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  1. Hi Girls! I did my bridal jewelry and I'm super proud! What do you think? It cost me about 40$ for everything. Thanks Michael! Christina The necklace A close up to the necklace The bracelet The earring (need some finishing touch)
  2. I have used Inkscape. It is a free software. I copied maps that was available online (on etsy).
  3. Hi girls! I need your opinion on my map. I don't know if it have too much details. Do you like the colors? Please please help me! What do I need to change? What is your suggestions? First picture : without color Second picture : with color Thanks a lot for your help!
  4. I'm looking for a size 12 TDD. I love chiffon dress.
  5. Hey! We finally finish the aisle runner. See the following picture! Around 7 hours of work! So what do you think? Bye, Christina.
  6. Hey Girls! I got my price. So it's 1550$ (tax, flight etc. include) for 1 week for departure from Ottawa. If my guest want to leave from Montreal, it's 1578$. PLUSSSS we are at the white sand section. I think it's good price, no? I'm SUPER happy! Christina.
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