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  1. I used shutterfly for our wedding books, one for us and ones for our friends and family. They send you codes for discounts so they are pretty inexpensive and turned out great.
  2. I have pave diamonds on my ering and both of my wedding bands (one on each side of my ering) that go a little more than halfway around. They do spin at times, but not too much where it shows the solid band.
  3. I love this show, but usually only watch when the hubby is not home so I never watch the episodes in order. There is always something going on with them since they have such a large family, but I agree with some of the story lines being far fetched. Like the ones where they buy the chicken and the monkey. Maybe it's what rich people do so it may not be a stretch, but it seems a bit over the top at times. I do like how they all interact though. Very loving and protective one minute and holy cat fight the next.
  4. I'm glad Asuka got the boot, and I knew they wouldn't keep Jonathan. I haven't really been a fan of Vitolia, but not sure if that is just because I disliked Asuka so much. It'll be interesting to see how he does with a new partner. Mary is totally getting on my nerves this season. I never cared for the screaming in the previous seasons, but she has been over the top this season. It also seems like she is always saying the same thing. I didn't catch the Cat slip up, but it doesn't surprise me that she would be in the loop of who was getting the boot.
  5. I noticed the banners yesterday and was wondering where they came from.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Ayita So I started to use shutterfly when kodakgallery decided to start to make you pay to keep your pics in storage... and I am soooooo glad this happened ! The first amazing feature of shutterfly is that instead of sharing your pics through email, or through an album, you can just make a website out of your pics... and it's SO easy ! In 5 minutes, it's done, like, select to share on a site, change the three pics on display, add or delete pages, snap, done ! You have a number of designs to chose from, you can display in a slideshow, or thumbnails, or fil
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by jayla Hello, I am new here and in the preliminary stages of wedding planning. I do not have a date set yet or an exact destination but am interested in the Riveria Maya in Mexico. Quite excited about learning what I can from this forum! Jayla Hello from a former Chicago girl! Riviera Maya is a great location, you would not be disappointed having your wedding there. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by ErinB F It would have been hard to eliminate a guy this week. I certainly didn't think any of the 3 nominated deserved to go home. Honestly, Evan or Phillip did a worse job but I think they both have a pretty good following. All three had decent solos and Max footloosed his butt off! But, it doesn't seem like they keep ballroom guys around long. I was ok with Ashley being eliminated. Her solo really didn't have much substance and her other routines hadn't been strong enough to compensate. I am not an Auska fan like I thought I would be during the auditi
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by tdmitchell Hey Ladies, FI and I plan to visit Chicago for The Taste of Chicago event! A lot of the hotels in the city are quite pricey. Can anyone recommend areas outside of Chicago that may be a bit cheaper? Thanks in advance for all recommendations! Check out Hyatt Place in Lombard. It is a suburb of Chicago, but you can take the train into the city from Downers Grove which is the next town over. There is also a new Westin in Lombard over there as well, but I imagine the rates are cheaper at Hyatt Place. When I lived in Chicago, our power was out for
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureBotter Fans it is ... Thanks gals!!! K, next question ... what's the skinny on the cakes? Pretty plain and simple? Is tres leches a flavor option even though it's not on the list of options on the wedding details. Gotta get that done and sent back to them! Oops ... too much to do, not enough time!!! Also, what was the final consensus on the wedding decor available for use on the beach? They all have canopies available? How about chair sash colors? You gals are the best! Thanks!! I had the strawberry cheesecake and it was awesome! It was
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by LC_Rachel and I was a little surprised to see Sookie's boobies last night. Did she show them last season? I don't remember, but I heard that her and Bill are dating in real life so maybe that's why.
  12. Now that I moved across the country from most of my friends and family, and have an iphone I'm on email and Facebook a lot more. It is nice to post a quick status that they can read and know what is going on in my life. When I lost my job, I posted and a bunch of people reached out to me to try and help put me in contact with people they knew in AZ. It was actually pretty amazing. I still like to get some phone time with my friends and have probably talked to them more since I haven't been working. I was on the phone all day when I was working so talking on the phone was the last thing I wante
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by nickicolb123 I don't know where exactly Lafeyette was but my FH and I came to the conclusion that all those people are being held for crimes against vampires. Eric seems to be the punisher. What the heck is going on with the lady that Tara lives with?? THat is confusing the heck outta me. I think you are right about them being punished for vampire crimes. That seems to be their connection. I'm glad they didn't kill Lafayette yet, he's funny. I'm glad I'm not the only one totally lost about that lady. I hope they start revealing who she is, and I think somet
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