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  1. This was not intended at all to be rude and if I came off that way, I apologize. I get so many emails every day asking me to break the colors up when I have said on her more than once that I don't want to do that. It will leave me the the colors people are not going to want. I did not mean to offend you at all I'm being honest.
  2. PLEASE NOTE: I do appreciate all of you trying to take these off of my hand but if all else fails I will sale them on ebay. I DO NOT WANT TO PICK OUT ANY COLORS. I have an assortment of colors and if you are interested in purchasing, that is what you will receive. I don't have any passport covers left, well maybe 2 or 3.
  3. No thank you I dont want to be stuck with certain colors.
  4. I was out of town and left the responsibility to my husband. SILLY ME! I assumed he sent them while I was tending to my younger brother who is very sick but I ran to send them off yesterday. Sorry! But this is the same email you sent me, I responded a couple of seconds ago. Sorry about that as I stated I added like 4 or 5 matching passport covers for your trouble and it should be there by Friday at the latest it said 2 days.
  5. I have orange but no black. I have plenty left. Very sorry that I purchased all of them. I talked to several brides and told them that I could get them. They all promised they would purchase them and when I received them they were no where to be found. Im stuck with them
  6. I decided not to go with the band while walking down the aisle. I want my own music and know that they wont be able to play what I want. I have two different songs, one for my bridal party and one for me. My question is how do I go about arranging the song? I was thinking of putting them on two differnt cd's but do they have something to play the music, who controls it? Do they charge to play your own music. If this is posted somewhere else please tell me because I cant find it!
  7. I plan to walk down to Jamie Foxx-wedding fows(fromthe jamie foxx show) it took me forever to be able to download it since it never came out on a cd and he touches me every time i listen to it. My bridal party to walk down to Jaheilm-Forever!
  8. Thanks, glad you are having fun! Cant wait to see your pics!!
  9. Has anyone ever used the brown chairs and put the white covers over them? Im not sure if they fit the chairs or not but i did not want to pay $5 for the white chairs just to pay another $5 to cover them up
  10. I have not seen the kids club at all but I do know that they are really great with children. I went last year and was very suprised to see how they treated the kids!
  11. I wanted to get a table runner but dont know what size to get, does anyone know? I have about 31 guests including myself.
  12. I know they are sold out! I was so upset cause they are on sale, its a really good price, they dont have a phone number so im waiting on thier email. Thanks, Ill wait to hear from you!!!!
  13. Thanks I tried them they said that they wont have them until mid June which will be too late for me! Thanks anyways!
  14. I am having trouble with chair sashes to match the color guava. I know this is a new color for Davids bridal which is why I'm asking those brides that used this color where and what color chair dashes did you get?
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