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  1. Hi All...I am having a small wedding, no more than 10 people including ourselves. We are booked for the Palace - a 1pm ceremony. Â Any Ideas on what to do in the 'in between time' I know there will be time needed for pictures, but that brings me to maybe 3pm. Maybe I'm just over thinking, Just figured I'd see whate anyone else has done. Â
  2. thanks everyone, I feel a little better now! I dont think we will go with a complete 'reception' after the ceremony. We too are having a huge at home reception upon our return, so that will be the big party. I'm thinking we'll do a dinner, but inbetween dinner and the ceremony, I'm sure time will be occupied with pictures/general visiting/drinks at the bar. I just want an overall casual relaxed atmosphere, after all - that is the whole reason we're going to an all inclusive!!
  3. NRLanders- Great review, thanks for all the Info.. Quick question, your photographer- Octavio Montes, is that the reseort photographer?
  4. Hi Everyone!! Ok, so I know there's already a thread about Barcelo Maya Palace brides..However, I seem to notice that everyone that has posted is having/have had a HUGE wedding (to me, huge in Mexico would be over 50people). While I do enjoy reading reviews/expectations/plans for these (BIG THANKS to all of you who have provided info!!) , It sort of leaves me still full of questions. So who else out there is planning/has had a wedding at this resort that was small? For example- I'm looking at most likely less than 15people including bride and groom. Look forward to your thoughts!!
  5. I have one for you ladies- we intended on a very intimate, small group of family/friends to come to Mexico with us to see us get married, Turns out- all of FI's family is up for it, by my family is dragging their heels, even my mother. SO- it may turn out that only his family will be there...It upsets me sometimes, specially thinking my mother doesnt want to go (doesnt like flying, I will get burned, etc etc ) . But I am working to be ok with it. I dont want anyone coming that feels they 'have to', even if it is my own parents. If they dont want to be there, so be it. This is still what I want, I just have to get past the hurt part, ya know?
  6. MrsC-to-Be

    Lose 10 pounds in 21 days

    I've heard cutting carbs for a few weeks really does work, but then you have to gradually add carbs back, otherwise you gain back all those pounds. I did a low carb once- i think I lasted almost a week- weekling
  7. MrsC-to-Be

    No Destination Wedding Anymore

    Oh I see yah I have considered that too, so your decision to do a home wedding makes sense. Hey think of it this way- if its just you and your husband in DR ---less people to worry about!! more fun in the sun alone best of luck planning your 'new' wedding
  8. MrsC-to-Be

    No Destination Wedding Anymore

    what happened?
  9. may need to make my way to the mall ...Thanks for the heads up!
  10. MrsC-to-Be

    Hey there!

    welcome to the forum I must also say I like your name- Madlen!! I dont think I've heard that before!!
  11. gorgeous rings ladies! I will have to get a photo of mine up here..dont have the band yet though, so I'll wait
  12. MrsC-to-Be

    Lose 10 pounds in 21 days

    I think we have to have a certain number of 'posts'...
  13. I too have been wondering about this! what a great post. Right now my wedding is set for 1pm in Mexico... looking at 10-12 peopel tops. I like hearing that many people have had this early wedding-and ended up just hanging out at the resort bar or something. we are having a small semi-private dinner all together at one of the restaurants. My thing was that Since we are all paying for all inclusive, I couldnt justify a private dinner when we can eat for 'free' so to speak, you know? we're all laid back , I think it will go well
  14. MrsC-to-Be

    Small beach weddings... and expectations

    Quote: Originally Posted by bride2b10 I sort of feel that way. Although they are not totally disinterested but just not really helpful. I have to specifically ask them to do something and overall just feel like I'm on my own with the wedding planning... Well just get this..I sent my mom a detailed email with booking info, even how to use this site that I booked with- over a week ago. I call her up and say hey, have you checked your email? and she says "oh I did save it I just havent looked at it".....and its not like she's super busy ....arrrgghhhhh