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  1. We did use wedding day story We are on their face book page and you can see a small selection of pics on mine x
  2. I got married at the RIU Guanacaste and was not disappointed !!! I was in a small group of friends and loved every minute Message me any questions
  3. the above post is my BM's dress....... I loved the colour
  4. After the disaster with the shirts Lee had a change of heart and wanted a more traditional look Heres what he has chosen
  5. I moved my pics into folders on photo bucket and didnt realise that it would delete everything from here
  6. Maybe I should explain the movinghouse so close to the wedding, lol We moved to Canada in June last year we had planned on ths being a permanent move but as ever the best laid plans .............. and we returned to the UK in september. We had to have all of our furniture and personal belonging shipped back to the UK. They were collected in Canada on 24th Aug and did not arrive in the UK until 31st Oct !! arggghhh by the time they cleared customs it was almost christmas so the househunting was put on hold for the festive period. The rental property we thought we were moving into has now fallen through !! So here we are 6 weeks to going away and still in my parents spare room !! I should probably mention all my holiday clothes are in the shipped boxes so I may have a dress but will benaked for the rest of the holiday !!!
  7. Quote:Originally Posted by Nicyx OMG 8 weeks... it will fly by!!!! ARGH!!! are you all set? x  I'm all set !! Dress shoes earrings hair the works !! However my groom has no outfit, neither does the bridesmaid or best man .... Eeeerk Oh and did I mention I move house in 3 weeks !! I must be crazy !!
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