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  1. I am selling my Maggie Sottero RD 1044 destination wedding dress... here is the info: Original price: $1200.00 Asking price: $550.00 obo + cost of shipping Condition: Gently used /Like New - professionally cleaned (can provide receipt) Fabric: Chiffon Silhouette: Empire Neckline: Sweetheart Dress Color: Ivory Train: Sweep Alterations: changed neckline to sweetheart; flower strap sewn on dress, although can be easily switched back to snaps; hemline altered to fit height 5'2" with heels. Label Size: Size 0 Bust Size: 32 Hips: 33 Height (with heels): 5'2" Waist Size: 25 Year Purchased: 2009 Thanks! Please msg me for any questions
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Lin&Scott ...I wanted a better book that kept all my pictures safe, would last forever and could include some vacation pics as well. I found it!! They're reasonalbe for the amazing quality of photo and book you get. Check it out: MyPublisher | Create Photo Books, Cards and Calendars with free MyPublisher Software! I am just SO happy with my book, I had to share. I got the biggest size, basic format (for first time book makers), chocolate brown leather and it's STUNNING!! Got to my house in less than 2 weeks! Happy planning and congratualtions to you all!! Lin I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU TO Lin for sharing this info about MyPublisher... I decided to try them too Their layout options are just beautiful and the program is very user friendly. I ordered mine last friday and I came home today and found my album waiting! Only 2-3 business days! WOW! and the quality of the images (colours and clarity) is amazing, and the binding is professionally done! Thanks again Lin! The only thing is if you wanted to make diff books (for diff people) you would have to order/pay for shipping separately. But if you have a Costco card and go through costco.com, you can get 20% each order, so that helps some
  3. Definitely no regrets doing TTD and what a fun way to wash my dress! Came out super clean
  4. We also had our "legal signing" (I don't even want to call it wedding lol) here in BC, and we actually had it at home. We invited 2 close relatives that could not make it to Mexico for dinner and they were very surprised when they found out what was really happening that night Our Marriage Commissioner breezed through her part, we said I do, exchanged rings, and did the signatures. It was very informal and didn't take very long at all.
  5. Hi ladies! I agree with Lin, best to book once you get there, esp if the weather changes once you get there. We also worked with Hugo (Transat) and he was great. They also have other tour companies at the lobby and Hugo matched their prices for us (since half of our group did not book with Transat). We did the Isla Mujeres Catamaran ride, it was great! Isla Mujeres is gorgeous and we found the markets there actually cheaper than Playa or Cancun for souvenirs, just a tip Snorkeling was part of the tour but the water was really choppy so I kinda got panicky in the water lol. We also did Tulum/Xelha, amazing! One day is not enough for Xelha, so much to do! One more tip, make sure to order tamarind margaritas at Ocean Turquesa! Best margarita ever! PinkBride, sorry can't help you about the private reception, we had a semi private one at Villa Marina, and then dancing at the lobby terrace, which worked out well.
  6. I wanted to share pics of this Maggie Sottero dress from our wedding 2 weeks ago Changed the neckline to sweetheart, worked out really well! Lia & Bryan {Married in Mexico} Kim Kalyn Photography
  7. Yay! my turn to return the favor The only thing I wouldn't do again is wishing we just eloped because of all the stress with planning the wedding! All the stress was totally worth it in the end and would do it all over again! I would: - do a destination wedding - best decision we ever made We all had such an awesome time we didn't want the week to end! - do first look pictures - it was really nice to spend such an intimate and private moment together, and calm our nerves before the ceremony - use parasols instead of bouquets for BM's - inexpensive yet turned out so beautiful! - use an iPOD instead of paying for a DJ - we bought a really good iPOD speaker that would have cost the same as hiring a DJ for one night, and now we use the speaker at home all the time - guitar guestbook - DH is a guitar player so it was the perfect way to incorporate his interests in the wedding - maracas for each guest to "shake for a kiss" at the reception - lol there were a lot of kisses that night! - brought our own photographer - doing this gave us more flexibility and we were able to have her on the wedding day and TTD day - do TTD session - this was awesome, so much fun! Found a quaint resort at Tulum beach, about 1 km from the ruins - the beach was totally deserted! - do OOT bags - our OOT bags were so simple (flipflops from partyflops, bath puff, hand sanitizer, kleenex, playing cards, meet the guests handout) but they were a hit! most of our guests used the sandals and the bags, and they were all shocked and thankful for them! - stayed another week after at a different resort for our honeymoon - it was sad to see everyone leave but we also needed alone time after the busy wedding week! hope this helps some!
  8. Have an awesome wedding Nadine!!! Just got back 2 days ago and loved Mexico! Weather in December is great Have the best New Year's Eve party too!
