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    Fair skined Brides out there!!

    Does the Dove self tanner have that "smell" that self tanners tend to have? I have used a couple of different types but can't stand the smell of myself, haha. Quote: Originally Posted by mnh1983 The key to sunblock is to REAPPLY OFTEN! I am really fair, and when I go out in the sun, I try to reapply ever hour or so. I usually get SPF 40 or 50. As far as sunless tanners, I'm using Dove Energy Glow right now, and it looks great. I've had several compliments recently about how great I look since I've "been in the sun." It builds up slowly, so you won't look orange. It should look make you look naturally sunkissed.
  2. Karen Aucoin

    Anyone do Disney for honeymoon?

    So here's my situation...we got married in Punta Cana but as many of you know, traveling with guests is not really a honeymoon:) We'd like to go somewhere but don't have a lot of money. We do however have Westjet buddy passes (so will be flying standby) and are looking for someplace to go. Is it dumb to go to Disney when you don't have kids and are in your 30's? We don't want to go somewhere where we'd have to plan everything out for the days and my husband doesn't really want to go back to a resort/beach trip. Any other suggestions or has anyone done Disney and thought it was fun even without kids? We're planning to go sometime this summer.
  3. Karen Aucoin

    Custom Topper has arrived *NEW PICS*

    So awesome! I wanted to do one but we went overboard with some other stuff and something had to be cut
  4. I got my "Real Touch" flowers from Enchanting Memories in Hamilton, Ontario. (Canada) They have a Facebook page or you can go to their website: Real Touch flowers Pat and Debbie were great to work with and everyone I know that used them were very, very happy. I got all of my flowers, including my hair flower, jewels for the bouquets and fans from them.
  5. Karen Aucoin

    New Destination Bride from Canada!

    Welcome! I'm in Alberta as well, got married in Punta Cana in November. Let me know if you have any questions that I can try to help with. There's tons of info on here! Have fun planning.
  6. I need some help with options for our wedding video. We didn't have a professional videographer tape our wedding as we were spending a large amount on our photographer. We received a video camera as a gift so had a friend tape our wedding. Now I'm home and don't know how to make it into a nice video...I have uploaded all the files, combined them together and there's about 35 minutes worth of footage. We had the volume turned up and so there's some background static that I don't know how to get rid of and I would like to turn this "home movie" into a more professional looking video. I know that Adobe sells a software package, Adobe Premiere Elements 8, but I had bought Adobe Elements 8 for creating digital scrapbooks and I haven't even begun to learn how to use it. I heard there is a steap learning curve and I'm not so savy with this type of stuff so I'm wondering if it's easier to hire someone. I just don't want to spend a lot of money as that's what we were trying to avoid in the first place. Any advice?
  7. We used Pastor Rick for our ceremony in November and it was one of the best decisions I made. I was originally against doing our paperwork here and doing the symbolic ceremony but when I found him I changed my mind. We kept our legal wedding here as just "paperwork" as we were sitting at our kitchen table in our jeans drinking wine. There were no pictures to be taken, rings to be exchanged, just sign here...we had my sister there and our best man and his wife. We told some people but didn't make it public knowledge that we had done so. Our wedding was in the Dominican, symbolic or not. It was important for me not to just have the 5 min. "legal" ceremony as it tends to be and have the wedding coordinator do it or translate etc. He was great to work with and you won't regret your decision to use him. The ceremony was about 20 minutes which included the sand ceremony that we brought. Some had asked about inviting him for dinner, I invited him to join us but he had to be at another wedding later that day. Here's the email address that I have for him: ryork@codetel.net.do
  8. I also have looked at a lot of pictures of casual dress for guys and I think having them all wear the same shoes helped a bit.
  9. We did the khakis and a short sleeve dress shirt for the guys and my husband wore the same pants and then a long sleeve white shirt. We were at a wedding last year where the groom wore a suit and he was soaked from sweating! If you do go that route I would make sure each guy has an extra shirt to change into. I do think a lighter suit would have looked sharp but I know my husband and our groomsmen would have been uncomfortable and with getting married away, I was pretty relaxed about the whole thing. Good luck with your decision.
  10. We ordered these and brought them in our carry-on to Dominican and had no problems. We passed them out at our reception and had everyone write on them... We set a few off but it was too windy so we brought them home and are going to release the rest this summer as we live on a lake. I have 7 left if anyone would like them, $15 plus shipping.
  11. Karen Aucoin

    What's making you happy today?

    I'm a teacher and I have two major behaviour kids in my class of 25 and both were absent today!! Haha, it was so quiet!!! Happy Tuesday to me!
  12. So cool Jess! It's almost the same as mine except mine doesn't have the twist part which is very cool...my husband loved how the diamonds when all the way underneath and not just on the sides, thought it was unique. You'll love how the band looks with it! Quote: Originally Posted by Jess3414 Here is my ring: It is a 3/4 carat on top and 1 1/4 carat in the band underneath. My wedding band is a carat in diamonds to match the engagement band.
  13. Well, I can't think of what I would do with my wedding gown so I'm going to post it for sale. It's a size 8 Demtrios gown that has had a few minor alterations. I had it shortened as I'm 5'6 (but was wearing heels), I had bra cups sewn in and a 6 point bustle added. It has been professionally cleaned. Original cost was $1200 plus tax and $200 for the alterations. Asking $500. *I live in Central Alberta but go to Calgary almost weekly...
  14. I bought 10, 14" white ones from Ikea. It cost me $100 and I used them twice and was then able to sell the 8 that made it back home for $25...my wedding group was 30 guests if that helps.
  15. Karen Aucoin

    Majestic Colonial Info

    From what I've heard you probably won't be able to get your confirmation in regards to the judge until about one year from your date. I booked about a year in advance but then changed to a symbolic ceremony but was able to keep my same day and time. They do have some chair sashes to choose from but they're not great. (You could ask the wedding coordinator to send you some photos) Most brides bring their own. I brought satin chair sashes and table runners and some other decor. They have rose petals that they spread down the isle and some white material that they wrap around posts etc. but anything else you'll have to bring yourself. I did not use the resort photographer but I've heard good things about both Kiko and Kenny. There's also Photo Souvenir that is based out of Punta Cana and they're good. (Our friends used them last year) I used Photophil, a photographer from Ontario that does tons of Majestic weddings. Any other questions feel free to PM me. We just got married there in November. Another great spot for info is the Facebook Group for Majestic Colonial Brides. There are tons of discussions as well as many pictures where you can see samples of photographers work. Happy planning!