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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by merocket59 Good review, I'm a little sad to hear about the service on Destiny but I've read it in other reviews as well so I will go in knowing not to expect much, as long as we have our fam and friends there we'll have fun too! I completely agree that your photographer gets an A++ those pics are great!! Well hopefully you will luck out. We had guests that had great service form their room attendant so we just got a sucky one =) I'm sure they are on every ship. Like you said, you guys will have a blast no matter what.
  2. Next port was Jamaica where we did our TTD and the Dunns River Falls/Mahagony Beach excursion (not through the cruise ship but a private company). TTD pics: Jarva Shaw tour guide: A+ Then we used Marva Shaw tours and we had her son Jarva take us to Dunns Falls and Mahagony Beach. It was a BLAST! It was so cheap compared to the cruise excursion...I highly recommend them. My Aunt sprained her ankle on the falls when she fell down at the end and some of the guys rented a bananna boat at the Mahogany Beach and 1 ended up w a cracked rib! OOPS so be careful! It was one of the best parts of the trip.
  3. IPOD reception: A+ This was cheap and worked great. We did not miss the DJ at all. Since we had an absent wedding coordinator we knew the timing of certain events by the song that was playing. This kept us on time with garter toss, cake, etc. Our first dance was to Red on a Rose by Alan Jackson: When we got back onto the boat one of the GM had the reggae band play us a song so we danced again... We thre our vows overboard as we left the port: Continued...
  4. Officiant: Rev. Godfrey Meghoo A He got a little long winded for our taste but he was exceptional! He did a palm blessing after we read our handwritten vows and worked into the ceremony being barefoot on the beach with a biblical story. Guests commented on the great job he did. Transportation in Grand Cayman: A We used Majestic Tours for a bus to p/u our guests from port and take them to the hotel and back to port after the wedding. The bus we very nice and the driver gave an impormptu tour of the island which was great. We also used the company for a BMW for my DH and I to get back to port. I recommend having separate vehicles because it gave us some time to be alone and enjoy the moment. They were reasonably priced and reliable service. Photographer: Summer Gibbs and Megan Kime A++ These 2 wonderful ladies came with us on the trip and went above and beyond with georgeous shots of the entire trip. They were a wonderful decision and I would recommend either of them over and over again. In fact one fo my bridesmaids is getting married this Oct and is using one of them. Our pics are on both of their websites if you'd like to check them out: Summergibbs.com Megankime.com Continued...
  5. Ok so I am finally doing my review. We had a 5 night cruise with 35 guests and a beachside wedding in Grand Cayman at Grand Cayman Beach Suites with cocktail and hors 'd. Cruise ship: C Beautiful cruise ship with tons of activites to keep everyone happy. Clean and updated. Food was not that great with the exception of the lobster, nachos, and sushi bar! Service was not very good either. Our room stewart sucked and was not even friendly. I don't recommend taking a kid below the age of 6 to 8 on a cruise...it's really not very fun for them! All in all we had a WONDERFUL trip because we were surrounded by our best friends and family...you could put us in a cardboard box and we would have fun. Grand Cayman Beach Suites: A+ The hotel where we had the ceremony and reception was beautiful! The food was great (a little on the expensive side so thank goodness we did appetizers) and the bartender service was great. Wedding coordinator Caroline Deegan: D- Comes with an wedding package at the Beach Suites. She sucks! She coordinated 3 details of my day and that was the officiant, flowers, and cake. The only time I saw her the wedding day was when I gave her the cake stand before the wedding and when we walked down the aisle she timed us out. How do you coordinate a wedding you do not attend? She gave me quotes on transportation for my guests and rental of a mic that were 4 times higher than what I got when contacting vendors. She also refused to coordinate the timing of the paperwork with the officiant so I had to contact him myself. Here are the pics of what I wanted my cake and flowers to look like compared to what they turned out as...in the end it didn't matter but FYI Actual: Requested: Actual: Requested: Continued...
  6. Tobi


    My radio morning show reports that they are back together! He called her on her bday and they have reconciled since then. I can't believe she would feel that low about herself. So sad!
  7. i love your shoes! i think rccl is the best cruiseline ive been on too. we decided on carnival and did not have the service or food i was familiar with on rccl. completely off topic but has anyone ever told you that you look like nicole richie??
  8. Thanks for all the compliments guys! It's hard to get over the fact that these images are actually us at our wedding and not someone elses beautiful images to envy. I was very lucky we made the right choice not knowing much about our photographer. We lucked out though. You all have inspired me to pick my own top ten favorites (of course I can't just pick one!) because I have been flipping back to check out the pics when you list your favorite number. In no particualr order =)... 271 341 572 728 734 994 982 973 712 959 Ceremony shot-480 GM-359 BM-326 Son-527 DH-681 Me-867
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by JoLo908 OMG a mountaineer bride! I love it! I went to WVU! PS you look gorgeous! Congrats! Ha! LETS GO...Mountaineers! My hubby is from WV and he bleeds blue and gold so the garter was for him
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by lil_miss_frogg I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of you and your DH and your baby. Am I safe in assuming that IS your baby? I can't wait to see some non pro pics because these were great! Yes, thats OUR baby =) Oh yes...the pro pics are in! I put the gallery link online.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by DanielleNDerek beautiful. and how did you copy the snapfish pics. i've tried to do it like a 100 times and they always copy to be way small. This is the problem I had! I figured a sneaky way to go to "share" then share with a link then email it to yourself but make sure you are logged out of snapfish. When you click on the link it brings up the pic in a medium size and you can right click it and save to your computer. It was TRICKY!
  12. I wouldn't have posted the non-pro if I'd have know I'd be getting my pro gallery back today...KWINKYDINK. Summer Gibbs is AMAZING! I recommend her 110%. I told her and everyone else I know that besides marrying my hubby she is the best decision we made! You'll see that she shot the wedding, TTD, climbing the Dunns Falls/beach in Jamaica, plus numerous great shots around the boat. I can not thank her enough![ Check out the gallery and it's 1200 beautiful pics! If you have any questions about her feel free to ask. She is not a member of this site but I am going to ask her to join! To get to your gallery: 1) Go to my website, Summer Gibbs Photography - North Carolina and Destination Wedding Photography - photojournalistic and romantic style 2) Click on Clients 3) Type "tobi" when it asks for a password.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by merocket59 Are you back? How was it? Oh it was amazing! We had the best time ever and all of our guests said it was the best wedding they have ever been to. Not a bad compliment! I am waiting on my pro pics to do a formal review but I posted some non-pro pics if you want to check them out. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t37620
  14. Various shots of our wonderful day!! Our first dance (our song is like red on a rose by Alan Jackson. It goes back to the first time we said I love you to eachother): The handsome boys posing for a pro pic (we didnt get any of the BMs with me as non-pro cuz they were the ones taking pics and the other guests werent there yet): Throwing our hand written vows over board as we left the Grand Cayman port: I can't wait to share my pro pics since these non-pro do not do the day justice despite how great they are.
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