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  1. Hey kubs! I got married there in March. My review is up as well, check it out! PM me if you have additional questions!
  2. @crystal: Isyuney is FABULOUS!!! You will not get any selection forms until around November. Basically they start focusing on you like two months before, so don't worry! (easier said than done, I know) We invited everyone that came to our rehearsal dinner, since they came all that way, we tried to have as many events planned as possible to show our gratitude. For music we bought a Bose portable docking station for an iPod and used it all weekend! It was such a great investment, and you will not have to pay them for speaker usage by the hour. I highly recommend this. I come
  3. Hello Amy. Here are some answers: 1. Yes that is correct, anything over the 20 people is $50 per person 2.I recommend getting a TA to handle the details, plus you will probably get some extra perks depending on your group size. We did :-) 3. The photos and video come with the package, but we chose to have an outside photographer. I think you get like 20 free photos with the Gold package, but anything extra you would have to pay out of pocket. Hope this helps!!!
  4. ok ladies DO NOT do the Tropical Storm tours!! They are not what is advertised... Basically there is NO private island you go to to have a beach party, AND the floating bar is a man in the water with a dang cooler!!! It was NOT worth the money, so please do not even waste your time. PM me if you have additional questions.
  5. @Smuller: We had Isyuney and she is BEYOND fabulous!!! Please PM me with questions...
  6. The provide TONS of bottled water, so no worries there. We brought our own Bose iPod docking station to use for ceremony and reception music. We did use the included Caribbean trio for the cocktail hour though. We had the Gold package
  7. Thanks! And we were in Punta Cana too, so yes, it depends on what type of shots you are looking for. As you see the lighting around 3ish is fine, we actually didn't dive in until more like 4 because we too some beachy and grass shots first
  8. We got started at 3pm and our photos came out pretty cool! Here are some samples
  9. I totally went with whatever they provided, I cannot even remember what the centerpieces looked like! I am not a huge fan of flowers honestly so it wasn't that big of a deal to me.
  10. Her name is Nora Bohanon, I found her on this site, but she also has a website. Check her out!
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