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  1. Di - Read Midnight Sun asap, I actually enjoy reading from Edward's POV much more than Bella's. I wish she would re-write the entire series from his POV to be honest lol. Also, I will definitely be picking up this novella.
  2. Congrats Holls, it's finally your big day! I'll be thinking of you today and wish you, A and Anabelle a wonderful, love-filled life together as a family! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!!
  3. Everything looks amazing Holls, I hope you have the best day ever...can't wait to hear all about it! CONGRATS! P.S. loooooooooooooove your earrings!
  4. blah, I am hopping back on the CYWT train today...it's going to be tough though
  5. Tashers I'm sooooo sorry, I totally forgot about wednesday's weigh-in this week! If I'm out of the competition, I'll still pop in here to cheer you ladies on!
  6. thanks Island Bride, I really appreciate that.
  7. I've never had any makeup artists in Mexico do my makeup but I have seen people who have had run-ins with makeup artists who work on the resorts that they have their weddings at...anyway, from what I've seen personally, they do tend to have a bit of a heavier hand. If you are a bit picky and are truly concerned (I know I was! lol), then I recommend doing your own makeup. If you're newer to doing makeup on yourself, or you're nervous about doing your own makeup for your wedding, I would recommend that you drop by your local MAC or Sephora and have them give you a tutorial with the products you plan on using. It can make a world of difference. Good luck!
  8. Holls - not much new with the poor little guy. He's still struggling but the good news is that he is finally putting on some weight! He's hanging in there, maybe he'll live a longer life than anyone expects...I hope he does too, as long as he isn't suffering.
  9. this thread is dead where are all the upcoming IB* brides hanging out nowadays?
  10. This is a fantastic post, I definitely think it should be stickied and everyone should have to read it fully at least once!
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