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  1. I can definitely try to make it. I'm in Springfield, but it's an easy train ride. I HATE driving into Chi-town, but for you girls, maybe I'll do it.
  2. More...for the week of 7/25. Yes, the tater is about to hit the fan with the whole Nick/Syphillis/Sharon storyline. Nick will know the truth in the next few weeks I believe. It's all beyond stupid at this point. Deacon follows through on his agreement with Amber Amber panics when she realizes how thoroughly Deacon has her trapped Daniel learns Amber cheated on him... and why Amber insists she was forced, Daniel doesn't buy it Daniel reveals that he was on the brink of proposing marriage Amber insists she'd rather lose Daniel than see him in prison Daniel and Amber break up New evidence could be helpful to Daniel's case Kay and Jill forgive Cane Jill declares that Cane is still her child in every way that matters Billy is outraged to learn that Cane is still part of his family During an argument, Cane sucker punches Billy with the truth Colleen tells Billy about her boobalicious video - and Victor's reaction Victoria continues to demand Colleen's resignation Billy retorts that a public apology is adequate, while a helpless JT stands by Victoria is adamant - an apology won't do. Colleen must go! Jill confirms the sad truth - she never wanted Billy as CEO, Victor did Deeply hurt, Billy rejects his mother Billy moves to strike back at the man behind all of this Victor wants to fire JT from his job at Newman Victoria is caught between her father and her husband With no way out, Vicki must choose The Newman board meeting is turned upside down by Billy's accusations against Victor Ashley is astonished and upset to hear that Victor meddled in Jabot business and the Abbott family again Victor makes an astonishing confession An outraged Victor orders Billy to leave Billy stands up to the great Victor Newman Summer's struggle to recover agonizes Nick and Phyllis Nick realizes Sharon was correct: he should put Summer and Phyllis first Phyllis is cornered between Summer's needs, and her own need to protect her heart from Nick Nick impulsively asks Phyllis to marry him again Nick realizes how much he does love Phyllis and that he shouldn't have repeated his previous mistakes with Sharon A shocked Phyllis considers her options - she loves Nick, but can she trust him? Sharon grows increasingly troubled by her lies to Jack, but can't see any other options Phyllis mistakes a stranger for Mary Jane and blows her stack The poor woman is terrified and wants to call the police Sharon steps in to smooth over the confrontation, explaining that Phyllis is upset because someone hurt her daughter Sharon's hunch that Phyllis needs Nick's support is confirmed Jack, secretly worried about Mary Jane, continues to smother Sharon with attention Overcome by guilt, Sharon confesses: Nick is the real father Relieved, Sharon makes plans to go on as a single mother An outraged Jack lashes out at Sharon's apologies Jack realizes he has to tell Sharon the truth Chloe tries to set Mac and Chance up Chance tells Mackenzie he has a girl in mind already Phillip cancels his ticket home to Australia when Chance reaches out to him Chance is leery when Chloe suggests putting the Chancellors on the next Restless Style cover Mac continues to help Mary Jane Victor and Jack agree to work together Nikki and Victor have an atypical conversation Lily learns that the doctors had to take everything Bereft, hopeless, and still under the influence of anesthesia, Lily can't absorb the one bright spot left Lily cries for Cane Devon arranges for Cane to visit Lily - without telling Neil The kind minister counsels Lily to trust in love Lily is overjoyed when Cane tells her that her eggs were harvested after all - she will be able to have a child someday! Cane promises to stand by Lily Lily chooses her husband and his love despite Neil's adamant feelings The ghost of Sabrina Newman speaks to Ashley Ashley is terrified by Sabrina's portents of doom
  3. WHOOOOA! That is so insanely foul of them. Sounds like they aren't real professionals since I cannot imagine any alterations shop doing such a halfass job for someone and thinking a bride would be pleased! This isn't the kind of stress you need right now. Your dress should be one of the things you are rock solid thrilled about, so I am so sorry! Please update us and let us know how things work out!
