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  1. http://www.photosbykrista.caWe were married at the fabulous Hotel Catalonia Yucatan, in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico January 28, 2011. Such a fantastic place to get married as it is one of the smaller resorts, with amazing staff, beautiful ambiance and a marketplace down the stroll, off the resort where you can shop, eat or swim with dolphins! We brought our photographer with us from Canada and absolutely LOVED her.........she had no limitations on the amount of photos to take ( we did an engagement session, full wedding day coverage:from preparation to reception end... so much fun!!, and a day after session! Loves to depict that much more about the destination you have chosen in the people, architecture and the beauty of the surroundings! Highly recommended!!!!!
  2. We brought our photographer with us from Canada.. Check out http://www.photosbykrista.ca...Fabulous photographer who includes engagement sessions, wedding day coverage and day after session if you like! Highly recommended!!!!!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by josietoms I have a question with regards to walking down the aisle - presumably you get to choose the music? If so what format do they require it on ie; cd or ipod or both? Thanks :-) We brought our Ipod with various songs as we were not sure how many we would need. the wedding Coordinator gave our ipod to the DJ so he could copy the songs. there is no need to bring any cd's or anything . they used our wedding entrance song and a song for when we were married and walking back up the isle. We stayed and had our champagne on the beach so the dj just played various songs that he had on his ipod. It was great
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    yeah another manitoban !!! Good luck planning. I just got married at the Catalonia Riviera Maya but went to the Bahia for the 3rd time for our honeymoon
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    Congrats ! The Mayan is such an amazing place, have a blast !!
  6. Hey Ladies, Just got back Saturday the 6th from my amazing wedding and honeymoon (switched resorts) and the Cat was fantastic. We wished we stayed there for our 2nd week Everything went smoothly and no mishaps throughout the week. I Will be posing pics as soon as we get them from our photographer. Can't wait to go back next year.
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    A Romantic wedding in Cancun or Riviera Maya

    Congratulations !!! If you are having a hard time deciding, there are tons of ideas on this forum, Happy Planning !!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by claire.cw.watson Hi all Well my wedding is coming up Feb 18th, still not sorted! Need to get dress fittings, favors, final numbers table plans etc!!! I've sent an email to the hotel asking about what kind of things we can hire for table decorations ie candles, lights... Im traveling from England, and have a tight luggage allowance, so cant really carry much stuff over. I'm happy to buy things once I get there is need be. Just feeling a little stressed now. Worried about having the correct paper work for my legal wedding (think I only really need birth cert. the other stuff I get there). REALLY worried that people will be bored. I keep jumping between having a DJ vs Ipod. There's only 30 guests, so feel like having a DJ is a waste and that it would be better just to use the hotel disco...AGGHHHH !!! Hope everyone else is doing well.x Hey Claire, I feel your pain, we leave in 3 weeks and I just got a reply to start planning our private reception. We are also torn between a dj and the Ipod. We started putting together a bunch of songs to the Ipod just in case we decide on not having a dj. We are only gonna be 26 people but i think we might just go to the Disco once the reception is done at 10:30 pm. When i got the email from the hotel they indicated that the decorations were included. from what i saw it looked pretty nice too ! I was under the impression that if you have not been married before you only need your passport for the legal ceremony? I ended up getting a copy of my birth certificate a couple months ago just in case, it was like $ 90 bucks. ugh Cheers, Leanne
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by AmandaMc Thanks for the insight Leanne. I feel a little better that they do this with everyone. I'm just going to have to keep dreaming about the beautiful sun and sand to ease my anxiety for the next 3 months Hey no problem Amanda, I know that those 3 months are going to fly by for sure !!! awwww yes the beautiful sun and sand.... its definintaly keeps me motivated! I am just looking forward to an awesome vacation. I saw you wrote u guys stayed there last year, if you have any tips about the resort itself, I would love to hear them. We visited the resort last year while on vacation so we kinda have a feel for it but it's always a learning experience going to a new resort ! I say, Enjoy the Holiday season !!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by AmandaMc hey girls!!! I am getting married on.... well i'm not sure yet!!! i'm getting stressed to the max! We're arriving on march 30th, 2010. I have been trying to contact Elena and haven't received any confirmation on anything yet! She has told me she will try to get my "requested" wedding date (which is march 31st - btw, we are doing the renewal of vows) and will try to accomodate our 23 people in one of the a-la-carte restaurants. I see some of you who are getting married in early 2010 have already known your ceremony times since october!! Does anyone have any ideas on what to do? Also, any advise for Catalonia? We do love the resort and went there in March 2009, but not knowing the details with less than 3 months is a little stressfull!! Amanda Hey Amanda. I was lucky that alot of the planning and wedding date issues went through my travel agent, then once my date was confirmed (which took 7 months due to us booking so far ahead) I was in contact Elena, who got me in contact with Myriam (to plan our private reception), Once i was in contact with them I was told to get ahold of them approx a month to 3 weeks before my wedding to actually start planning. lol. We leave in a month and we still haven't really finalized anything. I am getting a little anxious but i know things will work out. My travel agent deals alot with this resort for weddings and says once they are on top of it they are wonderful. Just think, 3 months are you are on vacation....awwwwww away from the cold...lol Leanne
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    Hi Everyone!

    Congratulations, good luck planning. This website is amazing and very addictive lol
  12. WOW, Thank you for all your info Sally I was dead set on having the DJ but now that you mention you guys used an ipod i think that is a better idea. Thank you for posting your pics, the ones of the reception set up really help !
  13. LOVE IT ! i too would love to know where you got it from !
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    2010 GBP - Coba Riviera Maya Bride!

    Congrats ! i am not getting married at the coba however we are switching resorts and going there for our honeymoon, I love it there.