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  1. I actually inquired with the Jellyfish, but nobody responded yet. Does anyone have price quotes? I would really just need a dance floor and open bar....
  2. Hi everyone! So, I am having a bit of a breakdown at this point and I am sincerely frustrated and do not know what to do. I have been in contact with the Majestic since December of last year. I got my date, and for a bit there was a confusion as to reception costs etc... Recently, the Majestic implented a flat rate of 500 per hour for rental of wet bar, sound system, open bar.... Since the beginning of this journey, I have told them I was bringing (or planning at least) 100 people. I was never told once that there was a cap on the 500 dollar flat rate. I checked my emails to make sure, and I was definitly never told. I am now being told the price is 1000 for open bar and rental. Which means 2,500 for a two hour reception, along with the cost of my DJ which is 900 (DJ Mannia). This is ridiculous to me as the only reason I was paying the 500 was for the convenience of my guests not having to walk to the bar, and being able to just enjoy the reception. Its bad enough I am paying for a full 4 hours from DJ Mannia and only getting 2 1/2 out of him...and now this? An increased rate of 1000 PER HOUR at a resort where my guests are ALREADY PAYING FOR ALL INCLUSIVE!!!! Blegh. Has anyone done anything else? I am considering buying a bunch of alcohol and just hiring a bartender. Has anyone done this? How would I go about this?
  3. Ladies, I am officially booked for May 14, 2011! I am doing the steakhouse for dinner, however, I only have the set menu. Have any past brides used the steak house? Reviews? Also, can you order something different? AND...how is the set up? What does the restaurant look like? Thanks ladies!
  4. Quick question to the future brides and brides who already have been married at the Colonial. I am waiting for my date of May 14, 2011, but I am waiting for confirmation from the judge. This is NERVE WRACKING! How many of you got near/and or the date you wanted for your wedding? Me and my fiance truly want a LEGAL ceremony, we do not want to do the marriage here and a symbolic wedding over there. I know this is silly, but everyone keeps pushing for the symbolic :-( It makes me so nervous. Anyone have a good story about a legal ceremony?
  5. Thank you SOOOO much for all that information. All the info I have sucks! It looks like I am going to have to do some serious working things out with my coordinator, because I have soooo many people coming! I hope they can work things out with me....! And LilRebel, I believe it's considered one giant hotel complex, so I dont think you need a guest pass if you are staying there. I think this is more for guests who are NOT staying at the resort.
  6. I recently received an email from one of the brides with an updated list of wedding extras...and on it it said chair covers werent included? I will see if I can get the info up on here....
  7. So let me clarify, if any of you ladies know, now we have to pay for the white chair covers as well? Does this mean we have to pay for them at the ceremony and then reception as well?!!!
  8. I also heard that the bars were close as well. I also got an email from my coordinator giving me the 500 option! This is MUCH better for me, as I said, I am having a huge group of people coming!
  9. ALI! Yadilis just wrote me back and she sent me this information- If so we do offer also: Mini Open bar US$5+26% per person per hour. US$500 per hour at the Wet Bar, Parrot Bar or Ballroom (Included: National open bar, Dj + Sound system + location in private. Is it possible for you to email me the information you got? brendali.caban@gmail.com I also asked her about decorations and this is some information she sent me as well- The Resort offer in the Wedding package: · Garden gazebo or Beach canopy · Chairs with white cover · Table for the ceremony with white cover · Floral arrangement for the ceremony We do offer a Ceremony Decoration: US$348 included chair sashes, veils to decor, delicate linen for the ceremony table, white runner and aisle décor. Up to 40 guest. Additonal US$5. These sashes can be use at the ceremony and reception.
  10. Please let us know as soon as she responds. Yadilis sent me that info, and I emailed her back asking about the 500 option!
  11. I am posting this as a seperate thread. It seems there is alot of miscommunication in terms of open bar prices for the M.C. For me, I am expecting up to a 100 people. Open bar has been quoted to me as the following- Premium-35 International-25 National- 15 This is PER HOUR, PER PERSON. This means for a ONE HOUR open bar for my guests would be $1500. Frankly, I find this ridiculous. Continuing however, a couple of brides on the Facebook M.C. group, have said their wedding coordinator has quoted them with a newly implemented base price of $500 for rental of reception space, sound system, and OPEN BAR per hour. This is MUCH more reasonable. How many of you have gotten back a per person quote and a $500 base pay quote? I feel this is ridiculous, and especially for brides bringing such a big group as well as MONEY!!!
  12. You do the same thing luv. Maybe if we all complain at once, we can get this thing going! I am going to post this also as a thread and see if any Majestic Brides know anything!
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