  4. Woooo hooooo! Way to "layeth the smacketh down!". And you weren't disrespectful at ALL...just honest. So she can't say jack sh*t. Maybe now she'll
  5. All I can say is...stop tip toeing around this chick. She doesn't like you. Through no fault of YOURS that I can see, but even if it were your fault, she doesn't like you and that's that. Don't let it bother you, get to you, strain or depress you. And definitely do not let it impact your relationship because that is EXACTLY what she wants. I'd have never booked the room for her. A thousand more than yours and it's YOUR wedding? Oh HELL no. As for her criticisms of your plans....tell her that it's your money and your wedding and therefore your dream fulfillment along with her son's. I'd even tack on something about being soooo very sad that she doesn't like whatever, but you two DO and since this is your trip down the aisle the only person you have to please is yourselves. I mean, she's not contributing a dime, and already dislikes you- in all honesty you have NOTHING to lose, so why stifle yourself? I get not wanting to upset your fiance, but HE knows how she is and there comes a point where he has to realize that theres only so much any one is going to take from someone who did not birth them. lol He tries to be nice to her because that's his mama. You do it for HIM and that's going to have a limit because nobody can tolerate this kind of treatment forever without snapping. I say snap in small doses that allow you to vent over time, instead of ending up doing it up BIG and offending him by saying some stuff out of sheer exhaustion with the situation.
  6. A lil' more of the juice for y'all... Victor/Billy: When Cane and Billy get in an argument, he lets it slip Jill appointed Billy CEO of Jabot due to Victor's blackmail. Billy's crushed at this revelation and comes to realize big brother Jack was right about Victor being a manipulative devil. Later, Billy bumps into Colleen where she talks about her drunken flash moment at Jimmy's, resulting in being kicked of the Newman Board. Billy tells Colleen he'll help her get back on the board and the duo set off to meet with Victoria and JT. Victoria lets CC know she has to give up her Newman board seat, Billy on the other hand thinks his niece should issue a statement apologizing for her actions. Victoria nixes the idea and refuses Colleen's gesture. Billy is hell bent on exposing Victor's role in the Jabot takeover and Colleen getting screwed over. Billy finds Jill and confronts her with the truth behind him being CEO, where she cops to it all without a hint of guilt. Billy's hurt by Jill's actions and decides he doesn't want anything to do with her. After his showdown with mom Billy heads to Newman Enterprises, and interrupts the board meeting to showcase to everyone the truth behind, the Jabot takeover and Colleen being kicked off the board with Ashley in attendance. Billy has heard of Victor's reputation and doesn't realize who he's about to go up against but is ready to do battle. Nick/Phyllis: At the tack house, Nick watches a video of his wedding to Phyllis with Summer since the little tyke enjoys it. When Phyllis comes home, she sees and becomes moved by the gesture. Big red informs her wayward husband he has to make a decision on being in her life with Summer, not constantly checking in and out. This reminds Nick of what strong and phenomenal woman Phyllis can be and what made him fall for her. Nick plants a kiss on Phyllis and pops the question. Phyllis/Sharon: Big red spots a woman resembling Mary Jane and chases after her hurling insults. When the woman turns to face Phyllis, she sees its not Mary Jane. The woman then starts to panic at the verbal assault she received and wants to call the police! Sharon's a witness tot he situation and explains to the freaked out woman why Phyllis attacked resulting in her being let off the hook. Cane/Lily: After her surgery, Lily finds out the doctors gave her a hysterectomy and becomes brokenhearted by the news. Neil tries to inform her the doctors were able to harvest her eggs but she's too groggy by the medication to comprehend it all. Later, Lily asks Devon to bring Cane to the hospital. Devon fills Neil and Trya in on Lily's request and Tyra contacts Cane. The minister who married Cane and Lily comes by to check on her, telling her everything will be alright and to lean on Cane for support. She tells the minister they've separated where he implores Lily to believe in the love she and Cane have. Cane shows up and tells her the doctor harvested her eggs during the surgery. Cane brightens Lily's day more by vowing to be there for her no matter what. Jill: She adopts Cane! Chloe/Chance/Nina/Phillip: The fashionista wants P3 and Nina on the cover of Restless Style with Chance. At first Chance is a bit skeptical on doing the shoot, the magazine's concept and story's all about today's American tragedy of a family blown to bits by money, sex and lies. Chance and Chloe end up sleeping together where he loses his virginity (say WHA?!) and he decides to do the cover. Deacon: He brings Little D to town.
