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  1. Hello girls!! I wanted to know if you any of you are planning doing the sand ceremony with the picture frame. I really want to do it, but they not longer make the frame that brides used in the called umber ether. I wanted to know if anyone else found another way to make one. I found one company but they are 65 bucks plus SHIPPING! thanks for your help. Sharlie
  2. love this ideas but i have already purchased everything to lugguage tags in sand but I really like this one too
  3. awesome thread. thanks for all your help...now the hunt begins for the FRAME!
  4. just got my velum today!!! now i am debating on whether I am going to print something on them...mmmm what to do? =)
  5. I ended up doing two different sites =)
  6. thank you thank you! I will post it when it is all done..i have added some more pages..I agree weddings would be so boring without all of US..love it! happy planning!! =)
  7. what about shell leis from Oriental trading company???
  8. really like the bottom one too...I even like her hair. my hair is short. I would print these and take them to the makeup counter at the mall and ask for help. Here is some advice I got from another bride I have communicated with..... " Make up I did my own make-up since i'm a little more picky about that. I went to MAC and told the girl I was doing my own make-up for my destination wedding and she showed me how to do everything, step by step (i'm ok with make-up, but not that good so it really helped!) And then I bought everything she used, it was very expensive, about $350, bu
  9. oh my gosh LOVE IT! where in jamaica??? how did you secure the rings. we are getting married in Negril!
  10. good idea...I never thought of this but I want my ring to be bright and polished for our big day too
  11. thanks for the ideas but we still have not decided what we are going to do grr.....=/
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