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  1. Thanks girls! Do you think that there is too much details? Too much grass or waves?
  2. Hi Girls! I did my bridal jewelry and I'm super proud! What do you think? It cost me about 40$ for everything. Thanks Michael! Christina The necklace A close up to the necklace The bracelet The earring (need some finishing touch)
  3. I have used Inkscape. It is a free software. I copied maps that was available online (on etsy).
  4. Hi girls! I need your opinion on my map. I don't know if it have too much details. Do you like the colors? Please please help me! What do I need to change? What is your suggestions? First picture : without color Second picture : with color Thanks a lot for your help!
  5. I'm looking for a size 12 TDD. I love chiffon dress.
  6. Hey! We finally finish the aisle runner. See the following picture! Around 7 hours of work! So what do you think? Bye, Christina.
  7. Ohhhh nice! I'm happy to read that Ella.
  8. Do you know when is the end of the promotion?
  9. Hey Girls! I got my price. So it's 1550$ (tax, flight etc. include) for 1 week for departure from Ottawa. If my guest want to leave from Montreal, it's 1578$. PLUSSSS we are at the white sand section. I think it's good price, no? I'm SUPER happy! Christina.