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  1. I can definitely try to make it. I'm in Springfield, but it's an easy train ride. I HATE driving into Chi-town, but for you girls, maybe I'll do it.
  2. More...for the week of 7/25. Yes, the tater is about to hit the fan with the whole Nick/Syphillis/Sharon storyline. Nick will know the truth in the next few weeks I believe. It's all beyond stupid at this point. Deacon follows through on his agreement with Amber Amber panics when she realizes how thoroughly Deacon has her trapped Daniel learns Amber cheated on him... and why Amber insists she was forced, Daniel doesn't buy it Daniel reveals that he was on the brink of proposing marriage Amber insists she'd rather lose Daniel than see him in prison
  3. WHOOOOA! That is so insanely foul of them. Sounds like they aren't real professionals since I cannot imagine any alterations shop doing such a halfass job for someone and thinking a bride would be pleased! This isn't the kind of stress you need right now. Your dress should be one of the things you are rock solid thrilled about, so I am so sorry! Please update us and let us know how things work out!
  4. Woooo hooooo! Way to "layeth the smacketh down!". And you weren't disrespectful at ALL...just honest. So she can't say jack sh*t. Maybe now she'll
  5. All I can say is...stop tip toeing around this chick. She doesn't like you. Through no fault of YOURS that I can see, but even if it were your fault, she doesn't like you and that's that. Don't let it bother you, get to you, strain or depress you. And definitely do not let it impact your relationship because that is EXACTLY what she wants. I'd have never booked the room for her. A thousand more than yours and it's YOUR wedding? Oh HELL no. As for her criticisms of your plans....tell her that it's your money and your wedding and therefore your dream fulfillment along with her son's.
  6. A lil' more of the juice for y'all... Victor/Billy: When Cane and Billy get in an argument, he lets it slip Jill appointed Billy CEO of Jabot due to Victor's blackmail. Billy's crushed at this revelation and comes to realize big brother Jack was right about Victor being a manipulative devil. Later, Billy bumps into Colleen where she talks about her drunken flash moment at Jimmy's, resulting in being kicked of the Newman Board. Billy tells Colleen he'll help her get back on the board and the duo set off to meet with Victoria and JT. Victoria lets CC know she has to give up her Newman boar
  7. Unless you just want to drop the whole thing and call it a lesson learned, I'd pay for the disc. When there's money involved, you have more recourse (well, a LITTLE more) if things are not handled in a professional manner. That's assuming you get something in writing, ie, for $__ you will be receiving ___ within __. Can be very simple and basic with you just stating you want to clarify what you can expect in terms of turn around time and merchandise prior to sending the money. With the album...it sucks I'm sure, and though you don't need to hear this again it falls back into the
  8. I sound like a broken record but..Ebay, Ebay, Ebay! There are quite a few bridal veil retailers there, and I believe I'm getting my bird cage veil from one.
  9. OK..first thing's first...here's a write up about the new storyline for Lily/Cane. Am I the only one who wants to kick Neil right in the freakin nuts right now? Ugh. Lily's Devastating Diagnosis! While waiting in a hospital room to find out what's been wrong with her, a nervous Lily can't help wishing Cane was by her side. "Despite what happened, she still really loves him," affirms Christel Khalil. "I think that in facing this latest challenge, she realizes life is too short to just give up on someone. She now believes that Cane pretended to be Jill's son because he wa
  10. OK, ladies...sorry for the week long hiatus. Suffice it to say that I am not firmly against ALL mechanics in the state of Illinois. Ugh! OK, Maureen..I think I've got it. I wondered why my agent didn't seem overly concerned about it (she really is pretty darn efficient and helpful). I didn't ask anything more because I've been dealing with the resort on, of all things, a drinks menu problem. But what you're saying makes sense and as long as it's not going to totally blow up in our faces, I'm feeling better about going through with booking a villa. MarieSam- ok, so I'm *thinking* th
  11. I've been INSANE with auto repairs and baby illness...gimme a bit and I'll try to update some spoilers and such ladies! Crap is CRA-ZY in Genoa City right now, huh? Poor Cane. I just wanna hug him to my bosom......tee hee.
  12. MarieSam-there are a couple of places in Akumal and one on Isla I'm looking at. I'll get the links and post them in a bit! I know you stayed in one on the lagoon in Akumal.....I am sooooooo greeeeeeen! Maureen- thanks! I'm still confused though..(and yea, my TA got back to me saying that because of the way airfare was running these days and a few other reasons, she didn't think it would make a difference) BUT, how can I book as a package (wedding resort + airfare) when I'll be leaving the resort but not flying home the day I leave? That's what's confusing to me, how that will work. We'll
  13. After all this time (we settled on a date LONG ago) I'm actually feelin a lil' pressure/pinch now that we're inside the single digit mark! Is that wierd or what? I'm just so used to being able to say "We still have over a year"....it's just strange. I can just see myself at 6 months. Ready to dive off a roof top somewhere.
  14. Ugh, you've got me CRYING! I am SOOOOO happy for you girl! So pleased that everything turned out just the way you wanted, just like I knew it would! Nobody deserves it more! You looked AMAZING ofcourse...you freakin' stunner, you!!! Can't wait to see and hear more. CONGRATULATIONS, chica diva!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by azhuskergirl ok, so are we to deduce that Adam & Rafe slept together. Wow, that's just reaching for a storyline. Is there a petition we can sign to get a new actress for Mac?? Lily gives Cane his ring back?!?! Wow! I'm impressed that they actually have her watching out for herself instead of acting like a puppy around Cane. As always, thanks for all the updates! Oh, I dunno..I've seen Lily do ok for herself a few times now where Cane is concerned. At any rate, it ain't over....this is just the first of a few explosions coming before fal
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