  9. Hola ladies!!!! OMG I can't believe it's my turn to write my review after a year and a bit of planning Our wedding week was great and the wedding was awesome!!! WARNING: Super long! Ocean Turquesa was excellent! My biggest worry about this place was the seaweed but honestly once we got there, it was not a big deal at all! I would describe it as seagrass and the water was so clear and light blue, it didn't really bother us at all. The staff was amazing too! Everyone was so helpful and friendly, and were so grateful when we gave them tips (mind you, they didn't go around expecting tips either). I'm sorry to hear that bridetobedec had some communication issues with some staff, but I didn't hear a lot of issues from our guests (unless they just didn't bother telling us?). We loved our suite: I would recommend an oceanfront privelege master suite - we were spoiled with all the space, the bottle of champagne, the towel art, the chocolates, the special decoration the night of our wedding, breakfast in bed the morning after, the late checkout, DH enjoyed the little liquor bottles in the minifridge stocked every day and much more lol. The food was good, I would give it about 8-9/10, to be honest we ended up going to the buffet a lot as it more the most convenient for the size of our group (27 ppl). Most of the ala carte places are only open for dinner, and not all of them are open every night. The mexican restaurant was good, as was the italian and the crepe place. The japanese we found salty, although we sat in front of the chef to watch the show and i heard if you order ala carte, the food was better. Villa Marina was open for lunch and served burgers and hotdogs and at night it turns into Carribean Grill where we had our reception . Some of the restaurants needed reservations and a couple of times we lined up for about 20 mins (between 3-5 pm). Ana was soooo great! She met with us the first morning we were there and went over everything. I printed out all of our email correspondence but didn't really need it as she had everything organized in a folder. She was so calm and collected which contributed to DH and I feeling really calm on our wedding day too. We went with a Transat package $500 which included: cocktail hour before the ceremony, sound system setup (we brought our IPOD and gave it to the DJ to play), ceremony setup, flowers (we paid extra to upgrade to roses and acapulco lilies), bouts and corsages for the MOG and MOB, reception dinner at alacarte, cake, champagne, $100 excursion voucher, 12 pictures and a photo album from the resort photographer. The extras we paid to the resort was ~ $800: $450 - minister, $100 for setup at lobby terrace for dancing, $150 for flowers (at the ceremony and bridal bouquet), $40 for bows for the ceremony chairs, $50 for waiter service at the lobby terrace. We were so lucky because when we left we checked the forecast and it was supposed to rain on our wedding day Dec. 16. But Ana checked again on the 14th and it was all sunny skies for the 16th! It rained hard the next day so we feel very grateful. She did have Plan B in case it rained. My BMs and I went to the spa to get our hair done, $70 each. I would recommend getting your hair done first, I only booked for 1 hour for my hair but it ended up taking 2 hours so just make sure you set aside enough time just in case. Muri (sp?) did my hair and she was excellent. I brought a picture and she did her own version of it but I still loved it! Lots of hairspray which is necessary. I even asked Muri to come to our suite right before the ceremony and she helped me put on my fake lashes and touch ups for my makeup. Highly recommend her! It was windy during the ceremony but the sound system they had worked perfectly so everyone could hear. The ceremony lasted about 25 mins altogether. The minister had an accent but her English was clear enough to understand. We went to the Carribean Grill and had 2 entrees for our guests to choose from (no extra charge, just ask Ana We were at one end of the restaurant so we felt private enough and it was open air and so the atmosphere was nice. We then went up to the lobby terrace for our speeches and dancing and we just asked the pool bar to turn down their music. It worked really well as we were the only ones up there and it felt very intimate. We brought our own IPOD speaker and danced all night and morning long lol our families love to dance so it was a blast! We left at about 2 am and I believe last call at the lobby bar was around 1 am. We are so happy we chose OCT! The size of the resort was perfect, it was so easy to meet up with our guests at the lobby, the buffet, or by the swim up bar. I am so excited for the future OCT brides as you will love it there! The staff was wonderful and the resort is just so beautiful! We brought our own photographer down with us and here are some teasers from her blog. I will let you know when she has more pics up. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask! Lia & Bryan {Married in Mexico} Kim Kalyn Photography
  10. We leave on Sunday and I am so nervous and excited at the same time I can't believe it's less than a week for us! It may not be as cold here in BC as in AB, Nadine, but I agree with you, can't wait to leave the coooold weather!!!
  11. Thanks Lin for sharing your experience with the salon I will definitely bring lots of pictures and hope for the best! We leave on Sunday Dec. 13th, 8 more days! I cannot wait to meet Ana in person, I'm sure that will ease my stress
  12. Hi Nadine, I got my H1N1 flu shot but FI didn't... the travel doctor didn't push it either. I figured I will be at airports and will be on planes, so more likely to get some sort of virus, mind you, I do have history of asthma, so that makes me part of the high risk group. I guess it is very much a personal choice.
  13. CONGRATULATIONS Lin and new hubby!!! Wow your wedding looked so amazing and you looked so beautiful! I agree with Katie, your dress is gorgeous I love your wedding colours too! Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review, it is soooo helpful! So glad to hear everything went well! I am glad to hear Villa Marina has good food, that's where we are having our semi-private reception dinner, and I am planning on choosing the beef and shrimp skewer entree yum! I had a couple of questions if you don't mind, your hair looked so pretty, did you get it done at the resort salon? Did you fly with Transat? how was their service? Thanks again! It's my turn soon, our wedding is on the 16th, getting so close!!!
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