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  1. Thank you all for your comments on the photographs of this beautiful couple's amazing wedding! Milena and Gerry were an amazing bride and groom! So I love seeing this pop up again. One of my all time favorite posts was when Milena shared how she used her wedding photographs to decorate their home... so very inspiring to see the final results displayed so beautifully!
  2. That is such a fantastic idea! One of the things that I absolutely LOVE about destination weddings is the opportunity to spend time with people of diverse backgrounds. We love seeing how brides and grooms choose to incorporate their personalities, style and traditions into the wedding celebration.
  3. How funny, I was going to say Le Blanc Resort and Spa but Away DC beat me to it! High heel friendly and sounds very much like what you are looking for in style. Here are a couple of photographs from our blog that show the gazebo: Missy and Brain, Le Blanc Resort and Spa
  4. Hi Leonie, The Casa Magna and JW Marriott in Cancun are amazing wedding locations! I am sure you wedding will be wonderful. You can see some images from different events photographed there along with many other fantastic locations in the archives section of my blog. JW Marriott/ Casa Magna Cancun Elizabeth Medina Wedding Photographs The gazebo is so pretty! I can't help posting a photo. Best wishes! Elizabeth
  5. Hi Katie, Sorry I know it goes quickly! Just like the entire year of 2010 seemed to. :-) I think if you watch it for a minute your eyes may catch up. Most of the images are also on my blog as well.
  6. Hola BDW brides! Something I look forward to all year long is a chance to take some time out to look back at all the amazing and unique weddings and the very wonderfull couples we have photographed during the year! You have truly been an inspiration! For brides with upcoming weddings and brides still beginning to plan their weddings, I hope this year in review slideshow will give a little glimpse into the magic of a destination wedding in Mexico. Saludos! Elizabeth Elizabeth Medina Photography 2010 Year in Review Slideshow
  7. Hi Dana, Thank you so much for your nice comment about my work. I have replied to your email so please let me know if my reply has not reached you. thank you and best wishes for your wedding in Secrets Maroma. (that is an amazing location by the way!)
  8. Oh my goodness, I posted this three years ago, it is fun to see this again. This location still really speaks to me! Thank you so much for your responses, I am so happy to be able so share such an amazing hidden gem with you all! <<<How far from Playa Del Carmen is this place? >>> I would recommend allowing at least 6.5 hours from Playa, possibly more if unfamiliar with the roads, we are always surprised that it takes longer than expected for the second leg of the trip. The hacienda is off the beaten path for sure but a one of a kind location! Here are a few images from a
  9. 1106, I know that there is a photographer policy that brides have needed to comply with in order to use an independent photographer, I would recommend checking directly with the resort.
  10. Casey! Thank you for sharing your photos! I think the idea of wedding wall paper could catch on. <<<<your wedding was beyond beautiful!!! aaahhh i love it!!!! who did your centerpieces??? EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING!!! You looked STUNNING!!!>>>>>> The wedding really was amazing, just a perfect day, I loved the color popping details and especially having such a laid back and all around enjoyable couple to document. Here are a few images from the TTD session:
  11. Thank you so much ladies! (y Señor Mateo ) I really appreciate you taking time to peek at the photos and I love hearing your comments. Casey, you´ve got mail.
  12. Day after session... Just one more, sorry its hard to narrow down... I have too many favorites. More on the blog.
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