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  1. We scheduled one 'group' excursion. We planned a snorkeling trip for the day after our ceremony. We didn't put alot of pressure on people to go, we just gave them the option & left them to book the trip themselves if they chose. The spa does run daily specials so you can get some good deals there! We had a small group trip to La Romana to tour the cigar factory. My hubby is a huge cigar fan so he loved that! I've been told that there's a tour of waterfalls that is wonderful but I'm not sure where it's out of.
  2. Just thought I'd answer your questions really quickly since I was just stopping by! We were married at Excellence this past December & it still feels like yesterday. I've been scheming to go back ever since we got home! lol They didn't charge any extra to set up our chair sashes & the few decor items I had brought along. I made sure to bring extra sashes & the coordinators ended up using them to decorate in other places as well. (i.e., around trees & the ceremony table). We too did the middle wedding package. The resort provided ceremony music & then we used our own
  3. Welcome back Diva! Your pics are beautiful. Glad you enjoyed EPC as much as we did!!
  4. Sorry I didn't get your message sooner Diva. Just got back from Las Vegas & I see you figured it out. Everything looks great! Wishing you a wonderful trip!!
  5. Pinkie, actually Arturo was our photographer & I was extremely pleased with his work. I had exchanged emails with Severine but we never got to meet. I didn't go with a 'list' of must have pictures, I trusted them completely to do their work and they certainly didn't disappoint! I can't remember where I ordered the chair sashes from online, sorry! I do remember I had gotten the info from another post on here. No one in our party had any issues with the food with the exception of one guy on his last night. He ate fish in the french restaurant & it didn't agree with him. We also em
  6. I didn't do a garter or bouquet toss at all. There's more than enough room to do everything on the beach! We had some guests that just weren't into dancing with the rest of the partiers & they were still able to sit & chat at the dinner tables without us disturbing them.
  7. Send me your email & I'll get that over to you. I LOVED the beach location! We had perfect weather & just the right amount of breeze on the day of!! There's a tiki bar on the beach that we made a dance area out in front of. We didn't use a DJ, we had everything on ipod & just rented the speaker. After they kicked us off the beach (around 11pm), we all went to the dance club & finished the party there. We also used the officiant included in the ceremony package. Griselda was our translator. Although, we didn't understand most of it, we knew when we were supposed to s
  8. If you haven't been to Excellence before, wait until you get there & check out the Cascade Pool area before you definitely decide on it for your reception. It's a beautiful setting but the buildings block any breeze coming through so it can get pretty warm, even at night. We were there in December & felt like it was going to be too warm between the buildings so we did everything on the beach instead.
  9. Wow! I hate to hear about your troubles Mdb! That makes me even happier that we had a symbolic ceremony @ EPC and did everything legally at home beforehand. If you haven't done it already, I would RUN (not walk) straight to the courthouse! I'd be concerned about health insurance, etc. at this point & not so much with getting my certificate from the DR.
  10. My Hubby is the exact same way! If I get him to sit in the sunshine for an hour, it's a MAJOR accomplishment! There's lots of shady spots at Excellence so I did get him to spend alot longer on the beach than I thought! We went on a snorkeling excursion one day and then a city tour of La Romana (namely the cigar factory) another day. The resort has lots going on during the day. You'll get a newsletter each evening that details the next days events so I'm sure you'll find something to get into.
  11. Quote:Originally Posted by stephany0930 Atrott, i dont think i ever thanked you for the pictures?! so sorry about that! Your pictures are soOoOo lovely! congratulations! I was wondering if you or ANYONE.. had any recommendations about tipping the vendors? Is it expected to tip how we would here in the states? 15-20% in gratuity? I'm planning on tipping the WC, DJ, Photographers.. but should i also tip the officiant? I dont want to under tip i just have no idea what the ettiquette is for tipping overseas!.. thanks!
  12. We did a layer of strawberry & one of lemon. Seems like the cake had a slight flavor to it as well as the filling. Both were very good. I was more partial to the strawberry, it tasted like it had been soaked in strawberry puree or something, it was extremely moist!
  13. Diva, I had washed my hair the night before & all they did was style it. I've always been told it's better to do an updo with 'dirty' hair because it stays better. From my own experience, this seems to be true!
  14. Yes, they did my hair at the salon (which is in the spa). I was VERY impressed with my hair. I took a few pics with me which was a good thing since the stylist spoke very little English & I speak very little Spanish. I have ALOT of hair. It's really thick & anytime I've ever had it done it seems to take forever & they have to use oodles of bobby pins. Isabel had my hair styled in 20 minutes!! AND I had less than 20 bobby pins supporting it. The gentle breeze we had that evening on the beach couldn't move it either so whatever spray they use is super!
  15. We had the reception right on the beach. We went out a few nights before the ceremony just to see how the weather was at night & to see if there were any bugs. Of the whole week we stayed, the bugs were only bad ONE day on the beach & that was after it had rained ALL day the day before. The cascade pool area is pretty but I had read from a previous post that it can get warmer in this area because the buildings block the breeze. I liked the beach location better because they were able to grill all of our food right there in their barbque area. Instead of the food being brought over &
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