  7. Unless you just want to drop the whole thing and call it a lesson learned, I'd pay for the disc. When there's money involved, you have more recourse (well, a LITTLE more) if things are not handled in a professional manner. That's assuming you get something in writing, ie, for $__ you will be receiving ___ within __. Can be very simple and basic with you just stating you want to clarify what you can expect in terms of turn around time and merchandise prior to sending the money. With the album...it sucks I'm sure, and though you don't need to hear this again it falls back into the "you get what you pay for" motto. He was fulfilling an obligation and considering that his professionalism and quality of work were sort of suspect from the jump, it was a gamble. It always is when dealing with people who are still trying to get their business off the ground and make a name for themselves. Sometimes, you luck out..sometimes you end up with douch bags with no follow through or professional standards. At least you didn't invest a bunch of money in this, though I know you had travel and hotel expenses. It could still be a LOT worse considering there are gals who pay hundreds, and even thousands for these sessions/photos. PERSONALLY if it were me, I'd chuck the entire experience and look for a photog I could afford and do the whole thing over from scratch, even if I had to wait a while to be able to afford it. Believe me, I know about money being tight. It's just some things, we either have to wait til we can afford them and find an affordable solution we can work toward, or do without them altogether. Sorry it's been so stressful for ya.
  8. I sound like a broken record but..Ebay, Ebay, Ebay! There are quite a few bridal veil retailers there, and I believe I'm getting my bird cage veil from one.
  9. OK..first thing's first...here's a write up about the new storyline for Lily/Cane. Am I the only one who wants to kick Neil right in the freakin nuts right now? Ugh. Lily's Devastating Diagnosis! While waiting in a hospital room to find out what's been wrong with her, a nervous Lily can't help wishing Cane was by her side. "Despite what happened, she still really loves him," affirms Christel Khalil. "I think that in facing this latest challenge, she realizes life is too short to just give up on someone. She now believes that Cane pretended to be Jill's son because he wanted to have a family. He isn't a bad person, so Lily wants to be with him. Colleen drops by and Lily admits how much she misses Cane and wants to be with him. Outside, Olivia approaches Lily's room with the test results and her sad expression is immediately noticed by Neil and Devon. "Lily has cancer," says Khalil. "Everyone is pretty upset. Neil tries to be strong and urges his daughter not to give up hope." As Olivia tells Lily about the course of treatment, Lily is stunned to learn that even if she survives, she will more than likely lose all her reproductive organs. "That really hits Lily hard," notes Khalil. "She's been trying to start a family with Cane and now she finds out that she may never be able to have children at all. That's really devastating to her." Meanwhile, Colleen informs Billy and Mac of Lily's cancer and asks Billy to find Cane. Billy refuses, so Mac decides to find Cane herself and tracks him down at the bus station, where he's just about to skip town. "Everyone is pretty much telling Cane to go," says Daniel Goddard. "Lily has given him back his wedding ring, so there's nothing left there for him. When Mac tells him that Lily needs him, he doesn't believe it. Then Mac just blurts out, 'You can't leave. Lily has cancer.'" Cane is stunned and confused. "What do you do with that?" poses Goddard. "You find out that the love of your life has cancer and she's rejected you. There's part of you that can leave, there's part of you that can think she doesn't want you, but then there's a part of you that knows you need to make it right." Mac manages to get Cane to at least stay in town and offers him Billy's trailer to stay in. Cane agrees, but when Mac tells him to go be with Lily, he doesn't think his presence would necessarily be the best medicine. "It's heartbreaking for him," explains Goddard. Back at the hospital, Neil tells Lily he's taking a leave of absence from Chancellor Industries. Lily fears she must really be a goner if Neil is abandoning work. Mac stops by and brings Lily a laptop and DVD's of her favorite movies. "What she doesn't know is that Cane told Mac this would cheer her up," smiles Khalil. "Lily is really happy. She says, 'I don't know how you knew, Mac, but this is exactly what I needed.' Mac doesn't say anything about Cane being behind it." Mac then goes back to the trailer and tells Cane about Lily's upcoming surgery. After Mac leaves, Billy shows up and is unhappy to see his faux-brother. "Cane is coming out of the shower and Billy thinks he and Mac are sleeping together," groans Goddard. "Billy kicks him out and tells Cane never to come back. Now it's a really tough time for Cane because he has nowhere to go. he isn't sure what to do, but he really wants to be there for the woman he loves." Meanwhile, Olivia tells Lily and Neil that she managed to recruit one of the leading gynecological oncologists to perform Lily's surgery that day, but Lily refuses to go under the knife that quickly. "She wants to have her eggs harvested before the surgery," says Khalil. "Olivia says it's not a good idea because she doesn't know how advanced the cancer is, so it isn't wise to wait. But Lily says she has to do this." Olivia and Neil pressure Lily to go ahead and get the surgery done, but when they leave the room, Lily sneaks out. "She leaves the hospital to search for Cane," says Khalil. "She still really loves him and needs to talk to him." First, Lily drops by Jimmy's, where Mac and Billy are arguing about Cane. "Billy thinks Lily shouldn't be around Cane, but Mac is like, 'She needs him,'" says Khalil. "That's when Lily tells Billy that she does need Cane. So Billy finally realizes that Mac is right." Billy then promises to fine Cane, but has he already driven his faux-bro out of Genoa City? Spoilers for the week of July 20, 2009: J.T. must choose sides. Adam turns on Mary Jane. Sharon is suspicious of Jack. Evidence is planted in Daniel's room. Also coming up... Chloe kisses "Chance". Deacon sets up Daniel to be arrested. Deacon forces Amber to have sex with him in exchange for Daniel's freedom. Jeff and Gloria hire a man to get Colleen drunk. It is recorded and posted online. All part of Victor's plan to discredit Colleen.
