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  1. ahhh I love it all! I cannot wait for you to come back with all of your pictures! RM is the best! XoXo!
  2. CONGRATS! Everything was gorgeous and perfect! Glad to have you back! XoXo
  3. Dana- I would totally call her out. It doesn't have to be done in a mean way but there is nothing wrong with asking her to justify her decision TO YOU and gently reminding her of all you did for her. People so quickly forget the nice things you do........just a thought.
  4. I did write a script and the wedding coordinator advised against using it because of the English...and THANK GOD I didn't have him read it. It would have been a train wreck! The guy that did our wedding said beautiful things and it was such a wonderful ceremony! I would recommend letting the officiant do their thing because you run the risk of very broken English and having difficulty even understanding what he is saying. I know it sort of sucks, but ours actually turned out really great. I had a reading and a sand ceremony planned in there and just 2 of my bridesmaids read them.
  5. Dana- Congrats! Welcome to the MRS club! We did the courthouse before Mexico too and it def. did not take away from our *real* day at all! Woo Hoo I can't believe 1 week and 3 days!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see your pics too!!!!
  6. Awww Thanks so much Nic! Your wedding will be even more beautiful I AM SURE!!!! I cannot wait for your pictures!
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