you were stressing that a little. Congrats again!!!!
  11. Diana - It was funny, they each did a different dance, it really set the tone for the rest of the night.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Lindobride14 Just watched your whole slideshow . . . Beautiful pics, really!! Some hilarious dance pics, your husband is quite the ham haha! He totally is such a ham...he loves it. You will have an amazing time at the Iberostar...it iwll be awesome!
  13. He definitely has gotten teased that he cried, but it's a big moment so I LOVED that he teared up. It was great that she captured that. BEP are awesome...good stuff!!
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