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  1. Oh. We didn't contact the DJ at all. The hotel did that for us, but our situation was little funny because we weren't having a DJ until a few weeks before the wedding when they changed ownership and changed the packages and then one came with the package we chose. The DJ did contact us a few days before the wedding. I am not really sure if they tell him what you want or if you do- sorry. We did get a confirmation from them for our date. It took a little time, but we put down a deposit and confirmed the date within a few weeks. I felt a little nervous because they never seemed like the date was
  2. Â I made all attempts to contact them. They did not attempt to contact me. It is highly unlikely that they will be able to help you with planning this far in advance. They usually start going over details with you only a month or two before the wedding (We basically planned the entire wedding the month before the wedding). I basically took the price list that they gave me and added up all the costs that we wanted and then added some extra in case there were things that we didn't expect to pay for and that's how I figured out how much the wedding would be. They can definitely pull off a
  3. Hi, I really wouldn't worry too much. My wedding was June 12- within a month of the hotel changing over ownership- so everything was crazy. Everything worked out perfectly. I really had very little set in stone for the wedding until a few weeks before. My suggestion would be to look at the wedding packages and figure out what you want- then start making lists of everything you want and how you want it to go. That's what I did- so I had a plan (even if they didn't). It all worked out perfectly. They knew what I wanted when I got there and were able to make changes once I got there and saw th
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Ayslinn thanks for the review! I've been looking for one on this hotel- I think this is where we're going to get married. I have a few questions for you if you don't mind: 1) Did they charge you to use an off site wedding photographer? 2) Did they charge you to do the sand ceremony? did you bring your own vases? 3) You mentioned posting the email that you sent the wedding coordinators with the outline of what you wanted- I don't think you did but I would love to see it! 4) we are just barely in the beginning planning stages and already we have notic
  5. Hi everyone. We are back from our honeymoon. It was great. So- if anyone has any questions I didn't answer before I left I am free to answer them. I saw the question about getting legally married there and we did get legally married in Mexico and it was no problem. We had to get blood tests while we were there, but it was the best blood test I have ever been given. The doctor was so professional and I didn't feel a thing (and I am a fainter). We just had to fill out a one or two page form and provide copies of our passports and tourist cards (you get them on the plane) and that was it. It real
  6. Hi everyone, My friend made a funny facebook page called Brides with Beers where she is hoping to collect photos of brides holding beers. Here's a little blurb: Brides with Beers is a fun page designed with brides in mind. Beer is an unlikely drink for brides - but let's change that! Post a pic of the bride, the beer, and where it was taken! Don't forget to tell your friends!!! Just thought I'd put it our there if anyone wanted to join the page or post their photo they are welcome to.
  7. Hi, Well we leave today for the honeymoon so I am sitting around waiting to go to the airport and thought I'd answer any last questions. We did use the resort photographer because it was included in the divine package. We had already hired an outside photographer before the resort changed over so we had two. The resort photographer mostly deferred to our photographer and only took pictures during the ceremony. I really didn't even notice him. We only get 24 pictures from him- I have no idea even what he took pictures of- I guess I will find out when I get them. We also used the DJ because i
  8. Okay here was the price list from my invoice that they sent us a few weeks before the wedding. We changed the food and had to pay the different between the buffet cost and the cost of the food included in the packages. I can't seem to find the info for the Now to Eternity Package right now, but I think it is pretty much the same, except you don't get everything included in the divine and the food is only $48 per person beyond the 25 included. Price list: Divine Package: $2999 This price Includes (additional fees are in parenthesis): Services of judge or minister (If you are havi
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by avong1228 Did they ever provide you with a new romance calculator with the new prices that you could share? The not knowing about how much anything is going to cost is the only thing that freaks me out! They sent me an invoice- with everything that I had said that I wanted laid out. Basically I took the package price that is listed on the website and then the prices that they quoted us and figured out how much it would be and it wound up being just about that amount. I am going to type up a list for you and post it. Do you know which package you are go
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by avong1228 Thanks! That will come in handy! What type of room did you stay in? I got a message from our TA that we may get the governor's suite ... sounds nice! We just stayed in a regular room. It had a jacuzzi on the balcony and had an ocean view, but it wasn't much different than the other rooms. I might have wanted a nicer room if we were staying there for our honeymoon, but just for the week it was perfectly fine. That sounds nice- I didn't hear about the governor's suite. I hope you get it.
  11. I am so excited to finally post my dress- I didn't want my fiance to see it before the wedding. I wish I had better pictures, but we haven't received our professional pictures yet. It's a Mori Lee- Blu collection and me in it:
  12. I'm sorry- but I just had to comment on this. I feel like there is a lot of misinformation out there about this topic and many people might be discouraged from having a legal wedding abroad from reading this- when if that is what you want to do you should not be discouraged. Maybe I am biased because I am in the same boat- trying to figure this out, but I am willing to go through whatever hoops necessary because I really wanted the wedding that all of my friends and family attended to be the wedding that legally married us.
  13. If you are doing a legal ceremony in Mexico then you need to do thumb prints on the marriage certificate. You also have to sign three times and each of your (4) witnesses need to sign three times.
  14. Hi, I had my wedding at the Now Sapphire and put my review in the Wedding Reviews Section. That might give you some information about the resort.
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