  10. OK, ladies...sorry for the week long hiatus. Suffice it to say that I am not firmly against ALL mechanics in the state of Illinois. Ugh! OK, Maureen..I think I've got it. I wondered why my agent didn't seem overly concerned about it (she really is pretty darn efficient and helpful). I didn't ask anything more because I've been dealing with the resort on, of all things, a drinks menu problem. But what you're saying makes sense and as long as it's not going to totally blow up in our faces, I'm feeling better about going through with booking a villa. MarieSam- ok, so I'm *thinking* the one we're going with is actually in Puerto Morelos. The owner has offered us a KILLER deal on the place, it's huge, beach front and has the pre-req pool that I know Billy would have a cow without. 3 floors and a roof top jacuzzi. I like Morelos because the transfer won't be so bad and it's still off the beaten path enough for us to do things at our own pace without the crowds unless we choose to go to the more popular attractions. I wanted Akumal, I did! But darn it, I don't think I can pass up this deal! Everything in my price range in Akumal seemed to have a really rocky shoreline, or no pool then this came along.
  11. I've been INSANE with auto repairs and baby illness...gimme a bit and I'll try to update some spoilers and such ladies! Crap is CRA-ZY in Genoa City right now, huh? Poor Cane. I just wanna hug him to my bosom......tee hee.
  12. MarieSam-there are a couple of places in Akumal and one on Isla I'm looking at. I'll get the links and post them in a bit! I know you stayed in one on the lagoon in Akumal.....I am sooooooo greeeeeeen! Maureen- thanks! I'm still confused though..(and yea, my TA got back to me saying that because of the way airfare was running these days and a few other reasons, she didn't think it would make a difference) BUT, how can I book as a package (wedding resort + airfare) when I'll be leaving the resort but not flying home the day I leave? That's what's confusing to me, how that will work. We'll be leaving the resort, but not flying home so doesn't that leave us out of the running for a package deal?
  13. After all this time (we settled on a date LONG ago) I'm actually feelin a lil' pressure/pinch now that we're inside the single digit mark! Is that wierd or what? I'm just so used to being able to say "We still have over a year"....it's just strange. I can just see myself at 6 months. Ready to dive off a roof top somewhere.
  14. Ugh, you've got me CRYING! I am SOOOOO happy for you girl! So pleased that everything turned out just the way you wanted, just like I knew it would! Nobody deserves it more! You looked AMAZING ofcourse...you freakin' stunner, you!!! Can't wait to see and hear more. CONGRATULATIONS, chica diva!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by azhuskergirl ok, so are we to deduce that Adam & Rafe slept together. Wow, that's just reaching for a storyline. Is there a petition we can sign to get a new actress for Mac?? Lily gives Cane his ring back?!?! Wow! I'm impressed that they actually have her watching out for herself instead of acting like a puppy around Cane. As always, thanks for all the updates! Oh, I dunno..I've seen Lily do ok for herself a few times now where Cane is concerned. At any rate, it ain't over....this is just the first of a few explosions coming before fall. Mac irritates the snot outta me. I gave the actress a chance (after all, she is Cybil Shepherd's daughter), but it's been a few months now and she still hasn't found her acting groove on the show. I love Mac for putting the final nail in the Chloe/Billy coffin, but otherwise, I hate even having to look at her.
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